How you doin’?
Aug 5th, 2010 by niceyfemme

I hear this and I remember Joey. Tribbiani. Yes of Friends which is like the best show ever. I still watch them when I need a good laugh and I promise this show never gets old. The casts are like real dear friends to me.

That’s why it broke my heart when I saw this photo of Matt Le Blanc a.k.a. Joey.

Matt Le Blanc a.k.a. Joey Tribbiani of F.R.I.E.N.D.S.

He aged so much compared to say Matthew Perry and David Schwimmer. More so he can’t be paired with Jennifer Aniston now since Jennifer looks like she didn’t grow old at all, not a day. She’s even more gorgeous now same with Courtney Cox.

What happened with Matt after Friends?

On May 3, 2003, LeBlanc married his girlfriend of six years, Melissa McKnight. Their daughter, Marina, was born in 2004. The couple separated on January 1, 2006, and in March of that year, LeBlanc filed for divorce, citing irreconcilable differences. Their divorce became final on October 6, 2006. -Wikipedia

He also did Joey, a spin off series of Friends. I watched it too. Hmmmn, funny but it’s not as funny without the other five. So it ended after 2 seasons.

Then after that nothing has been heard from him. Didn’t make any big successful projects. Then this drunk and old looking guy with grey hair appeared. Most people are shocked like me. I feel like he is family and I am affected. 🙁

Birthday mo ngayon…..
Feb 7th, 2010 by niceyfemme

Happy Birthday Jobet!

It’s the 7th of February and it’s Jobette’s birthday! Hmmn what else can I say but I wish you the following:

  • Happiness
  • More freedom
  • Good health
  • Wisdom!
  • More food for you
  • More time with Lj
  • Maturity (I wish this for both of us)

Yeah so Happy Birthday again Du!

Love Don’t Cost A Thing………
Nov 25th, 2009 by niceyfemme

Here’s Jennifer Lopez formerly known as J.Lo now Mrs. Marc Anthony…..

This video just brings back so many good memories of my high school years…. It was during those times when Jennifer Lopez was at her peak, she was I guess the biggest female singer then… (Sorry Mariah.)

I don’t really find Jennifer that beautiful, though I love the way she dances. She’s my favorite dancer, the way she dances, real cool.

Until I watched this video again today, I found a new appreciation for her voice and face and body! Ohh la la! She’s gorgeous in this video…. Wow! Got to love those curves….. Even the way she moves in the video, so sexy. Love this song too, love the message.

Like I said this video brings back so many great memories of high school. I guess it’s true about what they say about high school life, that it’s the best. When you are in college. you’re just so busy and so stressed it’s so hard to find time for good times.

When I was in junior year, my friends and I will go to Ruth’s house AFTER class, we don’t cut class. 😉 We would hang out there, eat (I cook sometimes) play playstation, sing songs while Jeff, Ilar and Nico (who else?) are playing the guitar. MTV was ready big then…. We always have the TV on MTV…

One really funny moment was when Vanessa imitated J.Lo’s move in this video 2:17-2:18…. It was so freaking funny that all of us burst in laughter! Since then we fondly tease her J.Lo.. I miss you Vanessa, I love the way I laugh when I’m with you. I love your laugh too, the way you gather all energy then release them in laughter, wow those moments! 🙂

Too bad I don’t have a scanner right now, would love to scan some photos from back then…. I miss you Abby, Reina, Gemma, Ruth, Vanessa, Jeff, Ilar, Dia, Julius, Cayaban hehhehe, Chat, Aya, Cha, Vanessa Bunny, Duterte na lalake na ngaun hheheh, Silver, Emmanuel aka Ginger Spice 🙂 actually all of you! I miss you my friends!

Hmmn I hope we have a reunion soon. Not too soon though. In a few years maybe? I don’t want to still be single then hehehhe…….. Most of my friends in high school have kids now…. While I………. 🙁

My love don’t cost a thing………..

Fun Sunday with Ming-Ming and “Bj”….
Nov 4th, 2009 by niceyfemme

Our new friend Ate Jane had been telling us for weeks about her friend Umi’s birthday and that we are invited… Since Bee was free on that day we said yes. It will be an outdoor barbeque….


Food is at the back table and in the grill……..


Thanks Bee for this shot…. Ganda ng greens o!


Hahahah! Ang saya naman…….


The hostess and her boyfriend Cedric……. with the funny tasting green soda…

There are more guests in another table but they were busy playing cards heheh….

Bee ate lots of chicken wings, I liked the grilled mussels, so sweet!

Ferocious beauty……

Then after eating, I saw this gorgeous fat cat! I ran after her hahah I went crazy…..


I sooo love her color! I love the color brown and I don’t usually see brown cats as fat as her…. I followed her like a paparazzi 😉


She looks life a stuffed toy that’s so soft…. If only she wouldn’t scratch my face if I’d dare hug her hehehe…..


Reason why I love taking photos of cats is because they’re so pretty and graceful….. But not all cats I like, I do this rarely…. Only when she’s really pretty, like men to girls heheh…. 😉


She seems to be restless, like walking around in the playground…..

She’s looking for something I sensed…..



Then she ran so fast, towards her…..


I was a little jealous haha! I told the auntie her cat is so pretty she said that I could have the cat, and she seemed serious… I told her no I’m scared thank you hahah!


Then the cat must’ve sensed what we’re talking about she walked towards me, she got too close to me I panicked a bit! I almost ran heheh… I’m such a sissy…..

Went back to the group and we sang Happy Birthday song to Umi and blew her candles in her yummy looking cake….. Then she shared it with us… Yum….

Then after eating, we headed back home… Bee and I thought that’s it, the celebration is done. So I took a nap.

Two dollars! SGD2.00!

I woke up with somebody’s loud voice saying SGD 2.00…. Another one saying five dollars!

I checked what that is, turned out they just started playing cards, Bj or Black Jacks. I dont know how to play that game so I just watched. Bee was playing with them.

I just talked to one of the girls, Rhea, who was deep frying fries for everybody. I took a grilled kamote (sweet potato), which was surprisingly sweet! Very nice, I like this kind of discovery hehhe…. I’m obviously a foodie.

Then Bee lost around SGD 7.00. So I asked them how it’s played, what the rules are etc…. Then I tried my luck hehehh….

Beginner’s Luck?

I lost SGD 10.00. Bad. Obviously it didn’t work for me. I was just betting small amounts like $1, or $2 the most. I still lost. What’s nice is I found myself enjoying the game and our new friend’s company. I liked the vibe and the excitement I was feeling then…

So I went to the room looking for some loose change, found around $4.00. Went back. Sat. Then just played it by ear heheh… Sometimes holding my breath searching for lakas ng loob hahaha!

Then my $4.00 became $40 plus! Wow I was winning already. Then they started checking their wrist watches as it’s already getting late. Those who lost big amounts of money wanted to win them back so they raised their bets, Ate Jane who lost $150 by then started to bet $10 per game! I got nervous heheh…. I raised mine too but not as hgh as hers. I raised it to $5. Then it got crazy.The game ended with me having $40 and Ate Jane lost $100.

Nice day. Got some new friends and I won some dollars hahah! What more could we want? Free food, nice company and some dollars… Nice, nice, nice.


Lucky Plaza on a Sunday……
Oct 20th, 2009 by niceyfemme

Date: 18 Oct 2009 / Sunday
Location: Lucky Plaza, Orchard Road, Singapore

So not recommended!

See, Bee and I have new found friends here…. She’s Ate Jane and her Portuguese boyfriend Cedric…

Please go on weekdays if you can… We just went as our Ate Jane can only go on that day….

They invited us to go out to go eat Halo-halo… Knowing it’s a Sunday I was hesitant at first but we can’t resist their offer hehehe… So off we went…

Btw, I loove their food there! I mean, it’s better than restaurants at home… I really appreciate the food in Kabayan Restaurant… Their halo-halo was superb! The mango ice cream on top was wow! There’s even bits of fresh mango… One of the best ice cream i’ve tried…. Their food, Kare-Kare to be specific, I have tried last year was good too…

But I got dizzy with the number of people there! Ate Jane’s friend, Venus, one second is just infront of us the next she’s gone! We had to call her many times….

While waiting for her I browsed some stuff there… Passed by a shades store…. Since mine was crushed I needed a new one… I didnt check the prices first hehehe… So I liked one with no price tag…. Then checked other ones… One with a tag says SGD 599.00! Heart attack! I was like, “Ate Jane, if this one I like cost more than SGD50.00 please don’t let me buy this.” So I asked how much… SGD 25.00! Yey! and they just looked equally nice….. I was like, “Why the price difference?” The sales person who happened to be Pinay said the expensive one is branded and the one I liked is not…


Ok ba?


And I got discount! Bought it for only SGD 20.00! Yey!

I Love F.R.I.E.N.D.S.!
Sep 5th, 2009 by niceyfemme

One of the best Friends episode. Not just because Brad Pitt is here hehehhe…

So shake it, shake it, shake that nasty butt! hahahhaha! lovett!


“Salmon skin roll!” 

When I’m feeling down and i need a remedy for it, what i do is watch Friends. It’s just the best show ever! Imean there are some shows that are good but watch it twice or thrice and it has lost its magic. Not with Friends, believe me, I’ve seen each and every episode a thousand times (that’s without any exaggeration) but it still makes me laugh big time! I know what’s gonna happen next but still it gets me… This show does not get old. And I realize if there’s one thing I’m secretly hoping that is to be a part of this show I know it’s just impossible but still…….

I hope they’ll make a F.R.I.E.N.D.S. The Movie like they did with Sex and the city. SatC has been filming the part II already… what about us Friends lovers?

I just love each and every character… I mean yes I have to admit I play favorites… Say some time ago I love Ross, I love his antics. I love his emotions, being all so romatic and all.

Then I also love Chandler. He’s just adorable. I mean there’s just too many reasons to love them you just have to watch.

I love the fat Monica too. Oohhh how she danced wow! During “the proposal” I cried with them huhuhu….

I love Joey too. “How you doing?” “That’s right coz I’m a Tribbiani,  this is what we do, we  may not be great thinkers, but man we can eat!”

Phoebe… I love her antics… her attitude. Being the bossy one.. how scared they are of her heheh…

Rachel being the flirt… her simplicity makes you love her…

“We were on a break!”

Oohh and the list goes on and on… Btw I love bloopers what more Friends bloopers…. here’s some….

Love Monica dancing here….

This one makes me sad…


“i feel like a perfect arse!” hilarious!I love phoebe hahahhah! that laugh!

Chandler’s so chubby here…… “OMG, Chandler’s doing his sex face!”

“Have you looked at the mirror?” -Chandler

“what more do you want!” i love Ross’ face!



“hey that’s porsche!” look at the face!

“It taste like feeeett!”

I love Friends!!!!!

Apparently there’s still alot of people who hasnt seen this. OMG, you have to watch this. I feel like I’m missing a whole lot if I hadnt known Friends…

Friends Movie please!

So do you love Friends too? 😉

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