Some Pinoy men are so……
Apr 23rd, 2010 by niceyfemme

Malibog. Or immature. I can’t really find the perfect words as I’m really mad now! I’m not saying all Pinoy men are guilty by the way.
Why am I so irritated? I feel harassed by them. Here’s why.

It’s summertime here in the Philippines, and it’s understandable that it’s sooo hot! We went to SM to do our grocery shopping and I wore a black sleeveless tank top and jeans. As I was waiting for Bee to get the car (we were parked so far from the exit of the supermarket and we bought a lot of stuff, I decided to just wait for him there) a group of people passed by me. Then two of them upon crossing infront of me suddenly said, “Ang sarap!” and “Wow!” Then they all looked at me. You know when they are talking to you right? You feel it. I felt offended to I said, “You guys are so stupid!”

Also, some old men upon passing in front of me will really stare in my chest area, only because I’m wearing a sleeveless tank top. They won’t even try to hide that they are looking at me like that how freaking rude is that.
I don’t deserve this. Why are Filipino men like this? Testosterone overload? I don’t dress provocatively. This is actually the reason why I’m so careful wearing anything other than T-shirt and jeans whenever I’m in here.They really look and even stare. In Singapore men are not like that even when girls show way too much skin.

Why is this the case? I mean really? I never dress sexy because I don’t like it when people look at me, more so be the center of unwanted sexual attention.

To those men, please know when a woman is the type you can just do “that” thing you do I so hate. I’m not that type. If a woman show skin, you can look because it means she’s either asking for it or she’s enjoying the attention. If the woman looks decent and IS DECENT, then control your freaking selves! Is this something you do to compensate for insecurity? ┬áDo you need anything like Vigrx to know and feel like the you are a real man? If you think you need that then go ahead but KEEP ME OUT OF YOUR GESTURES. CONTROL YOUR FREAKING SELVES!

Smart Bro Connection: Sucks!
Jan 23rd, 2010 by niceyfemme

It used to be good. I mean I don’t have very high expectations from it, only to let me be able to browse and upload.

Then for about a week now, it started to suck. It says I’m connected but I can’t browse. I’m able to browse only for 5-10 seconds then it will stop.

I tried calling *1888 their hotline, and I have to press a lot of numbers and wait a few minutes before I was able to talk to a HUMAN. Then finally when I was already talking to a human, this human seemed to have no intention of listening to me. Then after repeating and repeating my problem, he finally get it then BAM! Connection Disconnected!

I had to call again, go through the grueling process and get this, I have to repeat explaining what my problem is. And the worst part? I have do this FIVE times! Because the connection kept on getting disconnected I had to call them five times! Explain and explain non-stop. This took more than an hour to do. I mean just to report and ask them to fix it but I GOT NOTHING. Just plain frustration.

It’s not the first time I experienced this with them. First time was when I tried their USB modem I bout at Php 4500.00 I think. It was new then. But it was the WORST EVER. It took forever to load Yahoo or Google’s homepage. I was literally falling asleep. I hate it. In the end I threw it out. Not worth having a heart attack for.

I hate customer service. Yes, it’s hell.

We went to Smart Business center in SM Bacoor and it was no different. It was a dead hour and we waited an hour and a half to get to talk to someone. Then she told us she made a report about my prob and I STILL have to call their freaking hotline. WOW!

It’s the same with other companies. Like Sky Cable. Tried calling their numbers here and it just kept on ringing and no one answered. I tried calling for two days. Alright, lost business right there.

I hate that we consumers have to go through this. We are paying customers and we deserve what we are paying for and we don’t have to kind of like beg for them to fix it. It should be working in the first place. It’s been a week now and I’m still annoyed and I have no energy to follow it up.

Yes, customer service hell!

Sky Cable Select, a go?
Nov 4th, 2009 by niceyfemme

I’m thinking of subscribing to Sky Cable’s Select Plan… If you’re budget conscious as I am, then this is the best plan….

I checked their channel line up and I’m interested with their Starter Plan…


I’m after Asian Food Channel, so nice that it’s included in the package…. But Discovery Travel and Living is not included…. This can be added at additional charge….

I like Discovery Travel & Living so additional Php 20. So total of Php 300.00? Wow!

I wonder what’s the catch?

I’m just a little skeptical about having something installed again as I had disasters with them before. Also customer service hell. I don’t want to be kept on hold and be told “Your call is very important to us, we will attend to you shortly.” Twenty minutes later I was still on hold. Opps this example happened in Singapore hehehhe.. from Starhub… the latest customer service hell I’ve gone through… Though I experienced much worst from SmartBro when I still had their USB modem…. I so hate that one.

Also, I hope installation fee ain’t expensive and it won’t take them 48 years to install it. Hmmmn lets see. ­čÖé

*I have the smiley face here. Hopefully, I could keep the smile the whole process. ­čśë

Blah, Blah…..
Nov 3rd, 2009 by niceyfemme

Why the choice of title?

Coz i’m definitely at a loss of words hehehe….

I need my internet baby!

Since the Starhub problem started, I had been restless.

I needed it to be fixed ASAP! So I went to Starhub in Vivo City to have it checked and so I went.

But after I alighted from the bus, I decided to check out a food court infront of Vivo City. Bee and I wanted to try it out before but it was too late most stalls are closed.

Everytime I’m confused which to order I always end up with trusted dishes, like Chicken Rice. I discovered that there are sooo many types of this dish, too many I can’t remember any of them I got overwhelmed haha! Oh no there’s one I remember Black Pepper Chicken Rice. Next time, that I will have.

I chose this, seems safe to me…. (As in safe for my tastebuds… )


It’s good. Very good with the first spoonfuls but after a while I was waiting for the contented feeling but none. So not included in my favorites list. Have that wok taste to it anyway.



Then headed to Starhub. Btw, this is the first time I wore my new black high heeled shoes. Did hurt real bad! I had to wear slippers huhuhh!
Then I waited for my number to be called, took 30 grueling minutes… Nothing worse than waiting when you are in a hurry… They didn’t seem to know what’s wrong. (I ended up going back there three times within a week.)

Oh and I know there are three Filipinos working there in Customer Care but supladita yung dalawa. Yung isang bakla at yung babae. I’m sure they know I’m Filipino when they heard me talk and I’m sure they were listening to me. Hmmp! The other one was nice enough or tsismosa enough to ask me what’s wrong. After he asked me what’s wrong he didn’t bother to offer to help…Well….. Masanay na talaga dapat…. Baka dahil magaling na yung bakla mag-singlish kaya feeling niya sosyal na siya nyahaha! Sige in denial ka…..

So I carried the laptop then head home. It’s already past 1900H. 1915H exactly when I noticed something.

It’s still not dark. I have noticed this before but didn’t check the clock. We Filipinos know it’s late when it’s dark already. Oooh! That’s why I’m always home late when I’m in Singapore, because I think it’s still early as it’s still bright outdoors.


Around 1915H here……

In PI around 1800H it’s dark already….

One more thing I noticed is eventhough it’s still very bright at 1915H, the cars’ lights and headlights are on already. Sa atin, kapag medyo madilim dilim na talaga. Mentioned this to Bee and he said it’s because it’s a law in Singapore that cars need to turn on their lights by 1900H and before 0700H in the morning.

So nice you know. They’re so strict with safety. I wish it’s like that in Philippines. They’re so strict as if they need their headlights. It’s so bright in Sg at night from all the lights adorning the streets. I’m not scared at all walking in the streets even alone.


Bee and I cruising around the neighborhood hehehe……..

Like I said, in our beloved country, most of the time when we’re driving at night, we’re only depending on our headlights to be able to see…. ­čÖü

Since I was so tired from roaming around, carrying around Bee’s laptop, and the heat in Singapore (I get tired and exhausted way easier when it’s hot and humid, unlike when i’m in airconditioned place) I didn’t have the will to cook…. So Bee and I just ate out….

This is what we had…. This is his food only… I had no appetite that night… (huh?!) kaya nakisubo na lang ako….


But I’m actually the one who ordered carrot cake hehehe…..

The meal won’t be enough without green chili…. I only learned how to eat chili itself in Sg… Actually I only learned how to eat real spicy food here….


I have this liking to this green chili… I even make sure I have this in my luggage everytime I’m going home in PI….


My Babee looked so tired… Ikain mo na lang yan no???


Then off to a good night’s sleep.

Buchog na eh… hehehe…

Hayyyy…….. Photobucket

Local Traffic Enforcement Units why can’t you guys answer my call?
Nov 2nd, 2009 by niceyfemme

It’s 2 November. Only now that we will go to the cemetery.

I checked in the internet about traffic advisories etc…

I just need to ask a very simple question. Very simple but I think they forgot to include in their traffic advisories in the internet and news channels.

I just need to confirm something as it’s very confusing. I don’t want to be caught in traffic hell.

I tried calling Quezon City Traffic Enforcement Unit, NOBODY’S picking up! I called Quezon City Police District to verify something but the woman who answered seems annoyed. Wow, talking about public service here.

I tried searching for Manila Traffic Enforce Unit, I can’t find their numbers.

I was losing patience. I stumbled upon Tried calling them. Finally somebody answered and willing to help.

Thank you Big help! You gave me wrong info it turned out!

Please don’t give people wrong info just so I’d shut up… So not nice.

Why can’t we find some help from public enforcement? How come only a private organization who’s doing public service was able to help me???


Edit: Living in the Philippines, like what some of my friends say, needs a lot of patience. I still have faith, someday, someday.

I’m Baaack!!!!
Oct 29th, 2009 by niceyfemme


Yeah, finally. BUT. Not because of Starhub. Hmmmn…

Will update tomorrow, I’m sooo tired today…


Turbulence took a lot from me.

Shaken my knees. Literally. Hahahha!

Will post a video about that…. pretty weird!

Good night!


Starhub problem…..
Oct 26th, 2009 by niceyfemme

It’s been four days now………

Yes, four days since my internet connection went beserk and It’s not fixed until now…

I’m so crazy now that I connected to an unsecured wireless connection….

I’ve went back and forth many times to Starhub and they still haven’t fixed it.

I’m so upset.

Hope this gets fixed ASAP.

6 days late….
Sep 29th, 2009 by niceyfemme

Unbelievable! Guess what???

I just received text messages that was sent on 23 September! So today is 29 September making it 6 days late! Also other messages sent 5,4,3,2 days ago…


Oh my dad got a little worried when he keeps on texting me and I don’t answer back… He did contact me through YM and Skype and asked me why I wasn’t replying….

I said, “I always, always answer back when it’s you or Mommy who text me. Still no messages ’til now.” ┬áThis conversation is 5 days old.

I already forgot about it and just remember it now, when I read the messages. I’m like, “Why is he (my dad) still talking bout this topic?” Then other messages followed. Their system received it but “decided” to send to my celfone just now tsk tsk! It’s like they’re sending in bulk heheehhe… Sun Cellular is it cheaper that way? Is this kind of a wholesale kind of thing?


Hahaha don’t worry I still appreciate you very much Sun… You’re very much worth it. I love your Php150 text unlimited with 4 hours of calls… I save a lot with this coz my mom always ask me bout things that require short answers and she will ask me things in SMS sent separately… I mean why not just send it once I mean use all the character allowance of 60? Is that correct?

Hahahahah yeah I know so petty….

I just want to make a new post heheh….

Spanish Prime Minister’s Goth Daughters
Sep 29th, 2009 by niceyfemme


Here’s the 16 year old Laura and 13 year old Alba daughters of Spanish Prime Minister Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero..

It’s not like there’s anything wrong with being goth….

It just happened they’re the first daughters of Spain…. and it’s not expected of them…

What’s expected of them to be like? Or Looking like?

Old-fashioned haircut/hairstyle. Barely there fresh make-up. Conservative Maryjanes. With stockings if possible heheh… BE princess like.

Teenagers go through different phases… They just fell in the goth category…

I fell into the chubby-lita(chubby) category heheheh….


There’s a law that prohibits the press to release their photos in public to protect their privacy.

Unfortunately when their father brought them along to a reception in New York’s MET hosted by President Barack Obama with his wife, they took a photo, all of them there. Then it was posted in the State Department’s Flickr page. They took it out after the Spanish government requested so.

Oh girls we feel you.

Eyeliner Blues……….
Sep 24th, 2009 by niceyfemme

I’ve been looking for this for almost 2 years now…


See i’m not the type of girl who wears tons of make-up. I only wear a thin layer of make-up at work. Outside work I’m happy with just a hint of lipstick, face powder and EYELINER. ┬áUnfortunately I ran out of this 2 years ago and have been frustrated ever since.

Its from Maybelline and it’s the ONLY black eyeliner I like. It’s not available here in the Philippines anymore and even in Singapore I have tried searching for it but to no avail. I’m so frustrated because I have tried many other expensive brands like the latest I bought Yves Saint Laurent but I’m still not happy! Also tried Lancome but not good enough. It just delivers what I need in an eyeliner… I hate wasting money you know… Especially this product is soo cheap compared to the ones that keep on disappointing me.

Just now I searched the internet and found it. Available in US but they dont ship in Asia. There used to be one available in Ebay but would only accept payment by Paypal and I have problem with my Paypal account…

Most girls, I know understand where I’m coming from… It’s not even expensive its just US$7.50! I dont know what to do…. Maybe I should bug someone who lives in US who will be coming back here to buy me.. two! yes two pcs because it’s better to be sure that I have it in stock…. Pero nahihiya ako… Or I could ask someone in US to send it to me? I dont know anymore…..

What to do?  Maybe this.

To whoever you are:

Please send me two Maybelline Ultra Liner in Black (photo above). I will be forever grateful to you if ever. I’ll pay you back. Can you please let me bother you a tiny bit in asking for this? Please? Please?

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