My Easy, Kind of Tom Yum Goong with Noodles
Aug 9th, 2011 by niceyfemme


Hunger and desperation make one very creative. Also I am in the mood for something sour (continuation of my sinigang craze) and a bit spicy. Plus I had some rice noodles I pre-soaked the day before for a pad thai I was planning to make but I stalled that I need to use. For some reason I like rice noodles. I like it in soup and I like it in char kway teow.

So I did some reading online and then I started to cook. I picked up a real nice trick in cooking prawns and that is to pre-fry it to get all the flavors out of the head. Then add some water and let it boil. Add in the noodles and some chili paste and sinigang mix. use whatever’s available right?  This turned out really well, more than I hoped for. I know it’s far from the real Tom Yum Goong but this reminds me of that. I am so proud of this experiment, I’d cook this for my Bee who happens to have a new gadget and the otterbox iphone 4 is perfect for it, let’s see. ♥♥♥


Busy as a bee
Apr 23rd, 2011 by niceyfemme

Time’s passing by so fast like wind. I can’t barely grasp it. I really have to make much much effort to take pictures everyday so I would be able to remember the days that has passed by and if I’m diligent enough to update this blog as regularly as possible, the better.

I’ve only not able to take pictures the past two months I guess? The last two times I remember to have taken lots of pictures was in Camotes Island in Cebu with Mommy and Universal Studios with Bee. Even those I haven’t posted here. Bad bad me. I still have all the photos piling in my memory card, haven’t even transfered them to my external drive. I’m really considering online data backup, promising to be very useful.

And now, I have a couple of kitchen experiments recently. Taho or tau huay or soya beancurd, siopao or steamed buns and soya ice cream like Mr. Bean’s. Some are successful, some unfortunately needs improvement and another one’s a complete disaster. Where should I begin?

My Takoyaki Experiment
Feb 21st, 2011 by niceyfemme

Ever since I bought my beloved takoyaki grill pan, I’ve been dying to make my own takoyaki. But. I don’t have a reliable recipe. I’ve been researching but I only manage to find one recipe that seems authentic enough and the rest I keep on searching for diets that work fast for women. I want to be able to eat lots and lots of takoyaki and stay slim).  If I want an authentic takoyaki, then I must have all the japanese ingredients that aren’t readily available in the supermarkets here. I resigned myself to to replicate the local takoyaki versions here, like Samurai’s and Takuyaki.

(Served with A1 Steak sauce as substitute for Takoyaki sauce and mayonnaise.)

I made a few number of attempts before, but the balls are too dense, it was tiring for my jaw to chew. So if I am craving for Takoyaki, I had no choice but to buy, even though I wasn’t happy with that fact that I have to buy even when I can make some since I have a takoyaki grill pan.

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Tomato with egg tofu omelette
Aug 29th, 2010 by niceyfemme

I love ripe and red tomatoes. I love tofu too. And I have mentioned that I love eggs like crazy. So I combine all these three favorite ingredients and I come up with this.

Saute ripe tomatoes. Add in egg. Once the egg has set, add in the sliced egg tofu. Yummy and healthy. Satisfying. One can cook this for me and it will be like hearing door chimes. So happy. Tsk tsk. I’m so shallow.

Max’s Style Fried Chicken
Jul 30th, 2010 by niceyfemme

One of my frustrations is cooking fried chicken. There are a gazillion ways of frying chicken and I want to prepare one that my Mom will like. I have tried many times before and even I was not satisfied. Breaded, we didn’t like. With batter. Not that good. There were times when I get surprised the chicken turned out undercooked. Not good. Undercooked and yet dried out. How did I do that? Then I saw one interesting version online from panlasangpinoy and I had to try it. It is steamed first then deep fry method. And since hmmmn last week of June I have cooked this around 3-4 times already heheh.

The third try. I got it right. Perfect saltiness and texture. Exactly like how Max’s prepare theirs.

I have started cutting this yummy chicken (leg part) when I remembered to take photos haha. That’s why the leg is far from the body hehehe.

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Soya Ice Cream with Jackfruit
Jun 3rd, 2010 by niceyfemme

I have the tendency to love “healthy” versions of the regular sinful stuff like ice cream. You guys remember B.T.I.C? As in Better Than Ice Cream? I believe it is frozen yogurt and it tastes so good I loved that when I was still in Peninsula Manila. I needed my fix everyday and I frequent the outlet in Glorietta 4 beside Rustan’s. I wonder if B.T.I.C is still in the market?

Singapore is a hot and humid country, much like the weather we recently experienced here. Summer 2010 is wow! It’s like the natural version of thermogenic fat burners. So hot I feel like I’m lighter heheh.. So one time, when Greta (my housemate) and I went to Sheng Shiong and we passed by Mr. Bean in MRT station, I just had to finally try it. I’ve always wondered if it taste yucky or not. I was so happy with it that it became an addiction. It’s not cheap to have 3 servings a day at SGD 1.80 each.

Since we don’t have Mr. Bean here in Philippines, I tried replicating that soya ice cream I dearly love. I looked for a recipe online and found some. So here is how I did it.

Plus 1 block of Silken Tofu. I have to say this isn’t as soft and smooth as the one I always buy in SG.

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