Loving fruits again
Jun 11th, 2011 by niceyfemme

Red juicy and ripe papaya. Yummm! Sweet pineapples is divine. Yellow ripe Philippine mangoes in heaven on earth. Let’s not forget the ever reliable sweet bananas.

For some reason, I’ve been craving and eating mostly fruits these past weeks. Whenever I’m in Singapore, I let myself indulge in bananas and red papaya. It’s cheap and readily available always. In Philippines, I can almost eat anything, especially pineapples. It’s more affordable back home than in Singapore. Watermelon too. I’m so drooling right now just thinking about those fruits. I’m so glad I’m rediscovering the love I had with fruits, during the time I was so healthy. Oooh I remember during those times, I eat half of a large size whole watermelon, and I can finish a whole piece of pineapple until my tongue get itchy. I guess, I was letting myself indulge in fruits as I was limiting myself to eating only healthy stuff like fruits and veggies and during those times, I still wasn’t used to the idea of eating in moderation.

So an hour ago, I went to the market. Main reason of going there despite the traffic? So I could buy the freshest quality fruits. Pineapples and watermelons in SM are disappointing for me. Not nice and so much more expensive. We really are paying for the convenience there. So I bought two pieces of perfectly ripe and sweet pineapples, I large piece of red papaya, a kilo of the sweetest mango in the world, some plantain bananas (I want them boiled) and some avocados. I didn’t bring a car with me so I was only able to buy those I’m able to carry. I am so happy with the fruits I bought. The pineapple is sooo sweet! I ate a large chunk when I was cutting it up in smaller cuts.

I guess the reason why I’m eating more fruits now is because deep inside me, I know I want to be healthier to prepare and make myself and my body ready for “THE DREAM”. No I’m not talking about Christina Millan’s douche ex-husband. See I have PCOS. So the healthier I am, the sooner I’ll be able to have the dream that I’ve been dreaming about for 16 years now. So because of this, I’m thinking of doing some workout at home to go all out. I’ll look for those workout dvd’s I already forgot where I stashed. To help me with it I’m thinking of a  pre workout supplement that could help me too. Ooh I really need to be serious about this. I need to follow through.

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