Mr Pustiso in Pinoy Henyo
Jul 22nd, 2011 by niceyfemme

Oh my G! This made me laugh so hard I am already teary eyed. I love this kind of ‘jokes’, natural, real, unintentional and therefore absolutely funny. I just love the guy’s reaction when his false teeth fell, like he’s so embarrassed and doesn’t know what to do.. Vic Sotto who also cannot help but laugh made it even funnier. Oh the poor guy’s partner laughed as well and it’s like their just all friends hanging out and something embarrassing happened too bad for him it happened when the whole country is watching!

I love shows like this where it’s so light and you end up feeling good.Β Just feel good shows. I hope there will be more like this. It made my heavy heart a ton lighter with the laughter….

This cracks me up everytime
Aug 5th, 2010 by niceyfemme

This is a really funny cat, really. One time I’m doing some writing and I saw Kaka looking like this and I just had to take photos, fast!

And here playing…..

Having pets really make our lives much more fun!

I β™₯ Kanto Boys
Aug 4th, 2010 by niceyfemme

When you are feeling down and low, how do you handle it? Well I look for things to get my mind off things, and watch funny videos. And today I felt the need to laugh. And I remembered Kanto Boys. They are a group of Filipino actors who has their respective careers in showbiz who group together to perform funny dance numbers in ABS-CBN’s Sunday noon time variety show ASAP XV, now on their 15th year hence, the XV in it.

Kanto Boys is composed of John Lloyd Cruz (cousin haha!), Vhong Navarro, Luis Manzano and Billy Crawford. Billy and Vhong are dancers meaning they can really dance while John Lloyd and Luis are primarily actors so it they’re not really good dancers that’s why it looks hilarious whenever they try to keep up with the dancers in the group.

I love how “game” the guys are. Not afraid to look funny or even gay because of some dance steps. That for me shows that the man (or in this case, men) is secured with himself and his masculinity.

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Pacquiao Funny Photo of the Day
Jul 27th, 2010 by niceyfemme

Here is the newly elected Congressman Manny Pacquiao. Boy Filipinos just love making jokes about him. But we sure are fond of him. I like him as he seems so humble and genuinely nice.

Found this in Facebook. Great editing by the way. πŸ™‚

Haha. Cutie. Funny.

Funny Photos
Mar 10th, 2010 by niceyfemme

Here’s more from Facebook….

Pogi pala ni Marian Rivera…..
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Feb 16th, 2010 by niceyfemme

I’m not one to get hooked on social networking sites. Like in Friendster before. But then I create an account to keep in touch with friends.

Then from time to time I’d stumble upon funny photos that simply put a smile on my face and lighten up my day and I can’t help but collect them.

Even some funny shout outs or status. Of course I can’t print them here but it just shows that Facebook has really become a part of our daily lives. It makes the world even smaller for people to get closer together.

I didn’t recognize them….
Nov 14th, 2009 by niceyfemme

Just something light…..

Prosthetics and the likes in US are very nice! When I first saw these photos I was like, “Wow, who’s this?” Then I had to read the name of who that is for me to recognize them….

Another comparison to how they do it here in local entertainment…

ryan reynolds

Ryan Reynolds, husband of Scarlett Johansson

This is from a movie he did a few years ago… I had a tiny crush on him when I saw his movie with Sandra Bullock in The Proposal. Hahahah! He’s still cute and charming while being so plump.


Nicole Kidman. Didn’t see the movie that’s why. Even if I stare at her in this photo, I still can’t recognize her. Thank you fake nose.

mike myers

Mike Myers.

So tabachingching! But I definitely wouldn’t want him close hehehe….


Mariah Carey.

I did recognize her, after staring at the photo for a while. This just looks so far from the usual glamorous Mimi the whole world is used to seeing…. Kudos to her for being brave enough for letting the whole world see her in the opposite of her usual self.

By the way, I think I have a soft spot for celebrities in fat suit. Here’s Monica of Friends, the best comedy show EVER.

Monica (1)


Of course with the love of her life, Chandler. Oh I love him too. πŸ˜‰


So adorable Gwyneth Paltrow… In Shallow Hal. Fun movie.



So adorable! πŸ™‚

Manny Pacquiao – so funny in Jimmy Kimmel Live!
Nov 5th, 2009 by niceyfemme

He’s so freaking funny! I love how humble and child like he is at times…

When Jimmy said “You’ve got a superhero character, Wapakman!” Manny answered, “Oh, that’s my moby! (movie).” His accent is so cute!

I love it when he can’t answer when Jimmy ask him if he is like the most popular guy in the Philippines… So humble Manny! Yes, you are the most popular Pinoy right now. πŸ™‚

There’s only one Manny Pacquaio! So cute! I love the sincere, so genuine laugh….

“Samtayms wen we tats….”

“And I have to close my eyes, and hide…..” hehhehehh….

Go knock Miguel Cotto out on the first round!

Wally… Oh so funny!
Oct 15th, 2009 by niceyfemme

(They’re not transvestites… This is done for fun!)

I like Wally, he’s funny like my favorite Bitoy….

I love the accent! hahahahah! And Paolo’s so pretty! He’s just gorgeous if she’s a girl…..

Can’t stop giggling…..

JayR – Making Faces video- Funny!
Oct 1st, 2009 by niceyfemme

Here’s the Prince of R&B JayR doing a some kind of bit… Here’s his message…

Just something to make everyone smile during these hard times in the Philippines. If you don’t know, google the Ondoy Typhoon. Please try to make a donation. Even just one dollar will make a big difference. The are many organizations that you can google that participate in helping the flooded here in the Philippines like the GMA Kapuso Foundation, World Vision and Red Cross. Thank you.


He’s really funny and well, nice obviously…. Everyone he met knows that for sure…

Well the voice huh! The best talaga…

Guess it’s obvious na talagang he is my favorite singer EVER!

you know you’re my superstar! i love you…. you…..

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