Ensaladang Talong
Jan 5th, 2012 by niceyfemme

I am a person passionate over food, even more for simple foods like eggs and eggplant. I love eggplant! Whether it’s fried or grilled, I’d take it anytime over fried chicken and pizza.

So it’s no wonder I also like other variations of it.

Ensaladang talong is one of those dishes that excites me.

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How to Properly Boil Eggs
Oct 20th, 2011 by niceyfemme

First thing, if you want your eggs easier to peel, then use ‘old eggs’.

1. Put your eggs in a single layer in a pot, cover it with an  inch of tap water. Add a few drops of vinegar it to help keep it together if ever the shells cracks.

2. Then using medium heat, bring the water to boil. Once it boils, lower down the flame to a simmer for a minute. Then turn the heat off.

3. Let it sit for 11 minutes with the cover on. Don’t open it.

4. It’s done. Some people wash their eggs in tap water to stop cooking but mine never gets over- cooked even if I don’t do that. Or I’m just being lazy.

Or here’s an even easier method I do. In the Philippines where every family cooks rice at least twice a day, this is easier. First, I wash the eggs well, this is very important! In the rice cooker using the steam basket(?), cook it together with rice. The steam will cook it perfectly. Just don’t open the cover or you will lose the steam that will cook the egg. There! Easier.

I just love the gift of learning. So I don’t mind sharing what I know. If I can, I want to learn how to speak Mandarin, play the drums and piano and even study a second degree. So if you have any questions for me, feel free to ask.

Eggs is one of the best christmas gifts for 2011. I just love it. And for me, it’s the thought that counts more. Just as long as you remember me, I’m happy.


How To Make Homemade Yogurt
Aug 23rd, 2011 by niceyfemme

This experiment started in Youtube. I was watching how factories make loaf breads and frozen pizzas then I came across yogurt making.

I love yogurt. I really love yogurt. Started when I was all about healthy stuff, choosing healthier alternatives to the usual bad stuff like ice cream and it grew on me really well. Now I prefer some tartness than the all out sweetness of ice cream.

In Youtube I saw that they  use the oven to incubate (you need to incubate the good live bacterias to make yogurt) and I don’t like that because Philippines has power rates higher than Singapore grrr! So I thought why not make it using the slow cooker? I researched about it and yes many people have done it using the slow cooker. So I read some more and I planned about buying some milk and some plain yogurt to start my experiment. I want to go all out with yogurt. I can’t do that with Nestle’s Melon flavored yogurt with Nata de Coco which is my favorite. So expensive! It costs half a liter of milk for a very small container.

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How to Roast Chicken using Charcoal in a Big Pot ala Weber Grill
Jul 15th, 2011 by niceyfemme

For some reason I wanted roasted chicken that I prepared and cooked. But electricity cost in this country I’m in at the moment would make you think twice about using the oven for hours. And I’m cowboy this way. I have always wanted to try these kinds of things myself.

(Juicy and oh-so delicious chicken!)

I have observed how the local roasting shops’ machines operate, I think it’s very simple in fact. There’s just charcoal and the thing that rotates the chickens around so it all cooks evenly. Ohh I like lechon manok (roasted chicken) of Beski’s (?) but they have closed. (This scares me, a good business with yummy products and a very loyal market has closed..) So I decided to roast my own chicken and do it camping style.

No flash. I wanted to show the live coals which is not evident with the pictures with flash.

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Finally… A bit techie
Dec 7th, 2010 by niceyfemme

Compared to how I was before, I have learned to do some things now than before. I am such an idiot when it comes to gadgets and stuff that I can only do simple plugging in of cords and cables and more than that I will have to have time to figure it out.

There was a time when I didn’t even know how to browse the net being the technophobe that I am, I believe that was 11 years ago and I was so embarrassed to asked how. But now, I can consider myself a better than 3 years ago.

I have a few gadgets; a Sony PSP, a Canon digital camera and a Samsung YP P2. Until the first half of this year, I only used my P2 for the music and my psp for the games. I recently learned how to watch videos in my psp haha to embarrassing to say that just watching videos in psp was so complicated for me with all the conversion you have to do. I can watch videos in my P2 as well.

And now I even have a blog. Even having a blog was something overwhelming then reason why having one was delayed for 5-6 years.

I’m sorry if this is boring to all those computer geeks out there but I’m just so proud with the improvements. Coming from the absolutely no idea person that I was, now I know a few things. Yey!

Now I just have to figure out how to install new psp games in my psp. This will give me some grey hairs for sure haha.

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