It’s raining cats and dogs!
Jun 22nd, 2011 by niceyfemme

It’s been raining here. A storm passed by and about to leave but a new one is already queuing up to visit us next. It’s great weather for sleeping but if you have to go out of the house and go somewhere then you might come across some flood. Yeah, third world country that’s why.

But then, we must focus our attention to the factors ¬†we can do something about, like our outfits! Different rain gears to ready. I’m thinking fishing clothing with pretty heeled rain boots? So cute!

With flood comes scary rat diseases like leptospirosis that’s in flood water and get get through your skin especially if you have some cuts. I’m crazy paranoid about this things. Please help me where to buy affordable ladies rain boots please?

But please not another typhoon. I don’t think we can all handle that again. Remember Typhoon Milenyo (Xangsane).


This scared the hell out of me.

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