In a relationship, you have the power to choose to either….
Nov 12th, 2009 by niceyfemme

Be with someone who’s proud to have you OR

Someone who keeps on telling people you guys are just friends?

I know… B*Ll$H!t right?

There’s this person I know. He’s a local celebrity. Not THAT popular but he is known by Filipinos. There was a time when he was really popular.

Now, he’s there but most of the time you don’t even notice him.

This guy, I’ve known him since year 2003 and I thought I knew him quite well. I’m a fan of very few artists and I can say I’m a fan of his. He is really talented.

yeah you “eated” it.

There are many talented artists around but what makes some stand out is their attitude. I know he is nice. It’s just that I didn’t know a side of his personality until recently.

He was in a ten year relationship with his now ex-girlfriend. Ten years! A very long time. Alright, given that it didn’t work out, can you please wait a few months before getting in a new relationship? Or whatever you may call it?

This guy, after a very short period of time, started showing people around that he is dating a new girl. He actually only admitted the break up with the ex so people won’t see it wrong when he’s seen with this new girl.

He said their “just friends who are enjoying each other’s company”.

If I’m the ex-girlfriend who spent ten freaking long years with you and you cannot wait for a few months to be with someone else, then what kind of guy did I spend my ten years with?

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Now after a few months, he was interviewed again, the show announced that he admitted to be in a relationship with this new girl. I thought, well, what’s new to announce? Everybody knows about it already. It will just be a formalization kind of admission.

Then in the interview, he again, ran around in bushes. Said, we’re friends, we enjoy each other’s company B-$sh!t again. Then he was asked, “So is she your girlfriend?” He replied, “Uhhh, well I have a lot of girl friends, I guess you could call it that.” C’mon!!!!!!!!


When you were new in local show business, they asked you if you were committed, you said, “No, I’m free. My girlfriend and I broke up already.” Turned out to be a big lie as that relationship continue for six years more.

Bottom line.

Don’t lie.

You’re no hearthrob. People appreciate you because of your talent,not because of your personal life.

As for the ex-girlfriend, I feel you girl. Ten years and he cannot even wait a few weeks to replace you. I’d hate to be you right now.

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My boyfriend, every time he introduces me to anyone, he always say oh so proudly that I’m his girlfriend. Says it with a proud smile. Recently, he even jokingly said I am already his wife, then said future wife. When he was chatting to his sister, he told her that I will be her sister in law.

Any woman would want to be in a secured relationship. You know a man is serious with the relationship, first sign is his admission of what you guys have. If he is denying it, be ready for a heartbreak.

I still appreciate his talent. But it’s a different level now. I’m so disappointed with a part of his personality. Maybe he’s just a guy being a guy. It’s just that I thought he was different.

I am a woman too. I’m hurt because of what you did to your ex. I despise what you did to her.

I can’t and won’t accept it if the guy I’m with will keep whatever we have in darkness.

“In love, what matters is not your success, but your significance.”

I’d ONLY choose to be with THE GUY who is proud to call me HIS.

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