Kwek Kwek ko!
Jul 15th, 2012 by niceyfemme

Since I am currently pregnant, I can’t let myself indulge in my street foods favorites.  I so miss chicken balls, isaw (grilled chicken intestines), dugo (grilled solidified pig blood) and kwek kwek which is hard boiled quail eggs wrapped in orange colored thick batter that is deep fried until crisp. I love this with vinegar and cubed cucumber!

So I have to make them at home where I am sure it’s clean and not dangerous for my baby. It just gets a little too hot deep frying this so better to make this outdoors especially if you have an outdoor ceiling fan. I just found a recipe online (and I already lost it tsk tsk) and gave it a go. Here I used my japanese cast iron hot pot nabe pan. I also bought this in my previously happy place. That’s also where I bought the useful little things I love..

Isn’t it gorgeous?! But something’s lacking though… don’t get me wrong, it taste great. BUT there’s something missing which I can’t figure out… Maybe it’s the ambiance? The lack of dust? Haha I don’t know. But I am contented with this. Cured my bad craving. YUMMMM.

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