My baby’s things: Pink Play Pen
Aug 12th, 2012 by niceyfemme

Yes it’s pretty in pink. 😉

So this our daughter’s play pen. This has a mosquito net, and changing table (?) that you can attach on top of it. Bee and I both decided on this one as it’s really pretty and perfect for a baby girl. Oh it’s actually Mommy who wants us to get a play pen instead of a crib/cot. I originally wanted a steel one which I really fell for but Mommy said it might not be wise to have since babies will try to stand up on their own while they don’t have steady balance so most likely she’ll fall into one of those railings and she’ll have a bump or worse she might have a bloody mouth, literally.

Again, I am so happy with how well my husband has been so preoccupied with all things for our baby. See he even assembled this already. Then he will have to pack this again to bring here in the Philippines. It’s like looking at his fantasy baseball trophies when he just bought another baby gear. Then he will find something he likes better and will show it to me and he would want to buy that again haha. He’s so cute. I love this phase of my life, I am always happy. Hmmmn say 90% of the time? Thank you very much my dear Lord. All of these is because of You.

Pokwang’s Pink Bus
Jul 15th, 2010 by niceyfemme

I just made a post about Kris Aquino’s pink bus recently. Then abs-cbnnews reports that Kris gave it to comedienne Pokwang as Kris’ thank you gift for Pokwang’s support to Kris’ brother, the newly elected President Aquino.


Few months ago, Kris and Pokwang were in the popular pink bus on the way to Valenzuela to campaign for the now-President Aquino and his girlfriend Shalani Soledad. Pokwang was asking the driver how much diesel the bus consumes, how it runs and if it is still in good condition. Kris overheard the conversation then said out loud that if her brother wins the presidency, she will give the bus to Pokwang.

Then just last week, Kris fulfilled her promise and had the bus delivered to Pokwang’s house.

Pokwang, you’re one lucky woman to have Kris as a friend. With pink bus or not, she’s one great friend to have. Just start to worry now about motorhome repairs, maintenance, gas/diesel. But then that’s nothing compared to the convenience this will give you. 🙂

I want one! Please, please! Haha.

Pink Bus
Jul 13th, 2010 by niceyfemme

Kris Aquino has one. It’s actually a coaster but she had it customized to turn into a small RV with a cutie yellow toilet like the ones I like which is Kohler toilets. There are appliances in there like microwave oven and toaster oven to bring the comfort of home wherever she goes.

It’s so nice I wonder how much she spent to have that nice comfy RV? Hmmmn…..

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