Juicy Seafood Please
Feb 17th, 2016 by niceyfemme

The main reason why I love travelling is FOOD. This I know for sure. In the Philippines with all our islands I’ve been hunting that delicious fish and other seafoods but so far I have not had any luck yet. It’s not that they’re not fresh; but because it’s always overcooked! Which for me is the worst you can do to seafood. They get so dry and rubbery you’ll give your jaw crazy exercise. Oh like the fish we ate in Coron in one of the tours there last year, so fresh but overcooked. 🙁

So yum and so cheap!

So yum and so cheap!

So last weekend I bought some fresh fish and was looking for fresh big enough squid with the intention to stuff it with salsa but nada. Only very small squids are available I still bought them that can do.

I haven’t been feeling this excited with cooking since time I can’t remember well since I became a mom! So excitedly £ cleaned the fish and seasoned them with just sea salt. Then I basted them with my special basting oil (hehe) and was careful not to overcook it.

Wow this has been one of the best meals I have had in a long time! They fish tasted fresh and juicy there’s really something about perfectly cooked fish! The squid was cooked great too and was awesome. I just realised this is why I lost interest in grilled seafood because I never get them cooked properly. Now I’m waiting for weekend to come (it can’t come any sooner!) for another grilling session. Yum can’t wait.

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