How To Make Homemade Yogurt
Aug 23rd, 2011 by niceyfemme

This experiment started in Youtube. I was watching how factories make loaf breads and frozen pizzas then I came across yogurt making.

I love yogurt. I really love yogurt. Started when I was all about healthy stuff, choosing healthier alternatives to the usual bad stuff like ice cream and it grew on me really well. Now I prefer some tartness than the all out sweetness of ice cream.

In Youtube I saw that they  use the oven to incubate (you need to incubate the good live bacterias to make yogurt) and I don’t like that because Philippines has power rates higher than Singapore grrr! So I thought why not make it using the slow cooker? I researched about it and yes many people have done it using the slow cooker. So I read some more and I planned about buying some milk and some plain yogurt to start my experiment. I want to go all out with yogurt. I can’t do that with Nestle’s Melon flavored yogurt with Nata de Coco which is my favorite. So expensive! It costs half a liter of milk for a very small container.

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Sinigang na Baboy
Aug 8th, 2011 by niceyfemme

Been craving for Sinigang na Baboy (Pork in Tamarind Soup) recently so I let it over power me. 🙂

This is sinigang my way. Just perfect.

I am very particular with my sinigang though, well like with the other dishes I cook. I NEED native yam first, without it then I’d rather not cook this sinigang at all. Then I need pork belly ( liempo). This is just the perfect cut of pork for this. Then I need completely ripe red tomatoes. Then fresh okra, sitaw (string beans), labanos (radish), kang kong (water spinach) and talong (eggplant) which is optional in this dish. I just don’t like eggplant wet, but I would kill for fried eggplants yummm!

Going back to sinigang, this is how I cook this. I boil the cut up pork belly in not much water with onions and tomatoes with fish sauce. Then I add in sitaw with gabi. (I like my gabi real soft.) Then after a minute I add in the okra and labanos. Then talong and kang kong. Then season with tamarind and salt.

To those new moms out there, have your baby monitors on and savor this delicioso sour soup, this will surely revive you.

I could eat this for like a week straight. Rediscovered love for sinigang is sweet. ♥☻♥☻♥

Toaster Oven Cookies
May 27th, 2011 by niceyfemme

My love for cooking and baking started early. I don’t really remember how young I was but I remember to being so interested to peel potatoes and cut them in perfect squares. Then I would find a chair and watch my mom and my nanay saute garlic and onions. I would be in awe with every graceful movement of their sandok (ladle). I would then ask them what to do next. Then I started cooking instant noodles and fry fish balls and fries. My kitchen experiments came a bit later. When I’m alone in the house and I saw something interesting in the television, I’d try to do them myself.

Crunchy and yet chewy. Just like how I prefer my cookies.

Baking was more of a challenge for me. Why? Because we didn’t have an oven then. Also, baking equipments and tools are much more expensive. I remember always getting frustrated when I wanted to bake a cake but we don’t have an oven. Now that we have the basic things needed, I can now bake to my heart’s delight. (I try to neglect the electric bill though, the guilt it gives me.) That is if I’m at home in Philippines. In Singapore, we don’t have an oven. So when I need to have my dose of kneading of dough, I just make chapati.

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Mango Soya Ice Cream
Oct 9th, 2010 by niceyfemme

I’ve always wanted to cook and make things that we (consumers) just normally buy  in supermarkets. Learning how to do them myself give me some kind of satisfaction, or pride maybe, that I am able to make it myself and most of the time make even better and healthier versions.

I guess I am just really trying hard to find ways to still enjoy the food I like without the guilt. Like ice cream. I know it’s bad for us and occasional surrender to the cravings is ok but me being me, when I eat I want to be able to eat until I am satisfied and with guilt, I will never be satisfied. So I try to cook/prepare food (in this case, ice cream) so we can have yummy ice cream without feeling guilty.

First time I experimented with Soy Ice Cream, it wasn’t good I have to admit. There’s something in it that I can’t take. Blame that on the silken tofu I used which I found in Robinson’s supermarket. I knew the consistency is not good so I brought back home the type of silken tofu I’m used to in Singapore.

And this time I experimented with Philippine mangoes which I believe is the sweetest in the world. The “sweet” mangoes I tried in Singapore is not even sweet. Well I bought it from SM, the overripe mangoes. Cheap at Php25 for 2 pieces of mangoes.

This is so good that even Mommy approved of this, given her being picky. 🙂

Here’s my recipe:

1 Box of Silken tofu (I used the extra smooth one)

1 cup plain soy milk

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Tofu madness
Aug 10th, 2010 by niceyfemme

I’ve been addicted to tofu and tau kwa (or tokwa) for a long time now, but this addiction has reach a different level in the last few days. I only want to eat tofu and tau kwa to the point where Bee and I will head to places where they possibly serve tofu. Unfortunately, in the area where we currently live now, there’s not a lot of hawker places nearby. We have to go to a mall that’s 10-15 minutes walk from here and it is mall food, I want hawker food.

Of course, eating out is more expensive than if you cook at home. Another thing, one serving is not enough for me! So most of the time I buy two servings and with rice it’s not cheap. It’s also not wise to eat out often.

Then last night, our friend who cooks for a living cooked a lot of food for us all. Can I just say yummy? Ah jie cooked chicken curry which was so goooood! It’s not like how we Filipinos have it but it’s wonderfully delicious. Then a veggie dish. I watch his pro self cook and when I tasted that very simple dish I was hooked! Then I got an idea to use that same process with tofu. And it was a success! This has been a very successful experiment for me. YUM.

Tau Kwa with bean sprouts and lots of red and green chili.

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Chicken Rice Attempt #1
Jul 31st, 2010 by niceyfemme

Whenever I’m out of Singapore I will always have severe cravings for Singaporean food like fried carrot cake, char kway teow and of course chicken rice or properly known as Hainanese Chicken Rice. I prefer the “roasted” one which isn’t really roasted heheh but the pale version will cure the craving.

I researched online and found some helpful tips and I used them in this attempt.

Has to have cucumber. Well at least that’s what I am used to.

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Max’s Style Fried Chicken
Jul 30th, 2010 by niceyfemme

One of my frustrations is cooking fried chicken. There are a gazillion ways of frying chicken and I want to prepare one that my Mom will like. I have tried many times before and even I was not satisfied. Breaded, we didn’t like. With batter. Not that good. There were times when I get surprised the chicken turned out undercooked. Not good. Undercooked and yet dried out. How did I do that? Then I saw one interesting version online from panlasangpinoy and I had to try it. It is steamed first then deep fry method. And since hmmmn last week of June I have cooked this around 3-4 times already heheh.

The third try. I got it right. Perfect saltiness and texture. Exactly like how Max’s prepare theirs.

I have started cutting this yummy chicken (leg part) when I remembered to take photos haha. That’s why the leg is far from the body hehehe.

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