Freddie Aguilar, crazy?!
Jul 13th, 2009 by niceyfemme

Here is Freddie Aguilar screaming on national TV… c’mon!


With Arnel, I did not involve him… Gary’s name was only mentioned, Regine also was called by that remark by Mariah, but actually I was only asked about Charice.

And I don’t have any grudge with Charice or Gary, nothing! I was just asked, asked about my opinion. Should I give an opinion I don’t feel about?

Charice you’re a good singer but I’ll believe in you even more if you’ll sing a song that is very own.

I didn’t mention the word monkey I said that is why we Filipinos are called monkey its because we are imitators. I’ll ask all Filipino singers why are you singing mostly foreign songs? That is my question, not what you are asking me why I am calling you a monkey, you asked to be called a monkey because all of you are imitators!


While I’m trying to understand where he’s coming from, I came up with this. I believe he’s got a different point of view, maybe because he’s from a different generation. We should try to understand him. Even though his words are unsolicited. RESPECT SHOULD BE TWO WAY. So, respect Charice and Gary and all Filipino singers and the songs they choose to sing and you’ll receive respect back.

Mr. Freddie Aguilar; Bitterness!
Jul 11th, 2009 by niceyfemme

freddie aguilar

Mr. Freddie Aguilar? He’s a singer who became popular during the 80’s not only in the Philippines but also in most parts of the world, thanks to his popular song “Anak”. Either my dad or my mom mentioned to me a long time ago, that when I was a new born, that song was pretty popular and that my dad loved that song and sang that song to me. So, me being my sentimental self, have a soft spot for the singer he is, Mr. Freddie Aguilar.


Recently, after a long time of being behind the entertainment/music scene in the Philippines, he came to light again. What did he do? Criticize Charice Pempengco (who is she? please see previous post) and Arnel Pineda, the new lead singer of the band Journey who popularized the hit song “Open Arms” with the lines “so now i’ve come to you, with open arms” now you remember?

They are some of the few pride of Filipinos abroad. With all the negative news about the Philippines about corruption, Abu Sayyaf et al, for a change, when they introduce them that they are from the Philippines, it’s a good thing, it makes you proud not kind of embarrased. They are our pride.

Everyone Charice meets abroad, from the 15 time Grammy Award winner producer-song writer Mr. David Foster to popular singers like Josh Groban, has nothing but praises for her talent and kindness. I believe what they say about us Filipinos, that we are more critical with our own, we are harder to impress, crab mentality is it? Evidently, this is the case with Freddie Aguilar. He criticized as to why did Charice chose to sing Celine Dion’s song in Oprah, why not a Tagalog song? First thing, according to Charice in an interview, the staff of the show chose the song she sang, as part of the concept of the episode of “Dream Come True” they made her meet her idol Celine Dion and invited her to sing with her in her concert in Madison Square Garden. Second, why will she sing a Tagalog song? They will not understand a word she will be singing! It’s in America, to remind you. It will be useless.

Please, let us just be supportive of our fellow Filipinos who are doing very well in their careers abroad. You had your chance then, Mr. Aguilar. Being patriotic is a good thing believe me I truly believe that but it doesn’t apply to every situation we are in. What you said is just not in good taste. Especially when you reminisce and compared your past.

One more thing, is when we are going to say a not-so-good-thing about other people, it’s better to just keep mum about it. Keep the mouth shut. Comments like this hurts them and makes the confidence of the criticized persons involved low. Things or issues like this is what we do not need.

Think twice before we let words come out of our mouths. Words we say reflect our personalities. I am sorry but the nice impression I had for you Mr. Aguilar while growing up has been ruined. As a man who’s got decades of lifetime experiences, you should have known better. What could be worst is if you do not realize your fault.

We should be generous in giving praises and a good pat in the shoulder for the one’s who deserve it. While it is ok to criticize, but approriately. It’s always nice to be tactful.


Bite me!

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