Jul 27th, 2012 by niceyfemme

My favorite silog meal. This is ♥.

There’s a new gasoline station close to where we live and I gas-ed up there once. I notice a silog restaurant (together with a bakery and car parts store that also displays photos of harley davidson parts) and of course that did excite me since I’m a big fan of silog meals. To those who doesn’t know, silog meals consists of SInangag which is fried rice, LOG which is the last syllable of itlog which is egg in english and a viand that could be anything like say TOcino which is sweet cured pork. Put together all those syllables and you have TOSILOG. So I decided to have our car washed there and try the new silog place.

I ordered Tapsilog which comes with Tapa or cured beef even though the place offers so many other silog choices. There’s tosilog but I am usually disappointed with the tocino that these kind of places usually serve. Sometimes there’s too much fat or the tocino doesn’t even taste or look like tocino at all so no I didn’t order that. I wasn’t happy with the meal they served because first of all the fried isn’t even fried. It’s like regular rice with yellow tint. The tapa I can’t even describe. I was so disappointed I had to have a silog meal at home.

This is how tosilog should be. The rice should really be fried, every single grain of it. With garlic the better. It must come with a side dish of fresh tomatoes or atchara. Then the tocino must be sweet and soft and yet cooked through, not overly cooked and burned.

This really is one of the simple pleasures in life and it’s no wonder why most Filipinos love this dish. I just can’t understand why it’s so hard to find a restaurant that serves at least decent if not great tasting silog meals. Oh I know but I’ll zip my lips for now.

Life’s simple pleasures: Part One: Food
Jan 29th, 2010 by niceyfemme

I’m all up for simplicity of life. That’s how I want my life to be lived. It is very easy to complicate things while I look for ways to simplify it.

It’s all the mind they say and I absolutely believe in this. Like say for example, with the food I eat.  Getting real fat again like when I was a freshman in high school is one of the scary thoughts I secretly have.  I “program” my mind to sway away from the bad stuff. Now my favorites are what most people consider as healthy.

I’m no saint. I still eat fast food junk once in a while. Just everything in moderation(?).

My favorite foods? I realized they are those simple dishes that have the basic taste.

Example? I love eggs.


Hard boiled. Sunny side up yolk a bit runny…

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