Mr Pustiso in Pinoy Henyo
Jul 22nd, 2011 by niceyfemme

Oh my G! This made me laugh so hard I am already teary eyed. I love this kind of ‘jokes’, natural, real, unintentional and therefore absolutely funny. I just love the guy’s reaction when his false teeth fell, like he’s so embarrassed and doesn’t know what to do.. Vic Sotto who also cannot help but laugh made it even funnier. Oh the poor guy’s partner laughed as well and it’s like their just all friends hanging out and something embarrassing happened too bad for him it happened when the whole country is watching!

I love shows like this where it’s so light and you end up feeling good. Just feel good shows. I hope there will be more like this. It made my heavy heart a ton lighter with the laughter….

Cool & Funny American dudes in Philippines
Oct 20th, 2010 by niceyfemme

While blog hopping this morning I read about this two American guys who speak great Tagalog and are doing blue collar jobs in the Philippines.

Apparently it’s some kind of experiment they are doing to inspire people after they lost their jobs in US. Tory Chapman and Jason Cowdin used to be Mormon Missionaries  and now they’re doing a different kind of helping by doing odd and hard  jobs  giving Filipinos a good laugh.

As taho vendors in Marikina City.

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Young boy’s feelings hurt when Dad told him he’s not a ‘Single Lady’….
Apr 3rd, 2010 by niceyfemme

So funny! I just found this out… This is nothing new since I’m always the last one to be in the know… Btw, I found this too cute for words…. The little boy is so cute dancing with his hands in the air and all… Oh and he’s the one really feeling the song.

That’s why he really got hurt when his Dad told him he’s not a single lady haha.

Notice the girl in the middle. Her crying brother ruined her mood then crossed her arms haha unlike the other sister who seemed so worried about their brother. O-Oh! I can see the future hehe.

“Did that hurt your feelings?” Crying little boy: NODS. Haha.

Oh My Cat!
Dec 9th, 2009 by niceyfemme

The guy who did the subtitle did a good job ahhah!

This cutey cat thinks he’s a guy hehhehe…

This is so freaking funny! You have to watch this until the end…..

These vids made my day better… Hoping same to you……… 🙂

I Love F.R.I.E.N.D.S.!
Sep 5th, 2009 by niceyfemme

One of the best Friends episode. Not just because Brad Pitt is here hehehhe…

So shake it, shake it, shake that nasty butt! hahahhaha! lovett!


“Salmon skin roll!” 

When I’m feeling down and i need a remedy for it, what i do is watch Friends. It’s just the best show ever! Imean there are some shows that are good but watch it twice or thrice and it has lost its magic. Not with Friends, believe me, I’ve seen each and every episode a thousand times (that’s without any exaggeration) but it still makes me laugh big time! I know what’s gonna happen next but still it gets me… This show does not get old. And I realize if there’s one thing I’m secretly hoping that is to be a part of this show I know it’s just impossible but still…….

I hope they’ll make a F.R.I.E.N.D.S. The Movie like they did with Sex and the city. SatC has been filming the part II already… what about us Friends lovers?

I just love each and every character… I mean yes I have to admit I play favorites… Say some time ago I love Ross, I love his antics. I love his emotions, being all so romatic and all.

Then I also love Chandler. He’s just adorable. I mean there’s just too many reasons to love them you just have to watch.

I love the fat Monica too. Oohhh how she danced wow! During “the proposal” I cried with them huhuhu….

I love Joey too. “How you doing?” “That’s right coz I’m a Tribbiani,  this is what we do, we  may not be great thinkers, but man we can eat!”

Phoebe… I love her antics… her attitude. Being the bossy one.. how scared they are of her heheh…

Rachel being the flirt… her simplicity makes you love her…

“We were on a break!”

Oohh and the list goes on and on… Btw I love bloopers what more Friends bloopers…. here’s some….

Love Monica dancing here….

This one makes me sad…


“i feel like a perfect arse!” hilarious!I love phoebe hahahhah! that laugh!

Chandler’s so chubby here…… “OMG, Chandler’s doing his sex face!”

“Have you looked at the mirror?” -Chandler

“what more do you want!” i love Ross’ face!



“hey that’s porsche!” look at the face!

“It taste like feeeett!”

I love Friends!!!!!

Apparently there’s still alot of people who hasnt seen this. OMG, you have to watch this. I feel like I’m missing a whole lot if I hadnt known Friends…

Friends Movie please!

So do you love Friends too? 😉

Philippines’ Best Comedian
Aug 5th, 2009 by niceyfemme

I love love Michael V! He’s fondly called Bitoy here…. Very Imaginative as he writes his own songs, thinks of new ideas for his shows and the way he acts its soo natural! sometimes you’ll believe he’s not acting at all!

He’s been awarded Best Actor in Asian Television Awards.

I Heart Bitoy!

Another one, as an Indian Guy making a living in the Philippines

I love this one, with Chuchay… Perfect tandem!


He’s even better than Marian….. Just the truth here hehehe

He’s the best! So natural….

I really wanna meet him to let him know how many people love him… it’s always better to let people know how much you appreciate them.

i wonder how can i meet him? hmmm ive always wanted to watch eat bulaga live…. it’ll be fun… let me research on that…

Continue doing what youre doing bitoy!

I guess I have always appreciated your talent! Im your number one fan!

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