Pregnancy Cravings
Apr 20th, 2012 by niceyfemme

Is crazy! I can’t say what I like and what I can and cannot eat. It’s so hard. Forgive me for complaining but this is really difficult for me and to be honest, I feel like it has kicked me out of my comfort zone. See, food used to be my comfort zone. Now, I lost it. This pregnancy has made me feel like I have healthy trim side effects I am experiencing all day everyday since the moment I learned I am pregnant.

One of the thoughts that has helped me get through from day to another is the assurance given to me by my Mom and OB-Gyn, that the moment I pass through my first trimester, I’d feel much better and I’d be able to eat well to the point that I will have to stop myself. Hmmmn… I’m passed my first trimester and I feel much better but not when it comes to food. I have really bad food aversions and I have more of it than the foods I can eat. Did I mention that I still can’t cook? Whewww! This is the longest break I have from cooking.

I guess I just have to wait until things get better.

When to eat fruits
Aug 7th, 2010 by niceyfemme

Very informative article I found in Facebook. Please read on.


We all think eating fruits means just buying fruits, cutting it and just popping it into our mouths. It’s not as easy as you think. It’s important to know how and when to eat.

What is the correct way of eating fruits?


If you eat fruit like that, it will play a major role to detoxify your system, supplying you with a great deal of energy for weight loss and other life activities.

FRUIT IS THE MOST IMPORTANT FOOD. Let’s say you eat two slices of bread and then a slice of fruit. The slice of fruit is ready to go straight through the stomach into the intestines, but it is prevented from doing so.

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Food photography by Ms. Amateur….
Nov 9th, 2009 by niceyfemme

Of course, that’s me. 😉

I love food photography. I love taking photos of my food before I eat them.

Though I have to say,I still have to learn a lot regarding food photography..

veggie baby!

Stating the obvious, I love Macro shots…

Chx Rice

I like to capture the subject like how my eyes see them….


chx rice o!

I want to learn how to adjust colors to better capture or illustrate how the subject really looks like.


Every time I take photos, my main goal is to capture an image that will make anyone who sees it, salivate.

I guess for now it’s nice enough for the amateur me.. 😉

Fun Sunday with Ming-Ming and “Bj”….
Nov 4th, 2009 by niceyfemme

Our new friend Ate Jane had been telling us for weeks about her friend Umi’s birthday and that we are invited… Since Bee was free on that day we said yes. It will be an outdoor barbeque….


Food is at the back table and in the grill……..


Thanks Bee for this shot…. Ganda ng greens o!


Hahahah! Ang saya naman…….


The hostess and her boyfriend Cedric……. with the funny tasting green soda…

There are more guests in another table but they were busy playing cards heheh….

Bee ate lots of chicken wings, I liked the grilled mussels, so sweet!

Ferocious beauty……

Then after eating, I saw this gorgeous fat cat! I ran after her hahah I went crazy…..


I sooo love her color! I love the color brown and I don’t usually see brown cats as fat as her…. I followed her like a paparazzi 😉


She looks life a stuffed toy that’s so soft…. If only she wouldn’t scratch my face if I’d dare hug her hehehe…..


Reason why I love taking photos of cats is because they’re so pretty and graceful….. But not all cats I like, I do this rarely…. Only when she’s really pretty, like men to girls heheh…. 😉


She seems to be restless, like walking around in the playground…..

She’s looking for something I sensed…..



Then she ran so fast, towards her…..


I was a little jealous haha! I told the auntie her cat is so pretty she said that I could have the cat, and she seemed serious… I told her no I’m scared thank you hahah!


Then the cat must’ve sensed what we’re talking about she walked towards me, she got too close to me I panicked a bit! I almost ran heheh… I’m such a sissy…..

Went back to the group and we sang Happy Birthday song to Umi and blew her candles in her yummy looking cake….. Then she shared it with us… Yum….

Then after eating, we headed back home… Bee and I thought that’s it, the celebration is done. So I took a nap.

Two dollars! SGD2.00!

I woke up with somebody’s loud voice saying SGD 2.00…. Another one saying five dollars!

I checked what that is, turned out they just started playing cards, Bj or Black Jacks. I dont know how to play that game so I just watched. Bee was playing with them.

I just talked to one of the girls, Rhea, who was deep frying fries for everybody. I took a grilled kamote (sweet potato), which was surprisingly sweet! Very nice, I like this kind of discovery hehhe…. I’m obviously a foodie.

Then Bee lost around SGD 7.00. So I asked them how it’s played, what the rules are etc…. Then I tried my luck hehehh….

Beginner’s Luck?

I lost SGD 10.00. Bad. Obviously it didn’t work for me. I was just betting small amounts like $1, or $2 the most. I still lost. What’s nice is I found myself enjoying the game and our new friend’s company. I liked the vibe and the excitement I was feeling then…

So I went to the room looking for some loose change, found around $4.00. Went back. Sat. Then just played it by ear heheh… Sometimes holding my breath searching for lakas ng loob hahaha!

Then my $4.00 became $40 plus! Wow I was winning already. Then they started checking their wrist watches as it’s already getting late. Those who lost big amounts of money wanted to win them back so they raised their bets, Ate Jane who lost $150 by then started to bet $10 per game! I got nervous heheh…. I raised mine too but not as hgh as hers. I raised it to $5. Then it got crazy.The game ended with me having $40 and Ate Jane lost $100.

Nice day. Got some new friends and I won some dollars hahah! What more could we want? Free food, nice company and some dollars… Nice, nice, nice.


Blah, Blah…..
Nov 3rd, 2009 by niceyfemme

Why the choice of title?

Coz i’m definitely at a loss of words hehehe….

I need my internet baby!

Since the Starhub problem started, I had been restless.

I needed it to be fixed ASAP! So I went to Starhub in Vivo City to have it checked and so I went.

But after I alighted from the bus, I decided to check out a food court infront of Vivo City. Bee and I wanted to try it out before but it was too late most stalls are closed.

Everytime I’m confused which to order I always end up with trusted dishes, like Chicken Rice. I discovered that there are sooo many types of this dish, too many I can’t remember any of them I got overwhelmed haha! Oh no there’s one I remember Black Pepper Chicken Rice. Next time, that I will have.

I chose this, seems safe to me…. (As in safe for my tastebuds… )


It’s good. Very good with the first spoonfuls but after a while I was waiting for the contented feeling but none. So not included in my favorites list. Have that wok taste to it anyway.



Then headed to Starhub. Btw, this is the first time I wore my new black high heeled shoes. Did hurt real bad! I had to wear slippers huhuhh!
Then I waited for my number to be called, took 30 grueling minutes… Nothing worse than waiting when you are in a hurry… They didn’t seem to know what’s wrong. (I ended up going back there three times within a week.)

Oh and I know there are three Filipinos working there in Customer Care but supladita yung dalawa. Yung isang bakla at yung babae. I’m sure they know I’m Filipino when they heard me talk and I’m sure they were listening to me. Hmmp! The other one was nice enough or tsismosa enough to ask me what’s wrong. After he asked me what’s wrong he didn’t bother to offer to help…Well….. Masanay na talaga dapat…. Baka dahil magaling na yung bakla mag-singlish kaya feeling niya sosyal na siya nyahaha! Sige in denial ka…..

So I carried the laptop then head home. It’s already past 1900H. 1915H exactly when I noticed something.

It’s still not dark. I have noticed this before but didn’t check the clock. We Filipinos know it’s late when it’s dark already. Oooh! That’s why I’m always home late when I’m in Singapore, because I think it’s still early as it’s still bright outdoors.


Around 1915H here……

In PI around 1800H it’s dark already….

One more thing I noticed is eventhough it’s still very bright at 1915H, the cars’ lights and headlights are on already. Sa atin, kapag medyo madilim dilim na talaga. Mentioned this to Bee and he said it’s because it’s a law in Singapore that cars need to turn on their lights by 1900H and before 0700H in the morning.

So nice you know. They’re so strict with safety. I wish it’s like that in Philippines. They’re so strict as if they need their headlights. It’s so bright in Sg at night from all the lights adorning the streets. I’m not scared at all walking in the streets even alone.


Bee and I cruising around the neighborhood hehehe……..

Like I said, in our beloved country, most of the time when we’re driving at night, we’re only depending on our headlights to be able to see…. 🙁

Since I was so tired from roaming around, carrying around Bee’s laptop, and the heat in Singapore (I get tired and exhausted way easier when it’s hot and humid, unlike when i’m in airconditioned place) I didn’t have the will to cook…. So Bee and I just ate out….

This is what we had…. This is his food only… I had no appetite that night… (huh?!) kaya nakisubo na lang ako….


But I’m actually the one who ordered carrot cake hehehe…..

The meal won’t be enough without green chili…. I only learned how to eat chili itself in Sg… Actually I only learned how to eat real spicy food here….


I have this liking to this green chili… I even make sure I have this in my luggage everytime I’m going home in PI….


My Babee looked so tired… Ikain mo na lang yan no???


Then off to a good night’s sleep.

Buchog na eh… hehehe…

Hayyyy…….. Photobucket

Mustafa Part II
Oct 31st, 2009 by niceyfemme

Date: 22 Oct 2009
Location: Mustafa, Little India, Singapore

The beginning and the end

of this tiny adventure…

This started from me, craving for Sauteed Green Mung Bean Soup and Bee missing Tinola, or Chicken Ginger Soup.

Most ingredients are readily available here, specifically in my bestfriend Sheng Shiong, the neighborhood budget friendly supermarket 😉 except for the important leafy veggies Malunggay and Chili Pepper Leaves…

Since I’ve been in Mustafa once and saw Malunggay is available there, I decided to go ahead, never mind the cost of the trip and all, and just head there.

When niceyfemme has something in her mind, nothing, as in nothing can stop her. Whoah!

I bought some food stuff like this one…..


I like this… More so Cheese Naan… That made me gain like 8-10 lbs in two weeks… That addictive! (That cheese naan I love is made by Chef Sahani Bairagi of Spices of The Peninsula Manila.)


The birdie that scared me. Takaw!

And so this is the second half of my Mustafa adventure hehehhe…..

Roaming = Hunger

I headed to Mustafa around 1300H and haven’t had my lunch yet, so after two hours of roaming around in my happy place, I naturally felt hunger. But in this case strong, very loud crumbling noises from my tummy.

I didn’t know where to find yummy food there. I remember my Indian friends Gopi and Raja mentioning before that there are so many yummy Indian food stalls and restaurants in Mustafa. So I wonder which one?

I walked and walked and chose this one.


The guy who runs this restaurant or stall was nice enough to let me snap some shots there….. Here he is…


I just can’t remember his name…. Sorry!


Looked yum to me….


I chose this.. This has a little bit of everything….. Meat, veggies and seafood…..

And here is how my plate looked like.

Took this video as an evidence of it’s existence before I “finished” it hehehe….


What can I say? I liked it! I liked the seven spice chicken the best.


I was able to handle the heat of this food, thanks to a bottle of water and a KitKat… Eating something sweet can help when you ate something too spicy..


The street beside my table….

I think my jeans shrunk, sumikip kasi eh heheheh…. Ok I just ate too much aminin ko na hahaha!

So I decided to give it some time to settle and just sit where I was for a few minutes.

Oh and it was already 1630H (yeah way too late for lunch) then so I decided to head straight home. Headed to bestfriend MRT….


A street in Little India..


The first time Bee and I went to Mustafa, we got a little confused. We alighted in Little India station. Turned out, Mustafa is closer to Farrer Park station. This time around, I still almost forgot that and was a little confused at first whether to alight in Little India or Farrer Park, so I called Bee. He remembered so I didn’t get lost and walk around until my feet hurt.

See I get lost a lot hehehe… I always end up walking for like an hour trying to find my way but it’s alright, it’s part of the thrill of the “adventure”.

I know other people have their own things they like doing for reasons only they truly understand. Usually because of sentimental reasons that has something to do with their past and this is just one of mine. Psychology thingy. So interesting, right?

Reach home so tired but I still cooked Tinola with Malunggay. We liked it so much I forgot to take photos and only remembered when what’s left was bones. 🙂

But it was good. Another memorable day to add in niceyfemme history.


Mustafa Trip… (Part 1)
Oct 30th, 2009 by niceyfemme

Date: 22 Oct 2009
Location: Mustafa in Little India, Singapore

Severe Food Cravings?

Yes, that’s the reason I gave myself for going to Mustafa yesterday… I had this irresistible urge to go there to buy some things, so I did. (Please see previous post.)

Edit: This entry is supposed to be published last week 23 Oct but because of the internet problem, can only do now.

I’ve been there before. Bought some chocolates and sweets (candies) but one product that struck us was that Malunggay is available there. It’s not available anywhere else. So went back to buy. I found it.


But when I looked for Dahon ng Sili (Chili Leaves) the Indian woman gave me a funny look and repeatedly repeated what I ask her. “Chili leaves ha? Leaves of chili?”, she asked. I was like, “Yes, chili leaves.”, with a lot of nodding. Apparently, she found it funny because they don’t use it there. I’ve seen many types of leaves used in Indian cooking but no chili leaves. Ok no problem, I could still use the Malunggay as substitute in my Tinola.

See, my happy place is the grocery area. I love supermarkets. I could stay there for hours and hours until my feet finally give up on me and beg me to sit down. When I was still in college, my best friend and I during our long breaks would go to SM Dasma to go roaming around in the supermarket. We love it there. I remember, we were there for the grand opening and we were kind of broke then, worse thing is we were hungry. There were lots of free taste offering and let me just put it this way, we went out of the mall feeling full! Hahahah! Yeah, happy place.

Going back, even after I have found the one thing I came there for, I still stayed to roam around and check every little product they have there. A supermarket is like a world of wonder hehehe….

Some of the things I’ve found interesting…..


What we Filipinos call Atis. This is imported from Thailand? This variety is just bigger than ours. I actually have seen bigger ones in Bugis.


Some ready made food…. I really thought hard and long if I’d buy this….


Drumsticks, seasoned Indian style.


Some mixes, I bought Satay mix…


and Rendang mix too… I’ve always been intrigued so I’ll try cooking this myself….


The pile of Malunggay leaves. Imported from Malaysia I believe.

And guess what I’ve found?!!!!


Bagoong! SGD 3.00 lang!


As usual so many items on sale. Aside from the chocolates that’s on sale all year round, there’s perfume sale too. Good thing I’m not a musky perfume person because I’d be in big trouble as the stocks on sale are popular brands Filipinos love. (It’s a different issue if Bath and Body works lotion and spray colognes(?) are on sale, yey!)


Or is it? I checked the prices, most are regular priced, except for chocolates, perfumes etc…. For me, it’s still worth it, going here… Just the wide array of choices made me drool….

Paid for the chosen stuff after a good two hours of roaming there…


Mustafa in Little India is known for good Indian food….

Though I have to admit, I’m not a very big fan of this cuisine or any really spicy food in general.


I believe I was burnt.

When I was new in Singapore, in one of work’s lunch breaks in Newton, we tried a food court and I chose dishes that looked kind of familiar, looked like Pinoy dishes, there was one that looked like Sarciadong Isda. Turned out everything I chose would make me cry, it was that spicy. Of course I can’t eat it. Also expensive so I felt I wasted money so for almost two years I didn’t have any interest with Indian and Malay cuisine, until now.

For some reason, I wanted to eat Indian food. So looked and looked I did.

There was a lot of stalls(?) lining the streets there, you’ll be confused which to choose, like how confused I was.

How to know which is good? Either ask around (which I do not want to do) or follow you’re instincts hehehhe….

So I jalan jalan…..


See? So many…..


I found a fast food/ food court style one with aircon, very tempting as it was very hot and humid that day, but I thought it’s unlikely I’d find authentic indian food there.


While browsing this black bird surprised me! Flew in front of my face then landed to this sack of rice…


There’s a lot of these birds in Singapore and they scare me, I totally forgot my tummy was making a lot of noises begging me to eat….


I found one stall.

But will post that next time.

I’ll sum the food experience up in one word.



Off to Mustafa!
Oct 22nd, 2009 by niceyfemme

Will buy some Malunggay and Chili leaves…. (Sus! Malunggay at dahong sili! haha!)


In Mustafa!


So nutritious you know? (In Singlish twang hahaha!)

Will rush now, I don’t know if they have plenty of stocks in there.

I want to cook Munggo and Tinola, that’s why. (Mung Bean Soup and Chicken Ginger Soup?)


See? Looks yummy right? I cooked this myself.

I have this really bad craving for Tinola.. But it’s not the same without Chili leaves, so yes, I’ll go that far just to buy that. I have to say though, that I’m not comfortable buying these leaves as I have them at home. Malunggay trees are plenty in the village and I have some Chili plants. Well, what can we do right? But complain? hahahhah!

So I’m off to my “adventure” trip. Let’s see what “finds” we’ll find in there.

Good luck to me. 😉

Best Part of Air TraveL
Oct 21st, 2009 by niceyfemme

Every time I have to leave the country, I always kind of hate the idea of packing, checking in and being on queue, waiting for boarding time, not to mention my butt always ending up in pain for sitting  for hours in the plane, basically everything that has to do with air travel.


Not to mention the “I’m-happy-to-go-but-I’m-leaving-someone-behind” part. You know how heavy your heart is? Even though I’m always back in just weeks I still feel that, EVERYTIME.

The only nice part I look forward to? The plane’s taking off and landing parts…..

So exciting!

There’s just something about it. It has always intrigued me. How the plane defies gravity. I know it can be explained by science but for someone who doesn’t get science that well (hehehe) that’s still fascinating….

I hope someone could explain to me how planes do that, in layman’s term.

I have an idea from what I read and what I was able to “get”.

My theory about how a plane flies

The plane’s engine “supplies” hot air beneath it’s wings. Hot air naturally has to go up. So when the plane blows hot air in it’s wings, plus buwelo (enough flight?) then the plane will fly. Yeah, this is my theory.

See I’ve always been wanting to take a video of the plane’s landing and take off. Was only able to do so the last time I left. I have to say, it was pretty nice. I like how it excites me. I have to admit, there’s a tiny tiny bit of nervousness in the deepest part of me heehehe…. And once I get seated, a lot of emotions overpower me.

Oh and you can see our house from this video hehehe…. You can see SM Bacoor and we are very close from SM. *wink!*

Take off!

Exciting right? I didn’t expect the sight I saw. Very beautiful! Every time I watch these videos, I feel like I’m there.

Then after this take off, its hours or seating and waiting for hours to pass me by. I ate a whole lot of food, mind you. As
in I finished two bags of chips, one small bottle of water, one bottle of orange juice and some nuts. When I’m bored, I eat. When I’m bored I gain weight. 🙁

I really can’t stand sitting for hours. Understandable because i’m someone who always multitask even if I dont have to.

Landing! Finally!

There’s always some kind of relief I’m feeling every time it’s landing time, well aside from the excitement. I’m not scared of landing. I just have some kind of doubts? Well, planes still crash, you know. Even in large planes. Remember Air France?

Never mind, I love travelling and I will continue doing this as long as possible. I hope I could explore other countries as well, most especially in Europe. Oh wow!

I just wish I have a job that will pay me to travel. Oh wow!

Jalan, Jalan (Walk or Lakad)
Oct 16th, 2009 by niceyfemme

Hyperactive this past few days.

I need to be out of the house! I need to see people, and places and FOOD!

So again, Bee and I headed to my best friend… the MRT. I mean it’s so convenient, I don’t mind having to stand up sometimes. I love the MRT system here.


Though I have to admit, I still have to “consult” this from time to time….

So B and I decided to watch a movie… Since I have a certain “privilege” from UOB, we chose The Grand Cathay… (I still want to save some dollars hehehhe…. Have a specific movie in mind but then if something better is showing then sure, whatever seems better.

Jalan, Jalan….

If you have lived or atleast been to Singapore you’ll know that you will have to do a lot of walking in here. For example, you can only alight in the bus stop. You can scream your lungs out telling the driver to stop and he won’t stop hehehhe…. So you have to walk to where EXACTLY you’re going….. Unlike in Manila… Oh you know what I mean fellow Pinoys….


I lose a couple of lbs whenever i’m here i’m telling you….. I think that’s a good thing… Niceyfemme needs some exercise… Chabelita na ako eh…..

So from Dhouby Ghaut Interchange (MRT) we have to walk to the cinema house….

Discovery of Video (Mode) Camera

My relationship with my digicam has been counting a couple of years now but since a digicam falls under the “techie stuff” category I know nothing much about it. So I only know how to point and shoot in Auto mode. Fortunately, I got to talk to the person who sold the camera to me… I call him Canon (LOL!) and it’s alright with him… It’s a lambing term so he doesn’t get upset every time I ask him about camera settings stuff…. So I discovered the video mode which I appreciate so much now! It’s more alive hehehe!

Powershot G9

See i’m not interested with another newer version of this camera coz what’s the use if I don’t even know how to maximize its use?

So I ask B to be the “camera guy”… Have a problem though, I’m camera shy. He has to insists on shooting while people look at us and I’m busy blushing. Whenever I’m embarrassed, I laugh. (You’ll see that in the video..)
So we record ourselves while walking under the heat of the sun…

Btw, Bee’s teasing me… He’s always like that… When I’m embarrassed, he’s happy…. 🙂

So we chose Surrogates… Here we were, paying for the tickets… I love how you can “relive” what already happened just by watching its video… lovett!

We were early for the next showing time, like we had to wait for 80 minutes… So went to Plaza Singapura… On the way there, we passed by a This Fashion outlet (it’s an affordable ready-to-wear boutique) with a Sale of up to 80% off! Of course who could resist that? I’m saving so we went inside with only the intention of looking around their stuff… I ended up liking a dress, original price is SGD36.00 I bought at around SGD5.50, a brown bolero at SGD24.00 bought at SGD4+, and a yellow blouse (which I also have worn as of this writing to Sentosa) at I think SGD30.00 around SGD5+. All three at 80% off! Hahahaha! I was so happy, we only paid around SGD16.00! What a bargain… I ended up using the bolero in the movie house but that’s getting ahead of the story….

I got so amused with most of the stuff there time ran fast we had no time left for dinner…

I think it was my first time in the Grand Cathay… The cinema house is so nice! Grand it is… It’s now my favorite… I love the curtains, sound was nice, sooo cold! eye lovett! I wanted to take photos of the cinema house but I was scared that they might think i’m a movie “pirate”….. heheheh…

So we chose Surrogates starring Bruce Willis… A month ago I believe I saw it’s trailer and it seems like a good movie… I like the story and the graphics…

His surrogate just looks weird, like a Ken. Human’s laziest state if ever that happens in the future… I believe.


Nice, right?

The movie is fine…. Just not as great as I expected…. Still a good watch though….

I munched down two packets of cashew nuts and coke… yummy! It was so cold there I had to use the newly bought bolero….

It was already around 2130H when we finished the movie…. So I was….


No matter how hungry I am, I still can’t easily decide on what to eat… Like with everything, I always weigh my options… Like in this video….

Bee has been so so nice, extra nice…. Extra patient with my fickle minded, hyperactive self these days… And I appreciate all these mind you… 😉

At the end of the day, my feet were hurting, my back was sore from cold, and I was HAPPY….


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