Wanted: $275 Toa Payoh Room Sharing A/C No Agent’s Fee
Aug 30th, 2011 by niceyfemme

-We are looking for a MALE bedspacer. (2 males in AIRCON common room)
-Stay until 14 January 2012. (Can’t be shorter or longer)
-$275 rent/month, one month adv + one month deposit
-PUB sharing
-Can do laundry, plantsa, with hot shower
-Can do light cooking
-Have own fan, thick mattress and sturdy bed.
-with TV inside the room (no TFC)
-5 minutes walk to Braddell MRT, 10 minutes walk to Toa Payoh MRT
-wet market and lots of hawker a stone’s throw away
-3-4 MRT stations to Orchard
-no owner staying
-move in date is on 6 September 2011
-No agent’s fee
-viewing is only on Saturday and Sunday
We are looking for a nice and considerate guy with word of honor. If not then please do not bother. 🙂
I have written everything to know here so please read before contacting us. 🙂
Leave a comment here or send an email at
Room for rent schemes
Sep 4th, 2010 by niceyfemme

Here in Singapore almost everything need to be supported by documents, as in things should be written in black and white as proof. This is how it is with everything that sometimes I feel like they are going to ask for a written agreement that they have allowed you to fart, yes it is to that degree.

The last two weeks has been like a nightmare to say the least. We went through the worst emotions and strong fear for our physical safety. We fell on a man’s trap of him renting out his room but the room lacks privacy from him and the toilet is not flushing and the lavatory is choked up. He knows no one can stay in his place and he designed it to be like that. The modus is he wants us to pay him the advance rental and deposit and it gets forfeited if we move out early. We had no choice but to leave. Bee and I agreed that money can be earned again but whatever danger that could have happened to us if we stayed there especially to me can’t be undone once done. So the hundreds of dollars we paid to that man was never returned to us and we now we know that this is something he has been doing for a long time to have quick money by fooling people.

The second place we rented out was even worst. We had an agreement of minimum stay and how much it will be but he didn’t honor it and asked us to leave after only 11 days when the minimum stay should be one month. Don’t get me wrong, the moment we made our first step in their flat we already wanted to get out but we just didn’t have any choice so we stayed, we could have chosen to go somewhere else if it’s easy to bring all our stuff from one place to another but it is a pain in arse. All the packing and carrying of so many heavy stuff is so hard and it’s harder when the block is an old one and have a lift/elevator that only caters to 3 floors. So if we stay on the 4th floor we have to alight in the 6th floor and walk on the opposite side and go down two floors.

He has so many unreasonable rules. He enters our room when we are not there using his spare key, and that is illegal to do so. He didn’t honor the agreement. Now we are going to report him to HDB so they can blacklist him that will prevent him to rent out to other people and this will save so many people from this guy’s schemes.

Last night when we have packed all our stuff and was just waiting for him to give back our deposit and rental balance, he became  very aggressive and rude and grabbed the agreement/contract and receipt in Bee’s hands that gave Bee some scratches. Because of the assault we just wanted to get the hell out of there, that was the main goal in our mind and just stay away from this uncivilized man. Then around 1:30 a.m he kept on calling us, about the house keys. We told him we are going to give it back to him in the morning but he started to blackmail us. He said he will tell the police that we stole things in his house. Hello! What’s there to take? And they are always in the house, especially him as HE DOESN’T WORK AT ALL! He wants Bee to meet him in the MRT stationto pass the key to him and we disagreed. He is a very violent man and we don’t know what he is capable of doing. We know that if we meet him there, that is his chance of blackmailing us even more, or he may have friends who can do harm to us. So we told him that if he wants to meet, we should meet in the police station, which he doesn’t like. Of course, if you have things to hide you wouldn’t agree to go there. So we told him ok go ahead and make a report and we will meet you there. So we did. We went to the police station and the angry wolf became a scared puppy in front of the police. We told the police about what he has done the night before and about the blackmailing. It really did happen but we have no proof. WE should have recorded it and used it to put his fat arse in jail. The police only let him off with a warning and in the end he apparently wanted to apologize to us. BS. He only wanted to do that to put an act in front of the police. So we left with the intention of reporting him to HDB first thing on Monday.

Please guys in Singapore, be careful with the landlords of the flats you are going to rent out. When we met him we wanted out but we just didn’t have any choice. His address is Ang Mo Kio Ave 6 Blk 633, 04-5133. We are concerned about what he can do after all these things that we asked the police for protection but they can’t give that to any specific person. Some people there mentioned about some cheap life insurance quotes but we had to hurry and leave the area before he comes after us.

And the other one is Blk 10 Kg Kayu a Bob Marley look alike who’s claiming to have a tenant couple we never saw. His unit number I can’t seem to remember (I guess this is my mind’s way of protecting itself from the trauma) but once you view the room and you see that it has a lot of “antique stuff” and looks like a cramped up museum, run away as fast as you can.

Unbelievable our luck right? To have met a number of scheming idiots in a short span of time and two years ago we also met a guy who made subletting a flat  his business so he doesn’t have to work but I know we can move pass this. We have to.

Spotted: Jinkee Pacquiao in Singapore
Sep 3rd, 2010 by niceyfemme

Date: 02 September 2010
Location: Orchard Road

Three hours ago as I was walking out of MRT, I headed to Ion Orchard Mall. Went to the second floor and who did I recognize there?  Jinkee Pacquiao! NOT! She turned out to be her twin sister haha. Oh and her sister is really nice too. She told me nicely that she’s not Jinkee and that Jinkee is inside the store (Bebe). I’ve always known that she has a twin sister but I somehow forget the twins sister’s name. (I googled it once I hit home and her name is Janet Jamora.) So I went my way and left as I was shy with all of them. I’ve always known I can’ty be a paparazzi hehehe….

So I was still roaming inside Ion Mall and after like 30 minutes I heard some loud voices. I automatically looked at where the noise was coming from and it was their group again. The sisters were heading in Yves St. Laurent if I remember it correctly. Then the entourage of men came after them with sooo many shopping bags. They used a cart for some of the bags. For ordinary folks like us, that number of shopping bags must be Christmas gifts, she must giving them as presents. But then Jinkee is not like us normal folks no matter how simple she seems to be. I talked to them as they seem nice and told them the sisters headed to YSL with the beautiful wreaths in the door as they were left behind. The group has nice PR I can say.

After I’m done with my appointment in Wheelock, around 2-3 hours had passed then I headed to Wendy’s and to my surprise someone was staring at me there and I realized it was Jinkee Pacquiao. So I smiled at her and told her that a while ago, I bumped into their group in Bebe and how I mistaken her twin sister to be her. She was nice enough to engage in a conversation and she pointed at her twin who was in Orange Julius. She asked me some questions about me too. And her other sister is really nice, she seem so warm to me. Then I said too bad I didn’t bring my camera then, the sister even suggested to use my celfone. Bummer.

It’s really nice to know that some people are not changed by money drastically, that they still have a hold of humility in them, to even talk to simple folks like me. Who am I anyway? A regular poor girl in her 20’s, while she herself is almost like a celebrity with her being married to the best boxer of this generation… And unbelievably rich too. Wow.

Maxwell Hainanese Chicken Rice
Aug 12th, 2010 by niceyfemme

I have always had a quest to try and taste the best. Hainanese Chicken Rice (HCR) edition this time. I have read about one particular stall that most food bloggers and even a chef cum Tv Host have agreed to this. So we headed to a particular hawker center but too bad, we came in too late. They ran out of chickens. So I will save about that for later. Bee and I just had to settle to another chicken rice stall very close to the one I am referring to. Normally I wouldn’t try a stall just because of it’s proximity but this one has a long queue too. I don’t know if that’s because people find their chicken rice as good too, or they just settle to this one because the best one is closed already.

Maxwell Hainanese Chicken Rice stall has a pretty exterior and long queues of people that’s why we got curious and decided to try it as well. They are the only stall with long queue that night.

The photos in their stall sure look appetizing.

I am a roasted HCR girl. One of the criteria for good HCR for locals is tender meat/flesh, like smooth and silky. And you can see in these photo that the meat is silky soft.

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One of those days (or weeks)
May 5th, 2010 by niceyfemme

That is not really easy for me. Things could be a lot better, way lot better and I’m really trying to be positive and think that all these shall pass and I hope really really soon.

I’ve been super stressed, extra extra stressed than the previous months. Say 4 times the regular dosage of stress I’m used to. So I started losing weight unconsciously. And the weight loss is not just in my head as I confirmed it using two weighing scales so it’s true. I had to look for a new place, actually a temporary one as we have to move the moment Bee comes back. There is evil on Earth I believe and sometimes they are in the form of bad people. Wow. They could really get through the nerves. You just have to compose yourself and not stoop down to their level. If you know they are too irrational then it’s better to just not talk to them, not entertain their being evil. What I do is just stay way from them. Not easy but I did it.

By the way, finding accommodation in Singapore is so not easy especially if you do not want to get some help from agents. Here, almost everyone gets some help from agents while I prefer to just find one myself. I mean, why pay one to two months worth of rent if I can find one myself? Yes it is not easy as a matter of fact I was close to being crazy from all searching the net. Money really can make our lives easier. I want a lot of money.

It is really lonely here without Mommy, Bambi and Bee. I hate it. I want to go home but not in a bad circumstance. I hope all these will be over soon. 🙁

Nassim Road
Apr 17th, 2010 by niceyfemme

Where we went on a particular day.

First was in Kabayan Restaurant. I don’t know about other Filipinos but I love the delicious dishes they serve. It’s affordable and if I may say, authentic. I like their Pata Tim and Beef Kaldereta so much I’m surely contented after finishing every meal.

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Construction everywhere
Feb 25th, 2010 by niceyfemme

Yes, everywhere. It’s never ending here in Singapore. You will see big industrial equipments in the middle of the street, pedestrians are headed to an improvised walk way, you will hear loud drilling noise and the likes.

Thanks to for the photo…

After they’re finished with one project they will start the next one as soon as possible. Then you will see a new building standing right across your street when it’s not there just a month ago. It is actually a good thing. This just shows how fast this tiny island nation is growing and improving.

And I’m not complaining, I’m just saying. 🙂

Unsual (but exquisite) Architecture…..
Nov 5th, 2009 by niceyfemme

Ms. Click, Click!

I love taking photos. I snap every interesting thing I see.

Recently this is one of those things that catched my eye.


This is Singapore’s newest mall, Ion Mall in Orchard Road. I like how this is designed. So far from Philippines’ style.


They like those kind of design that is kinda weird, but good kind of weird, that you don’t usually see it anywhere. Remember they have Esplanade that’s designed after Durian fruit?


And they like those big as in big posts like the one in this photo….

Sooo taba!


Btw, this is a very nice mall, lots of high end boutiques there as you can see in these photos.


I like how spacious it is…..


Very nice ehh?


It’s just so humid outside so rather be inside the mall where it’s airconditioned hehehhe….


And it’s so close to the MRT, see the web thingy at the right? That’s it, high excalator going two levels down if I remember it correctly….

I remember there’s a condominium currently under construction…. The design is like shoe boxes put on top of one another…. Hmmmn that one is really interesting. I’m so excited to see that when that’s finished.

I hope we get to see nice architectural designs in the Philippines… soon.

Sky Cable Select, a go?
Nov 4th, 2009 by niceyfemme

I’m thinking of subscribing to Sky Cable’s Select Plan… If you’re budget conscious as I am, then this is the best plan….

I checked their channel line up and I’m interested with their Starter Plan…


I’m after Asian Food Channel, so nice that it’s included in the package…. But Discovery Travel and Living is not included…. This can be added at additional charge….

I like Discovery Travel & Living so additional Php 20. So total of Php 300.00? Wow!

I wonder what’s the catch?

I’m just a little skeptical about having something installed again as I had disasters with them before. Also customer service hell. I don’t want to be kept on hold and be told “Your call is very important to us, we will attend to you shortly.” Twenty minutes later I was still on hold. Opps this example happened in Singapore hehehhe.. from Starhub… the latest customer service hell I’ve gone through… Though I experienced much worst from SmartBro when I still had their USB modem…. I so hate that one.

Also, I hope installation fee ain’t expensive and it won’t take them 48 years to install it. Hmmmn lets see. 🙂

*I have the smiley face here. Hopefully, I could keep the smile the whole process. 😉

Fun Sunday with Ming-Ming and “Bj”….
Nov 4th, 2009 by niceyfemme

Our new friend Ate Jane had been telling us for weeks about her friend Umi’s birthday and that we are invited… Since Bee was free on that day we said yes. It will be an outdoor barbeque….


Food is at the back table and in the grill……..


Thanks Bee for this shot…. Ganda ng greens o!


Hahahah! Ang saya naman…….


The hostess and her boyfriend Cedric……. with the funny tasting green soda…

There are more guests in another table but they were busy playing cards heheh….

Bee ate lots of chicken wings, I liked the grilled mussels, so sweet!

Ferocious beauty……

Then after eating, I saw this gorgeous fat cat! I ran after her hahah I went crazy…..


I sooo love her color! I love the color brown and I don’t usually see brown cats as fat as her…. I followed her like a paparazzi 😉


She looks life a stuffed toy that’s so soft…. If only she wouldn’t scratch my face if I’d dare hug her hehehe…..


Reason why I love taking photos of cats is because they’re so pretty and graceful….. But not all cats I like, I do this rarely…. Only when she’s really pretty, like men to girls heheh…. 😉


She seems to be restless, like walking around in the playground…..

She’s looking for something I sensed…..



Then she ran so fast, towards her…..


I was a little jealous haha! I told the auntie her cat is so pretty she said that I could have the cat, and she seemed serious… I told her no I’m scared thank you hahah!


Then the cat must’ve sensed what we’re talking about she walked towards me, she got too close to me I panicked a bit! I almost ran heheh… I’m such a sissy…..

Went back to the group and we sang Happy Birthday song to Umi and blew her candles in her yummy looking cake….. Then she shared it with us… Yum….

Then after eating, we headed back home… Bee and I thought that’s it, the celebration is done. So I took a nap.

Two dollars! SGD2.00!

I woke up with somebody’s loud voice saying SGD 2.00…. Another one saying five dollars!

I checked what that is, turned out they just started playing cards, Bj or Black Jacks. I dont know how to play that game so I just watched. Bee was playing with them.

I just talked to one of the girls, Rhea, who was deep frying fries for everybody. I took a grilled kamote (sweet potato), which was surprisingly sweet! Very nice, I like this kind of discovery hehhe…. I’m obviously a foodie.

Then Bee lost around SGD 7.00. So I asked them how it’s played, what the rules are etc…. Then I tried my luck hehehh….

Beginner’s Luck?

I lost SGD 10.00. Bad. Obviously it didn’t work for me. I was just betting small amounts like $1, or $2 the most. I still lost. What’s nice is I found myself enjoying the game and our new friend’s company. I liked the vibe and the excitement I was feeling then…

So I went to the room looking for some loose change, found around $4.00. Went back. Sat. Then just played it by ear heheh… Sometimes holding my breath searching for lakas ng loob hahaha!

Then my $4.00 became $40 plus! Wow I was winning already. Then they started checking their wrist watches as it’s already getting late. Those who lost big amounts of money wanted to win them back so they raised their bets, Ate Jane who lost $150 by then started to bet $10 per game! I got nervous heheh…. I raised mine too but not as hgh as hers. I raised it to $5. Then it got crazy.The game ended with me having $40 and Ate Jane lost $100.

Nice day. Got some new friends and I won some dollars hahah! What more could we want? Free food, nice company and some dollars… Nice, nice, nice.


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