Fun day in Tagaytay Picnic Grove….
Nov 11th, 2009 by niceyfemme

Date: 07 November 2009
Location: House (Bacoor), Tagaytay Picnic Grove

The day before, we were already preparing the food and things we will be needing in our little get together. We cooked and baked. Marinated and packed.

Then I cooked Kare-Kare in the morning, so it’s freshly cooked.

We were a bit late on schedule as we originally planned to leave the house around 0800H, so we should be there by 0930H. We ended up living the house at 1030H. Hahaha! I know.

We didn’t drive in Emilio Aguinaldo Highway (what?! highway? yes, it’s a highway, traffic infested highway) as it would take us hours to get to Tagaytay because from our house, the traffic zones are a lot. To mention a few, Puregold in Imus Palengke, Robinson’s Imus, Kostal Wet Market, Salitran, Waltermart and Robinson’s Dasma. So we headed to the village’s back gate, to Molino. Molino straight to Paliparan in
Dasma then we exit to Emilio Aguinaldo Highway close to Robinson’s Dasma. There! That’s a tip for others going to Tagaytay from Bacoor and Manila area.

Silang Road, Cavite

When we reached Silang, Cavite the clouds are so dark we were worried there’s heavy rain in Tagaytay.

When we got there it was obvious it rained there. So it was so cold. When we stopped by 7 Eleven to buy something, I can’t move at all, that cold.

ghost towm hehehhe

We got to Picnic Grove around 1200 noon, too late from original plan, I was worried there’s no hut available left. Parking was not easy to find. Specially one close to the huts. We searched for a hut and found one. It was so far from where we were parked we had to pay some guys to carry our stuff to the hut.

view from our hut

So pretty…..

Mommy, Daisy and Earl Vincent

So after the guys brought our stuff to the hut, we started to settle in. We fixed our grill and started grilling. We were getting so hungry.

It was also raining a bit…. With winds so strong…..

Grilled Bangus there! And chicken wings!

This surprisingly is the hit! I was the one surprised the most as this turned out so well when I didn’t even have a recipe to follow, I just mixed in a little bit of everything to the marinade.

niceyfemme's chicken wings

So yummy even my cutie niece can’t get enough of it…

Pia’s another cutie photo….


Kare-Kare. I forgot to bring the Bagoong, left it in the car. It was good we didn’t need the Bagoong.


Perfect with tutong. Btw, I loooove tutong. The brown and chewy type.

We loved the chicken wings and Kare-Kare so much, we forgot the Grilled Bangus hehehheh…..

And our dessert…..

Mocha Chiffon Cake with No-Melt Butter Icing….

Mocha Cake yum

After the hearty meal, we rested for some minutes then took photos of ourselves. Good thing I brought our tripod, all of us are in the frame.

Here’s my beautiful Mommy.


Myself not included. ๐Ÿ˜‰

My family

All of us here…. Great view!

All of us

Then three of us…..

Mommy, me and earl

Then we decided to pack our stuff as it’s getting late…. After we went around in the site’s Eco Trail…

On our way up, we saw these beautiful flowers for sale on the side… So many of these in Tagaytay…


Pia got sleepy while I was holding her. She’s unbelievably heavy for her size! She’s really heavy…


Thanks Mommy for taking this photo.. Then we started the EcoTrail…. We passed by Zipline’s station? It’s the newest attraction in Picnic Grove together with Cable Car.


Hindi ko to kaya talaga, lalo na mag-isa….


It’s so high. Just looking at it, lumalambot ang tuhod ko hehehhe…..

rainbow touch!

Looks like she’s touching the rainbow here.

hawak kamay!

So sweet! Or so scared? Hehehhe….


And the cable car…..

Cable Car

It’s so high so for someone like me who’s scared of heights, then this ain’t easy to do…. ๐Ÿ™‚

cable car with rainbow

Ganda o!


Nice greens.

the trail

The trail.

lakad ako

Then we passed through the wooden hanging bridge, I got nervous because it doesn’t look strong enough for the people passing through it. It’s starting to rot too, due to frequent rains…. they should have built a much stronger one. The wood looked like it’s gonna break anytime. No photos of the bridge as I was out of my mind from being nervous.

going up

It’s raining lightly too.

Then we reached the part wherein we have to go up again and pass our hut. It’s high reason why when we reached the middle part, everybody needed a rest hehehheh….. So we had more time for photos…..

nice! and so cold!

And Mommy in hut….

mommy in hut

Then my turn…..

me in hut

Nice view….

Taal lake

Since it’s getting dark already, we decided to continue going up in the tiring stairs….



The we passed by this area where a few hours ago, lots of kids and their dads were flying their kites….

kite area

Nice area for families to set up their mats in and eat there….


All in all, it was a very nice day…. Fun and I we truly enjoyed the day…. Yummy food, nice cool weather, family’s company, great view, not so expensive so it doesn’t hurt the pocket so much so nice very nice!

I could totally recommend this to others.

This is what Filipino families need to be doing again…. Most families are so used to going to the mall and not in touched with nature anymore.

People should do this again, for a change. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Blah, Blah…..
Nov 3rd, 2009 by niceyfemme

Why the choice of title?

Coz i’m definitely at a loss of words hehehe….

I need my internet baby!

Since the Starhub problem started, I had been restless.

I needed it to be fixed ASAP! So I went to Starhub in Vivo City to have it checked and so I went.

But after I alighted from the bus, I decided to check out a food court infront of Vivo City. Bee and I wanted to try it out before but it was too late most stalls are closed.

Everytime I’m confused which to order I always end up with trusted dishes, like Chicken Rice. I discovered that there are sooo many types of this dish, too many I can’t remember any of them I got overwhelmed haha! Oh no there’s one I remember Black Pepper Chicken Rice. Next time, that I will have.

I chose this, seems safe to me…. (As in safe for my tastebuds… )


It’s good. Very good with the first spoonfuls but after a while I was waiting for the contented feeling but none. So not included in my favorites list. Have that wok taste to it anyway.



Then headed to Starhub. Btw, this is the first time I wore my new black high heeled shoes. Did hurt real bad! I had to wear slippers huhuhh!
Then I waited for my number to be called, took 30 grueling minutes… Nothing worse than waiting when you are in a hurry… They didn’t seem to know what’s wrong. (I ended up going back there three times within a week.)

Oh and I know there are three Filipinos working there in Customer Care but supladita yung dalawa. Yung isang bakla at yung babae. I’m sure they know I’m Filipino when they heard me talk and I’m sure they were listening to me. Hmmp! The other one was nice enough or tsismosa enough to ask me what’s wrong. After he asked me what’s wrong he didn’t bother to offer to help…Well….. Masanay na talaga dapat…. Baka dahil magaling na yung bakla mag-singlish kaya feeling niya sosyal na siya nyahaha! Sige in denial ka…..

So I carried the laptop then head home. It’s already past 1900H. 1915H exactly when I noticed something.

It’s still not dark. I have noticed this before but didn’t check the clock. We Filipinos know it’s late when it’s dark already. Oooh! That’s why I’m always home late when I’m in Singapore, because I think it’s still early as it’s still bright outdoors.


Around 1915H here……

In PI around 1800H it’s dark already….

One more thing I noticed is eventhough it’s still very bright at 1915H, the cars’ lights and headlights are on already. Sa atin, kapag medyo madilim dilim na talaga. Mentioned this to Bee and he said it’s because it’s a law in Singapore that cars need to turn on their lights by 1900H and before 0700H in the morning.

So nice you know. They’re so strict with safety. I wish it’s like that in Philippines. They’re so strict as if they need their headlights. It’s so bright in Sg at night from all the lights adorning the streets. I’m not scared at all walking in the streets even alone.


Bee and I cruising around the neighborhood hehehe……..

Like I said, in our beloved country, most of the time when we’re driving at night, we’re only depending on our headlights to be able to see…. ๐Ÿ™

Since I was so tired from roaming around, carrying around Bee’s laptop, and the heat in Singapore (I get tired and exhausted way easier when it’s hot and humid, unlike when i’m in airconditioned place) I didn’t have the will to cook…. So Bee and I just ate out….

This is what we had…. This is his food only… I had no appetite that night… (huh?!) kaya nakisubo na lang ako….


But I’m actually the one who ordered carrot cake hehehe…..

The meal won’t be enough without green chili…. I only learned how to eat chili itself in Sg… Actually I only learned how to eat real spicy food here….


I have this liking to this green chili… I even make sure I have this in my luggage everytime I’m going home in PI….


My Babee looked so tired… Ikain mo na lang yan no???


Then off to a good night’s sleep.

Buchog na eh… hehehe…

Hayyyy…….. Photobucket

Off to Mustafa!
Oct 22nd, 2009 by niceyfemme

Will buy some Malunggay and Chili leaves…. (Sus! Malunggay at dahong sili! haha!)


In Mustafa!


So nutritious you know? (In Singlish twang hahaha!)

Will rush now, I don’t know if they have plenty of stocks in there.

I want to cook Munggo and Tinola, that’s why. (Mung Bean Soup and Chicken Ginger Soup?)


See? Looks yummy right? I cooked this myself.

I have this really bad craving for Tinola.. But it’s not the same without Chili leaves, so yes, I’ll go that far just to buy that. I have to say though, that I’m not comfortable buying these leaves as I have them at home. Malunggay trees are plenty in the village and I have some Chili plants. Well, what can we do right? But complain? hahahhah!

So I’m off to my “adventure” trip. Let’s see what “finds” we’ll find in there.

Good luck to me. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Lucky Plaza on a Sunday……
Oct 20th, 2009 by niceyfemme

Date: 18 Oct 2009 / Sunday
Location: Lucky Plaza, Orchard Road, Singapore

So not recommended!

See, Bee and I have new found friends here…. She’s Ate Jane and her Portuguese boyfriend Cedric…

Please go on weekdays if you can… We just went as our Ate Jane can only go on that day….

They invited us to go out to go eat Halo-halo… Knowing it’s a Sunday I was hesitant at first but we can’t resist their offer hehehe… So off we went…

Btw, I loove their food there! I mean, it’s better than restaurants at home… I really appreciate the food in Kabayan Restaurant… Their halo-halo was superb! The mango ice cream on top was wow! There’s even bits of fresh mango… One of the best ice cream i’ve tried…. Their food, Kare-Kare to be specific, I have tried last year was good too…

But I got dizzy with the number of people there! Ate Jane’s friend, Venus, one second is just infront of us the next she’s gone! We had to call her many times….

While waiting for her I browsed some stuff there… Passed by a shades store…. Since mine was crushed I needed a new one… I didnt check the prices first hehehe… So I liked one with no price tag…. Then checked other ones… One with a tag says SGD 599.00! Heart attack! I was like, “Ate Jane, if this one I like cost more than SGD50.00 please don’t let me buy this.” So I asked how much… SGD 25.00! Yey! and they just looked equally nice….. I was like, “Why the price difference?” The sales person who happened to be Pinay said the expensive one is branded and the one I liked is not…


Ok ba?


And I got discount! Bought it for only SGD 20.00! Yey!

Senti: Let’s go back in time…
Oct 18th, 2009 by niceyfemme


Since Bee has to work and other friends are busy, I don’t have anyone to go with, to wherever I want to go. That hasn’t stopped me before anyway… To be honest, I like solitude. I like going solo sometimes. It means I have full control of my time, I don’t have to consider another person when it comes to decisions etc….

I first went to Vivo to have my favorite chicken rice. I have two types I like, the first one I already mentioned, the Salad Chicken Rice in Seng Huat Bugis and the second one is this Chicken Rice from Banquet. This two types are very different but equally good.


I love their chili. So fresh. With every spoonful of this chicken rice you’re in heaven hahaha! Yeah that’s how I feel. After finishing this plate, I feel full and more importantly, contented. Not many dishes gives me that contented feeling, so Chicken Rice is special to me, also because I always ate this when we were still living in the east with a Banquet just across the road….

Reminiscing Time…….

I decided to visit again the places and foods that became close to my heart. Ok emo mode here…. hehehhe…..

I’m the type of person that gets attached to things, places and foods. I associate them to a certain point or time in my life. See i’m the type who remembers when and where I ate this certain food, for example, my favorite kwek kwek (the orange balls photo) with the best vinegar served with cucumber, I ate that in Alabang with Bee when I was still working and living there. That was between Oct 2006 to May 2007. I’m THAT sure. So, by seeing a certain place I used to often pass by at or eating a certain dish I used to eat often at that point in time, it’s like i’m back there. That’s my way of reminiscing.

Kwek-Kwek (To kwek or not to kwek….)

So I decided to go back to where we used to live. Somewhere in the east. Just look at the place again and it’s like i’m back in time. I rode the same bus I used to take everyday. Passed by Esplanade again. This is part of my view everyday.


Near Suntec? And Mandarin?


Even though it’s pretty close to where I lived, I remember it was a 15-20 minute commute to Raffles Place, because buses here are pretty slow. ๐Ÿ™‚


In Raffles Place bus stop, where I always wait for the bus going back home.

So I arrived in the old place in the east.

I like living in that area because it’s so convenient. Lots of buses passing by there so yes, convenient. We were even able to do some biking going to east coast park at night because of some space on the side.


Where we live now it’s not possible or i’ll look like a macho femme. It was always “alive”. . And I associate that apartment to a briefly found freedom I had in there. I don’t know. I felt so free then. Just living alone, just by myself. I’ll eat whenever I want to eat, I’ll clean my room whenever I want to clean up. Just peaceful when I’m inside my big, comfy room. Yeah that’s a big part of it hahaha!

After that, I did a little walking near the old place. Just there in the area for a few minutes.

Tanjong Rhu Pao

My favorite Char Siew Pao place. It’s like Pinoy’s siopao asado, it’s sweet. I think it’s just the same, but this one, smaller and the white bread(?) sooo soft.

It’s located in Geylang.


This is close to my heart, kahit na medyo masungit ang uncle na nagtitinda ehhhehhe….

tanjong rhu

And this is how it looks when I order them.

I take away a box with 10 pcs of yummy char siew pao @ SGD 0.60 each…. Lovett!

Since it was already 1900H then, I decided to head home with my sentimental self’s nostalgia factor resolved.

(Hahahha! I dont know what you call that feeling, that relieved feeling.)

Have a good day…….. ๐Ÿ™‚

Mga Batang Palaboy in Singapore…. (Nomad kids in Sg?)
Oct 14th, 2009 by niceyfemme

NICEYFEMME gets bored easily.

Since it’s his rest day yesterday, I persuaded him to agree with everything I want… heheheh… As in, go out with no plans of where to go or what to do.. That’s how I want to live life, as long as it’s still possible. So off we went….. Headed to MRT station….


(warning: if you’re onion skinned, better not watch the video… cheers!)

(pardon B’s narrative way of talking, we’re both new to this, and our “argument” this is how we really are)

Decided to head to Bugis as I miss my favorite chicken rice stall there… (Which reminds me, I should have a food blog).

Best (Salad) Chicken Rice Award
Rice = perfection. Taste is how it should be.
Veggies = fresh.
Chicken = perfection. Thick, juicy, yummy.
Chili = perfection. Fresh. You can taste the ginger, garlic and chili in it. lovett!
Should I share where this stall is? It’s in Seng Huat, Bugis. ๐Ÿ™‚

Full tummy, ready to roam…..

After this we went to Bugis Street itself, main purpose is to just look around… I’m trying to save some moolah….. haha! Saw this cute “thing” near the juice stands. Dont know what to call this. But really cute!!!!

Hahahah! So landi! (So flirty!) the fruit mascot i mean ๐Ÿ˜‰

“B, where are you?” -niceyfemme


My apologies to this ang moh who I unintentionally blinded with my camera flash…… *sorry!*


lots of people….


crispy pancake! yum yum!

It’s just so hot in there, so humid… But the vibe is good… I love the colors! Ohh Also bought my favorite bread at SGD2.00…. yummy!

Since it is (still?) Mooncake Festival, they have this in front of OG (Mall). Pretty cute.
While heading to MRT going back, I saw this and took the shot!


It’s Mickey Mouse!

Finished with Bugis, Off to Vivo!

Basically we are the type of people who enjoy seeing things as they happen…. Watching people walk, watching people eat (discreetly! oh that’s just me…) watching life in general…

Went there to pay some bills and do some window shopping…. I like looking at designs and then plan to have that made for me in even more special materials…. Like this….

I almost gave in to my desire and bought it…. But I thought about it like 9 times then decided to walk away from it… It’s alright coz I bought one that’s even nicer hahaha! And at 56% off! What a bargain! I love bargains…..

We are so tired from all the walking and all so decided to cap the day off with buying my favorite Carrot Cake (Chai Tow Kway) in Kopi Tiam in Basement II… On the way there, another temptation stopped me…. THIS..


kalorky talaga!


While heading to then bus stop we saw this….. Thought it to be so nice… I have a thing for fountains…. Brings back childhood memories….


It was so nice. Nice. Nice. Photobucket

I did it!
Oct 6th, 2009 by niceyfemme

Hahhahaha! Finally!

Was able to make my own Chai Tow Kway yesterday….


My battery ran out so I was only able to take photos of the finished product.

Had to recharge.


looks yummy! right???


Yes! Im so glad hehehe…..

I’m always hungry!
Sep 25th, 2009 by niceyfemme

For someone who wants to lose some weight, I’m always hungry.

Then how to lose them lbs. then???

I baked this banana-oatmeal cupcakes with vanilla,cinnamon and honey yesterday…


Can’t stop munching them huhuhu!

It’s like after I eat like 3 of them, then the guilt takes over me.

Why can’t the guilt come over first? hehehehe…..

Everytime I bake, I gain some weight. Like when I baked this apple pie. Wheww! I ate half!


See how flaky the crust is? Oh and it’s not burnt its just the egg wash I used…

But I love baking so what to do?

Would some people please buy them from me so its a win-win situation?

I can bake and not gain weight, I dont end up broke and some lucky people will get to taste a little piece of heaven I freshly baked hehehhe….

Contact me!

Healthy B-reakfast
Sep 24th, 2009 by niceyfemme

sandwich!Because I still have an ounce of inspiration left to continue with my quest to lose the excess 6 lbs like I mentioned before (to read about it, click here) now Im tryingย to choose healthy over convenient…

Like for breakfast today… Itsย toasted whole wheat bread with low fat mayo, tomato slices, chicken hotdog slices, little bit of cheese for calcium heheh, lots of romaine lettuce and cucumber slices… oh dont forget the dash of dried basil! yummy! Perfect with coffee…..

In the Pink of Health (Then)
Sep 22nd, 2009 by niceyfemme

See, 5-6 years ago, I was in the pink of health.

Really! As in I dont eat anything fried then, always either boiled or steamed or baked. Always so conscious with the amount of oil in the food. (Now, fried fish is my best friend.)

Red meat never reaches my mouth. Only meats acceptable are chicken and fish. (Now, I let myself have a bite every month.)

I eat vegetables like crazy. Experimenting to cook different vegetable dishes is my then obsession. I eat ampalaya or bitter gourd with a tbsp of rice. I love munggo (sauteed mung beans) too. (Now, just once in a while, only when my Mom cooks it, or else I dont look for it because Im happy with egg.)

Fruits are my best friend. There’s always pineapple and watermelon at home. These two especially during summer, I eat like crazy. I can eat half of a big watermelon. I can eat a whole pineapple until my tongue starts to itch. (Yes, eating a lot of pineapple gives you that.)

I eat so little rice. In school I’ll order half cup then only eat half. So I eat only 1/4 cup. (Now, I eat equivalent to 2 cups huhuhuh!)

fried rice

When I need to eat out, my favorite food to order is Delifrance’s Salad with thousand island dressing on the side. (When I eat out, it’s either fried chicken or fried chicken.) ย  ๐Ÿ™

I dont eat pasta then. If ever, I’d let myself have a couple of bites, that’s it. (Now, I eat a big whole plate regularly.)

I dont eat regular pizza, I eat Delifrance’s Veggie Pizza.


No potatoes, no other starchy vegetables. (My potatoes made a comeback in my diet, I love them that’s why.)

NO sweets. No cookies, no cakes. No ice cream. I cheat with myself by eating B.T.I.C. or frozen yogurt which tastes like the real ice cream. I wonder if they are still available. ( I have these once in awhile or whenever I baked them like the fudgy brownie in the fridge.)

I drank orange juice, extracted from the real thing regularly. (Not anymore.)

Never drink coffee then. I drink low fat milk in the morning.

Never drank any cola drink. (Now, I do drink them again, and the regular sugar laden stuff, huhuhu, I like Mountain Dew.)

I get my daily dose of exercise by walking in La Salle’s campus which is wow! I also always dance then. (No exercise anymore.)

Result? I was glowing! I now look at my photos then and Im like “Wow, my skin was nicer.” I haven’t seen that glowing skin in a long time. I look different, nice way different.

When I woke up this morning and looked in the mirror, I was surprised to see that my pores are so small I can barely seen them. And I’m not bloated at all! My tummy is so flat. Is it because of the veggie salad I had last night? Or the munching of yummy tomatoes in the last two days?

Whatever the reason maybe, Im glad. It somewhat gave me some inspiration to go back to before. Not as much inspiration as before but enough to give me a head start.

I hope I can continue really doing this… Taking this challenge is worth it if its going to bring me back to my healthier state.

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