New jeans
Oct 17th, 2011 by niceyfemme

I didn’t know that as simple as a new pair of jeans could me happy. I’ve been spending these past years for my kitchen gadgets and appliances that I’ve been neglecting my clothes. I’ve been using my old jeans for years and it has given up on me. There was a big sale in SM the last 3 days so I begged Mommy to go with me to buy a new pair of jeans and wow it felt so good. By the way for some reason, the trolley there was so hard to push! It will help if it has some kind of utv power steering hehe.. Honestly, our car is easier to drive than that thing! The new pair of jeans makes me feel like I’m sexier 🙂 and now I made a mental note to buy at least a pair a year. This is a case of being so frugal it did hurt me!

Jul 22nd, 2010 by niceyfemme

Ever since we moved all our remaining stuff from the other house, I found so many things that are just in storage, forgotten and some wasted. It’s alright if it’s just jeans that are forgotten, I can still use them even if they’re not in style right now. I’m not one to follow what’s in. I dress according to how I feel. BUT I found some skin care products I bought in a set that we have forgotten already and they are expired already! Waaahhhh!  I read about prototype 37c reviews and the one I wasted is pretty good. Such a waste.


We, in our family are guilty about storing things and forget about them because my Mom needs a clean house without any clutter.  Yeah ‘need’ is the operative word haha. I found so many things I can still use. Like two pairs of jeans. I really need new pairs but I hate shopping. Shopping makes me feel bad haha. It’s not easy finding anything (in this case, jeans) that fits right. That’s why I don’t go out shopping, looking for something to buy. I prefer it if I have seen one I like so much then I’ll buy that.  Yeah so I have two new pairs I can use.  Circa 2004-2005 haha. Good thing they still fit.

Found some t-shirts too. Some bags. I feel like I went on a shopping spree. Without spending a peso.

I guess everyone has some forgotten ‘treasures’ somewhere. I love, love it.

Blanket crazy
May 15th, 2010 by niceyfemme

I’m a sucker for anything soft and smooth. Like jello, tofu and yup blankets. Could be because of association to my childhood memories that make me feel safe and warm.

So two days ago I went to Plaza Singapura to settle our internet bills. After that since I had a lot of free time, I decided to head to one of my happy places, any appliance store with kitchen stuff and I can stay there happily browsing for hours.

7 blankets total, 4 plus the ones in the bed already

See I only wanted to “window” shop, just look around and have no intention of buying anything. There are so many things to see, LED TV’s, netbooks, printers, cameras… Then I saw a cute rice cooker. Just the perfect size for two people. We need one, being Pinoys who can’t live without rice. I checked the price if it’s expensive then no matter how much I want it I will not buy it. Then turned out it was on sale. It is so cheap! Say 30% off and it’s not that expensive to begin with. I had to buy it.

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Conservative Darna
Feb 20th, 2010 by niceyfemme

When women are bored they look for something to do… And they always end up window shopping. Emphasis on the word window. Like me and my close friends, we will go to the mall, only to look around, with no intentions of buying. We know though that sticking to that isn’t always successful.

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Sweet Dilemma
Feb 18th, 2010 by niceyfemme

Yesterday I went to Bugis because I was looking for the local importer of Carnipure in Singapore. It turned out that they were still close (extended Chinese New Year celebration). So since I was already in Bugis I just walked around to kill some time before I go back home.

Of course Singapore is known for shopping and they have all the reasons one could possibly think of just to have a sale.

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Unsual (but exquisite) Architecture…..
Nov 5th, 2009 by niceyfemme

Ms. Click, Click!

I love taking photos. I snap every interesting thing I see.

Recently this is one of those things that catched my eye.


This is Singapore’s newest mall, Ion Mall in Orchard Road. I like how this is designed. So far from Philippines’ style.


They like those kind of design that is kinda weird, but good kind of weird, that you don’t usually see it anywhere. Remember they have Esplanade that’s designed after Durian fruit?


And they like those big as in big posts like the one in this photo….

Sooo taba!


Btw, this is a very nice mall, lots of high end boutiques there as you can see in these photos.


I like how spacious it is…..


Very nice ehh?


It’s just so humid outside so rather be inside the mall where it’s airconditioned hehehhe….


And it’s so close to the MRT, see the web thingy at the right? That’s it, high excalator going two levels down if I remember it correctly….

I remember there’s a condominium currently under construction…. The design is like shoe boxes put on top of one another…. Hmmmn that one is really interesting. I’m so excited to see that when that’s finished.

I hope we get to see nice architectural designs in the Philippines… soon.

Mustafa Part II
Oct 31st, 2009 by niceyfemme

Date: 22 Oct 2009
Location: Mustafa, Little India, Singapore

The beginning and the end

of this tiny adventure…

This started from me, craving for Sauteed Green Mung Bean Soup and Bee missing Tinola, or Chicken Ginger Soup.

Most ingredients are readily available here, specifically in my bestfriend Sheng Shiong, the neighborhood budget friendly supermarket 😉 except for the important leafy veggies Malunggay and Chili Pepper Leaves…

Since I’ve been in Mustafa once and saw Malunggay is available there, I decided to go ahead, never mind the cost of the trip and all, and just head there.

When niceyfemme has something in her mind, nothing, as in nothing can stop her. Whoah!

I bought some food stuff like this one…..


I like this… More so Cheese Naan… That made me gain like 8-10 lbs in two weeks… That addictive! (That cheese naan I love is made by Chef Sahani Bairagi of Spices of The Peninsula Manila.)


The birdie that scared me. Takaw!

And so this is the second half of my Mustafa adventure hehehhe…..

Roaming = Hunger

I headed to Mustafa around 1300H and haven’t had my lunch yet, so after two hours of roaming around in my happy place, I naturally felt hunger. But in this case strong, very loud crumbling noises from my tummy.

I didn’t know where to find yummy food there. I remember my Indian friends Gopi and Raja mentioning before that there are so many yummy Indian food stalls and restaurants in Mustafa. So I wonder which one?

I walked and walked and chose this one.


The guy who runs this restaurant or stall was nice enough to let me snap some shots there….. Here he is…


I just can’t remember his name…. Sorry!


Looked yum to me….


I chose this.. This has a little bit of everything….. Meat, veggies and seafood…..

And here is how my plate looked like.

Took this video as an evidence of it’s existence before I “finished” it hehehe….


What can I say? I liked it! I liked the seven spice chicken the best.


I was able to handle the heat of this food, thanks to a bottle of water and a KitKat… Eating something sweet can help when you ate something too spicy..


The street beside my table….

I think my jeans shrunk, sumikip kasi eh heheheh…. Ok I just ate too much aminin ko na hahaha!

So I decided to give it some time to settle and just sit where I was for a few minutes.

Oh and it was already 1630H (yeah way too late for lunch) then so I decided to head straight home. Headed to bestfriend MRT….


A street in Little India..


The first time Bee and I went to Mustafa, we got a little confused. We alighted in Little India station. Turned out, Mustafa is closer to Farrer Park station. This time around, I still almost forgot that and was a little confused at first whether to alight in Little India or Farrer Park, so I called Bee. He remembered so I didn’t get lost and walk around until my feet hurt.

See I get lost a lot hehehe… I always end up walking for like an hour trying to find my way but it’s alright, it’s part of the thrill of the “adventure”.

I know other people have their own things they like doing for reasons only they truly understand. Usually because of sentimental reasons that has something to do with their past and this is just one of mine. Psychology thingy. So interesting, right?

Reach home so tired but I still cooked Tinola with Malunggay. We liked it so much I forgot to take photos and only remembered when what’s left was bones. 🙂

But it was good. Another memorable day to add in niceyfemme history.


Mustafa Trip… (Part 1)
Oct 30th, 2009 by niceyfemme

Date: 22 Oct 2009
Location: Mustafa in Little India, Singapore

Severe Food Cravings?

Yes, that’s the reason I gave myself for going to Mustafa yesterday… I had this irresistible urge to go there to buy some things, so I did. (Please see previous post.)

Edit: This entry is supposed to be published last week 23 Oct but because of the internet problem, can only do now.

I’ve been there before. Bought some chocolates and sweets (candies) but one product that struck us was that Malunggay is available there. It’s not available anywhere else. So went back to buy. I found it.


But when I looked for Dahon ng Sili (Chili Leaves) the Indian woman gave me a funny look and repeatedly repeated what I ask her. “Chili leaves ha? Leaves of chili?”, she asked. I was like, “Yes, chili leaves.”, with a lot of nodding. Apparently, she found it funny because they don’t use it there. I’ve seen many types of leaves used in Indian cooking but no chili leaves. Ok no problem, I could still use the Malunggay as substitute in my Tinola.

See, my happy place is the grocery area. I love supermarkets. I could stay there for hours and hours until my feet finally give up on me and beg me to sit down. When I was still in college, my best friend and I during our long breaks would go to SM Dasma to go roaming around in the supermarket. We love it there. I remember, we were there for the grand opening and we were kind of broke then, worse thing is we were hungry. There were lots of free taste offering and let me just put it this way, we went out of the mall feeling full! Hahahah! Yeah, happy place.

Going back, even after I have found the one thing I came there for, I still stayed to roam around and check every little product they have there. A supermarket is like a world of wonder hehehe….

Some of the things I’ve found interesting…..


What we Filipinos call Atis. This is imported from Thailand? This variety is just bigger than ours. I actually have seen bigger ones in Bugis.


Some ready made food…. I really thought hard and long if I’d buy this….


Drumsticks, seasoned Indian style.


Some mixes, I bought Satay mix…


and Rendang mix too… I’ve always been intrigued so I’ll try cooking this myself….


The pile of Malunggay leaves. Imported from Malaysia I believe.

And guess what I’ve found?!!!!


Bagoong! SGD 3.00 lang!


As usual so many items on sale. Aside from the chocolates that’s on sale all year round, there’s perfume sale too. Good thing I’m not a musky perfume person because I’d be in big trouble as the stocks on sale are popular brands Filipinos love. (It’s a different issue if Bath and Body works lotion and spray colognes(?) are on sale, yey!)


Or is it? I checked the prices, most are regular priced, except for chocolates, perfumes etc…. For me, it’s still worth it, going here… Just the wide array of choices made me drool….

Paid for the chosen stuff after a good two hours of roaming there…


Mustafa in Little India is known for good Indian food….

Though I have to admit, I’m not a very big fan of this cuisine or any really spicy food in general.


I believe I was burnt.

When I was new in Singapore, in one of work’s lunch breaks in Newton, we tried a food court and I chose dishes that looked kind of familiar, looked like Pinoy dishes, there was one that looked like Sarciadong Isda. Turned out everything I chose would make me cry, it was that spicy. Of course I can’t eat it. Also expensive so I felt I wasted money so for almost two years I didn’t have any interest with Indian and Malay cuisine, until now.

For some reason, I wanted to eat Indian food. So looked and looked I did.

There was a lot of stalls(?) lining the streets there, you’ll be confused which to choose, like how confused I was.

How to know which is good? Either ask around (which I do not want to do) or follow you’re instincts hehehhe….

So I jalan jalan…..


See? So many…..


I found a fast food/ food court style one with aircon, very tempting as it was very hot and humid that day, but I thought it’s unlikely I’d find authentic indian food there.


While browsing this black bird surprised me! Flew in front of my face then landed to this sack of rice…


There’s a lot of these birds in Singapore and they scare me, I totally forgot my tummy was making a lot of noises begging me to eat….


I found one stall.

But will post that next time.

I’ll sum the food experience up in one word.



Off to Mustafa!
Oct 22nd, 2009 by niceyfemme

Will buy some Malunggay and Chili leaves…. (Sus! Malunggay at dahong sili! haha!)


In Mustafa!


So nutritious you know? (In Singlish twang hahaha!)

Will rush now, I don’t know if they have plenty of stocks in there.

I want to cook Munggo and Tinola, that’s why. (Mung Bean Soup and Chicken Ginger Soup?)


See? Looks yummy right? I cooked this myself.

I have this really bad craving for Tinola.. But it’s not the same without Chili leaves, so yes, I’ll go that far just to buy that. I have to say though, that I’m not comfortable buying these leaves as I have them at home. Malunggay trees are plenty in the village and I have some Chili plants. Well, what can we do right? But complain? hahahhah!

So I’m off to my “adventure” trip. Let’s see what “finds” we’ll find in there.

Good luck to me. 😉

Lucky Plaza on a Sunday……
Oct 20th, 2009 by niceyfemme

Date: 18 Oct 2009 / Sunday
Location: Lucky Plaza, Orchard Road, Singapore

So not recommended!

See, Bee and I have new found friends here…. She’s Ate Jane and her Portuguese boyfriend Cedric…

Please go on weekdays if you can… We just went as our Ate Jane can only go on that day….

They invited us to go out to go eat Halo-halo… Knowing it’s a Sunday I was hesitant at first but we can’t resist their offer hehehe… So off we went…

Btw, I loove their food there! I mean, it’s better than restaurants at home… I really appreciate the food in Kabayan Restaurant… Their halo-halo was superb! The mango ice cream on top was wow! There’s even bits of fresh mango… One of the best ice cream i’ve tried…. Their food, Kare-Kare to be specific, I have tried last year was good too…

But I got dizzy with the number of people there! Ate Jane’s friend, Venus, one second is just infront of us the next she’s gone! We had to call her many times….

While waiting for her I browsed some stuff there… Passed by a shades store…. Since mine was crushed I needed a new one… I didnt check the prices first hehehe… So I liked one with no price tag…. Then checked other ones… One with a tag says SGD 599.00! Heart attack! I was like, “Ate Jane, if this one I like cost more than SGD50.00 please don’t let me buy this.” So I asked how much… SGD 25.00! Yey! and they just looked equally nice….. I was like, “Why the price difference?” The sales person who happened to be Pinay said the expensive one is branded and the one I liked is not…


Ok ba?


And I got discount! Bought it for only SGD 20.00! Yey!

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