Jogging hurts
Feb 12th, 2010 by niceyfemme

Oval in front of this station

(I’ll pass by there later so I’ll take a picture and update later.)

So finally, I jogged yesterday. I was so excited to try running as a fitness regimen. I even wanted to buy the proper gear to fully prepare for it. The works; running shoes, workout clothes etc…. But then I knew I had to try it first if it is really for me so I don’t waste money.

I was supposed to be running but I ended up jogging… I want to be healthier and so I tried running in the oval infront of the MRT station but as expected I’m not fit enough to run! I jogged and walked haha! My legs and feet were shaking, goodness!

Did around 9-10 rounds of that gigantic oval.

I know it’s pretty good for a beginner and someone who doesn’t even walk far distances. I lasted for only 45 minutes? I could have tried to jog longer but my feet were hurting huhuhuh! I have a blister because of it.

No photos because I can’t bring a camera. Who jogs with a camera? Maybe next time I’ll being someone to be my photographer heheh….

Maybe I should try swimming. I enjoy the water better. We’ll see. We’ll go swimming next week for Ate Brenda’s birthday.

Oh and I’m missing Mommy and Bambi.

Being away sucks. BIG TIME.

Taylor, Taylor!
Dec 8th, 2009 by niceyfemme

Love this photo!

They made me smile then laugh a bit… They made my day….

screw bella

Hahah! I love technology…. This looks so real…..

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Preparation for the Celebration…. ;)
Nov 10th, 2009 by niceyfemme

I have this new belief now. I have to celebrate my birthday or any major occasion or else my life would suck.


Yeah I know. Sounds crazy. But I have a couple of incidences wherein this happened.

When I graduated from college, we just went out to eat to celebrate, in my favorite restaurant, in Spices in Peninsula Manila. Of course, like everyone else in my class (or the graduating class of 2006) I also started sending away my resume. Two months passed and I can’t seem to find a job I like. I might get accepted in a hotel but I’m not ok with for example salary, working hours, benefits etc… So nothing fits…

Then for some reason I decided to celebrate my graduation by cooking and baking… ( I’m not sure if I really cooked to celebrate or I was just justifying my cooking for no reason)… So I cooked a few dishes then I got a job I liked.

Then last year, I was in Singapore for my birthday. We just ate out with a friend. Turned out this year is a big blah.


My birthday dinner last year.

So never again.

This time I made some effort in planning and preparing the food. I don’t want us to celebrate in a malls (so usual) and it’s just not what I’m “feeling” this time around. I want it to be a family event. That even my Mom and my cousin, Auntie, and my niece and nephew will enjoy too not just the celebrant. So either go swimming in Subic or Batangas. Such an out of town event for sure is pricey. So I thought of having an outdoor with Tagaytay’s cool breeze.

I went there last July, on a weekday. I like it that it’s not crowded. And I saw some new attractions there. So decided to come back.

I invited my Auntie and my cousin and her two kids… Just a very small event, just family. My Dad is abroad, my Nanay is too far, and on and on. So just us. I guess the more intimate the better.

So the night before my birthday they came over.

I’m not used to having kids around anymore. I realized I missed having kids roaming around, hearing their voices, just their mere presence livens up the house.

Here are my guests.

This is my niece Pia. She’s 14 months old. I guess she’s getting dizzy here hehehe….


And behind her is her older brother Vincent…

She’s so cute! She’s so tiny, and yet eats a lot. Everytime you intend to feed her something, she will open her mouth so wide… So cute! She’s so tiny but she can run already. She’s smart too. She knows how to wear her slippers. So malambing pa.

Her Lola, my Auntie was telling me and my Mom that Pia took a trait from me, she also climbs stairs and windows that make them nervous, like I how I was when I was Pia’s age.

Oh gosh, I’m so obvious, I can’t deny I have favoritism here heehehhe…..

My cousin and aunt’s photos I’ll post next. And of course Mommy and I hehheh….

Because all of us love Jolibee’s spaghetti, I cooked that too.

Spaghetti ala Jolibee

After it was cooked, all of us can’t wait to have some.

Spaghetti ala Jolibee2

I marinate the chicken wings in a marinade I invented hehehh…. I was too lazy to search for one… Just instincts… When it smelled great I got a bit calm hehehh….

Then I prepared the salsa for the Bangus‘ tummy, so it acts as the marinade too.

Then I baked my own cake. I decided it will be mocha cake. It’s my favorite….

My mocha cake (which I baked from scratch!)

My home made mocha chiffon cake with no melt butter icing…..

mocha 2

Yum, yum!

So the next day off we go to Tagaytay.

Heartsong – How Did You Know
Oct 10th, 2009 by niceyfemme

Super miss na kita…. ingat ka… love you…..

paki-kanta na lang to for me…

paki-kain na lang din ako hehehhehe

sige kantahan na inggit ako…..

Day Out with Mommy while Daddy Flew Out
Sep 21st, 2009 by niceyfemme


See i’m now 24 years old.

But I still feel and act like im 12 heheh….

Still a Daddy’s Girl and a Mommy’s Girl…

(If Mommy asks, I’m a Mommy’s girl, get the idea?)

Today we watched a movie, a Vilma Santos movie.

We ate out. Forgot to take photos. 🙁

She had the healthy meal plate in Kenny Roger’s again…

She liked the salad so much that we decided to prepare that at home.

Did grocery shopping after. It was fun.

Then  here’s the homemade salad…


Doesn’t look as appetizing but its really good! Really healthy too!

NO guilt hehehe…

Ok got nothing more to say but I like this day! Makes me appreciate Mommy and Daddy even more. Love you Mommy! Love You Daddy! I’m not shy to say it. Im actually proud to say this OUTLOUD!

Oh and Daddy flew out today. His Emirates flight left at 1800H. Til December Daddy! I’ll miss you….. There’s always YM and Skype anyway… Be safe! I love you!

Kenny Roger’s Roasters is baaackkkk!
Sep 11th, 2009 by niceyfemme

They never left. I know.

But the quality of food did die for some time.

See Kenny’s (my term of endearment for them hhehe) was my favorite way back in 2003. I love their muffin, their spicy roasted chicken and java rice. My bestfriend and I always ate there when we were still in college.

Then the food I loved changed. Quality that is.

Muffin didnt taste as good, java rice seems like they just used some kind of food color in it and too few pimiento bits. So not my favorite anymore.

Then a few months ago, fire happened in Kenny Roger’s in SM Bacoor.

They undergo major renovation.

Took them months to finish.

What a nice surprise when they opened!

So spacious! so nice! I was tempted to try them again.

So me and my mom did last night…


Mommy had the Healthy Plate Meal…    


yummy no?!

and here I am, looking all pagod… well you can’t blame me after the day I had… (no idea si mommy dun hehehhe)

this is what i had…. (*note the red polo shirt dress, bought that from a ka-sulit!) 


After a long, exhausting, disappointing tiring day I had (see previous post) I had to have crispy fried chicken hehehhe……

What can we say? We enjoyed the meal last night… It was a nice surprise!

Welcome back Kenny!

kenny simot

There will be a next time. 😉

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