Some Pinoy men are so……
Apr 23rd, 2010 by niceyfemme

Malibog. Or immature. I can’t really find the perfect words as I’m really mad now! I’m not saying all Pinoy men are guilty by the way.
Why am I so irritated? I feel harassed by them. Here’s why.

It’s summertime here in the Philippines, and it’s understandable that it’s sooo hot! We went to SM to do our grocery shopping and I wore a black sleeveless tank top and jeans. As I was waiting for Bee to get the car (we were parked so far from the exit of the supermarket and we bought a lot of stuff, I decided to just wait for him there) a group of people passed by me. Then two of them upon crossing infront of me suddenly said, “Ang sarap!” and “Wow!” Then they all looked at me. You know when they are talking to you right? You feel it. I felt offended to I said, “You guys are so stupid!”

Also, some old men upon passing in front of me will really stare in my chest area, only because I’m wearing a sleeveless tank top. They won’t even try to hide that they are looking at me like that how freaking rude is that.
I don’t deserve this. Why are Filipino men like this? Testosterone overload? I don’t dress provocatively. This is actually the reason why I’m so careful wearing anything other than T-shirt and jeans whenever I’m in here.They really look and even stare. In Singapore men are not like that even when girls show way too much skin.

Why is this the case? I mean really? I never dress sexy because I don’t like it when people look at me, more so be the center of unwanted sexual attention.

To those men, please know when a woman is the type you can just do “that” thing you do I so hate. I’m not that type. If a woman show skin, you can look because it means she’s either asking for it or she’s enjoying the attention. If the woman looks decent and IS DECENT, then control your freaking selves! Is this something you do to compensate for insecurity?  Do you need anything like Vigrx to know and feel like the you are a real man? If you think you need that then go ahead but KEEP ME OUT OF YOUR GESTURES. CONTROL YOUR FREAKING SELVES!

I knew it
Feb 5th, 2010 by niceyfemme

So I received a call from J a couple hours ago…..

See? I told her this will happen and I have warned her over this but the stubborn woman that she is she went through with it and now less than a week since my fight with Kingkong, I’ve been proven right once again!

I was sooo tempted to tell her “I told you so!” but I stopped myself. It’s not what she needs right now. But it could have felt sooo good to say it out loud. 🙂 Vindication at it’s best form.

Oopppsss! I shouldn’t be feeling this way. Blah! Whatever.

I realized that life is what we make of it. We can choose to live our lives with less drama, simpler and more interesting. Kinda contradicting but works for me when you analyze it well.

This is my goal in my life. Make my life simpler and less complicated. Keep the few good people who genuinely love me close. I believe this will equal to happiness and contentment. And that for me is the primary goal of every single person on Earth. Most people just get distracted with other stuff. We must focus then.


Easier said than done.

A work in progress. Harhar. Blank.

Oh please no…. (The Manny Pacquiao Saga)
Nov 18th, 2009 by niceyfemme

Everyone in the Philippines know about this story, about Manny allegedly having an affair with Krista Ranillo.

Jinkee, the wife, just keeps quite until now, no matter how many countless whispers she keep on hearing.

There’s this comment I read in Cecille VS’s blog that I so get…

It’s about crushing the heart of a loyal and devoted wife who loved you first, truly, faithfully, respectfully and dutifully. A wife who loved you poor and didn’t even know who you were when you met. It just goes to show that money and achievement mean nothing if you lack character and integrity.

If you think you’re getting away with the pain you’re causing your wife and children, think again – unless you mend your philandering, cheating ways, you’re going to Hell on Judgment Day.

So true. My heart goes for Jinkee. I hate Krista Ranillo’s kind. They should all rot in hell!

Please watch the video and take note of Manny’s actions to Jinkee.

0:41… Did you guys see that? Wow! Or maybe he’s just pressured then, knowing that media is around.

And something I noticed, the woman behind Jinkee is watching what was happening then Manny noticed her, she immediately look the other way! LOL! Chisisms……

On a serious note, I really hate this Krista. All for money, she doesn’t give a damn about Manny’s kids and of course Jinkee. Well $$$ talks! And do wonders.


I doubt the reason she’s doing this is love. No matter what reason it may be, it’s not a justification for hurting someone’s family.

Preparation for the Celebration…. ;)
Nov 10th, 2009 by niceyfemme

I have this new belief now. I have to celebrate my birthday or any major occasion or else my life would suck.


Yeah I know. Sounds crazy. But I have a couple of incidences wherein this happened.

When I graduated from college, we just went out to eat to celebrate, in my favorite restaurant, in Spices in Peninsula Manila. Of course, like everyone else in my class (or the graduating class of 2006) I also started sending away my resume. Two months passed and I can’t seem to find a job I like. I might get accepted in a hotel but I’m not ok with for example salary, working hours, benefits etc… So nothing fits…

Then for some reason I decided to celebrate my graduation by cooking and baking… ( I’m not sure if I really cooked to celebrate or I was just justifying my cooking for no reason)… So I cooked a few dishes then I got a job I liked.

Then last year, I was in Singapore for my birthday. We just ate out with a friend. Turned out this year is a big blah.


My birthday dinner last year.

So never again.

This time I made some effort in planning and preparing the food. I don’t want us to celebrate in a malls (so usual) and it’s just not what I’m “feeling” this time around. I want it to be a family event. That even my Mom and my cousin, Auntie, and my niece and nephew will enjoy too not just the celebrant. So either go swimming in Subic or Batangas. Such an out of town event for sure is pricey. So I thought of having an outdoor with Tagaytay’s cool breeze.

I went there last July, on a weekday. I like it that it’s not crowded. And I saw some new attractions there. So decided to come back.

I invited my Auntie and my cousin and her two kids… Just a very small event, just family. My Dad is abroad, my Nanay is too far, and on and on. So just us. I guess the more intimate the better.

So the night before my birthday they came over.

I’m not used to having kids around anymore. I realized I missed having kids roaming around, hearing their voices, just their mere presence livens up the house.

Here are my guests.

This is my niece Pia. She’s 14 months old. I guess she’s getting dizzy here hehehe….


And behind her is her older brother Vincent…

She’s so cute! She’s so tiny, and yet eats a lot. Everytime you intend to feed her something, she will open her mouth so wide… So cute! She’s so tiny but she can run already. She’s smart too. She knows how to wear her slippers. So malambing pa.

Her Lola, my Auntie was telling me and my Mom that Pia took a trait from me, she also climbs stairs and windows that make them nervous, like I how I was when I was Pia’s age.

Oh gosh, I’m so obvious, I can’t deny I have favoritism here heehehhe…..

My cousin and aunt’s photos I’ll post next. And of course Mommy and I hehheh….

Because all of us love Jolibee’s spaghetti, I cooked that too.

Spaghetti ala Jolibee

After it was cooked, all of us can’t wait to have some.

Spaghetti ala Jolibee2

I marinate the chicken wings in a marinade I invented hehehh…. I was too lazy to search for one… Just instincts… When it smelled great I got a bit calm hehehh….

Then I prepared the salsa for the Bangus‘ tummy, so it acts as the marinade too.

Then I baked my own cake. I decided it will be mocha cake. It’s my favorite….

My mocha cake (which I baked from scratch!)

My home made mocha chiffon cake with no melt butter icing…..

mocha 2

Yum, yum!

So the next day off we go to Tagaytay.

Unsual (but exquisite) Architecture…..
Nov 5th, 2009 by niceyfemme

Ms. Click, Click!

I love taking photos. I snap every interesting thing I see.

Recently this is one of those things that catched my eye.


This is Singapore’s newest mall, Ion Mall in Orchard Road. I like how this is designed. So far from Philippines’ style.


They like those kind of design that is kinda weird, but good kind of weird, that you don’t usually see it anywhere. Remember they have Esplanade that’s designed after Durian fruit?


And they like those big as in big posts like the one in this photo….

Sooo taba!


Btw, this is a very nice mall, lots of high end boutiques there as you can see in these photos.


I like how spacious it is…..


Very nice ehh?


It’s just so humid outside so rather be inside the mall where it’s airconditioned hehehhe….


And it’s so close to the MRT, see the web thingy at the right? That’s it, high excalator going two levels down if I remember it correctly….

I remember there’s a condominium currently under construction…. The design is like shoe boxes put on top of one another…. Hmmmn that one is really interesting. I’m so excited to see that when that’s finished.

I hope we get to see nice architectural designs in the Philippines… soon.

Mga Pusang Gala (Filipino & Singaporean Cats)
Oct 20th, 2009 by niceyfemme

Filipino Cats Versus Singaporean Cats

We Filipinos are used to slim cats… It’s unusual to see fat cats in the streets…

That’s why we noticed everytime we’re out in the streets here how unusually big they are and we’re not used to seeing cats this big… They scare me…. They look like mini lions…. And they’re always in a group… Unlike this one….

Here’s a sample….


Another one….


Katakot o! Mabagsik! hehehhe…………..

This cat scares me so much I had way too much distance away….. Hehehehe….

Here’s our humble, sexy cats….

Sina MingMing malalambing…. Pinoy eh heheheh…..


See the difference with their bodies???

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