Not as easy as it seems
Feb 24th, 2010 by niceyfemme

When I was young(er), I always dreamt of having my own car. The blame I always point to my Dad (hehehhe) because when I was around nine years old and he would always bring me for a joy ride around town, he promised to teach me how to drive when I’m tall enough to see the road and reach the gas and breaks.

All the years past and this never left my mind… I can not wait to grow taller (and older) so I could drive. I just seemed so fascinating to me. So because of this fascination, I ended up loving those arcade games, those racing ones. I promise I always knew the moment I drive I’ll be good at it.

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Blah, Blah…..
Nov 3rd, 2009 by niceyfemme

Why the choice of title?

Coz i’m definitely at a loss of words hehehe….

I need my internet baby!

Since the Starhub problem started, I had been restless.

I needed it to be fixed ASAP! So I went to Starhub in Vivo City to have it checked and so I went.

But after I alighted from the bus, I decided to check out a food court infront of Vivo City. Bee and I wanted to try it out before but it was too late most stalls are closed.

Everytime I’m confused which to order I always end up with trusted dishes, like Chicken Rice. I discovered that there are sooo many types of this dish, too many I can’t remember any of them I got overwhelmed haha! Oh no there’s one I remember Black Pepper Chicken Rice. Next time, that I will have.

I chose this, seems safe to me…. (As in safe for my tastebuds… )


It’s good. Very good with the first spoonfuls but after a while I was waiting for the contented feeling but none. So not included in my favorites list. Have that wok taste to it anyway.



Then headed to Starhub. Btw, this is the first time I wore my new black high heeled shoes. Did hurt real bad! I had to wear slippers huhuhh!
Then I waited for my number to be called, took 30 grueling minutes… Nothing worse than waiting when you are in a hurry… They didn’t seem to know what’s wrong. (I ended up going back there three times within a week.)

Oh and I know there are three Filipinos working there in Customer Care but supladita yung dalawa. Yung isang bakla at yung babae. I’m sure they know I’m Filipino when they heard me talk and I’m sure they were listening to me. Hmmp! The other one was nice enough or tsismosa enough to ask me what’s wrong. After he asked me what’s wrong he didn’t bother to offer to help…Well….. Masanay na talaga dapat…. Baka dahil magaling na yung bakla mag-singlish kaya feeling niya sosyal na siya nyahaha! Sige in denial ka…..

So I carried the laptop then head home. It’s already past 1900H. 1915H exactly when I noticed something.

It’s still not dark. I have noticed this before but didn’t check the clock. We Filipinos know it’s late when it’s dark already. Oooh! That’s why I’m always home late when I’m in Singapore, because I think it’s still early as it’s still bright outdoors.


Around 1915H here……

In PI around 1800H it’s dark already….

One more thing I noticed is eventhough it’s still very bright at 1915H, the cars’ lights and headlights are on already. Sa atin, kapag medyo madilim dilim na talaga. Mentioned this to Bee and he said it’s because it’s a law in Singapore that cars need to turn on their lights by 1900H and before 0700H in the morning.

So nice you know. They’re so strict with safety. I wish it’s like that in Philippines. They’re so strict as if they need their headlights. It’s so bright in Sg at night from all the lights adorning the streets. I’m not scared at all walking in the streets even alone.


Bee and I cruising around the neighborhood hehehe……..

Like I said, in our beloved country, most of the time when we’re driving at night, we’re only depending on our headlights to be able to see…. πŸ™

Since I was so tired from roaming around, carrying around Bee’s laptop, and the heat in Singapore (I get tired and exhausted way easier when it’s hot and humid, unlike when i’m in airconditioned place) I didn’t have the will to cook…. So Bee and I just ate out….

This is what we had…. This is his food only… I had no appetite that night… (huh?!) kaya nakisubo na lang ako….


But I’m actually the one who ordered carrot cake hehehe…..

The meal won’t be enough without green chili…. I only learned how to eat chili itself in Sg… Actually I only learned how to eat real spicy food here….


I have this liking to this green chili… I even make sure I have this in my luggage everytime I’m going home in PI….


My Babee looked so tired… Ikain mo na lang yan no???


Then off to a good night’s sleep.

Buchog na eh… hehehe…

Hayyyy…….. Photobucket

Driving with Daddy!
Sep 19th, 2009 by niceyfemme

Just had a very busy day…

Had my Dad and brothers and Nanay over…

It was fun…

Together with my beautiful mother we all went out for a drive….

He drives faster than I do…

But somehow I wasn’t nervous at all?

Why was that?

When other drivers drive fast (myself included) I get some chills?

Because I trust him, that’s why.

Where did our taxes go???
Sep 14th, 2009 by niceyfemme

I hate politics. It’s just undeniably dirty. Reason why I never want to talk about it. Why? Because I know nothing good could come out of it. I got nothing to say but negative things about it. I dont wanna complain anymore.


But then I was driving home last night. It was a few minutes before I took this photo, it was raining hard. I was worried. Why? Aside from the heavy rain, IT’S SO DARK! How come there’s no lights in Emilio Aguinaldo Highway? Too few lights in Coastal Road? (We’re paying for crying out loud!)

I hate it that we know for sure that the taxes we pay from our hard earned money aren’t going to good use most of the time. TheyΒ  go straight to politicians’ pockets and their trips abroad! I cant seem to find one government project that people are contented with and no hocus pocus for sure was done with it. That they didnt try to use some low grade materials so the money they saved will go to their bank accounts.

These are things Filipinos know very well about. It’s so normal we just shrug it off.

It’s just that it’s already a big slap in the face that even something as simple as street lights they cannot provide! I hate it! We need them lights! It’s so dangerous! Driving itself is dangerous enough, add in darkness of night, heavy rain and iresponsible and reckless drivers and we are at great risks!

So many factors we cant control but the simplest we can fix is street lights! Cars are only relying on our own headlights and eventhough sometimes I get a little pissed when they get me “blinded” with their high beams but I can’t really blame them they might really need it….

I prefer not to compare but in Singapore from 1730H-1800H they already have lights on… On their homes/building/HDB corridors even, not just on streets! What more with their streets? It’s so bright I can go home at the latest of hours or at the break of dawn. There you know you’re taxes are being spent well, it’s in good use. So no use complaining, people are contented.

My dear Philippines, when can we see change?

P.S. I didnt even mention the streets here that are just carbon copies of the surface of the moon. You can’t have a smooth and relaxing drive here.

DRIVING me crazy!
Sep 11th, 2009 by niceyfemme


Went to Makati yesterday…..

It’s just unbelievable that an expressway like Coastal Road can get really slow…

Especially for somebody who loves speed…

(That’s why I love North Expressway.. I can go up to 160-170 kph)

It’s not so slow today but it still drove me crazy…

Out of my mind….

Yeah I’m impatient, do not like waiting…

Here I was driving in Coastal Road going to Macapagal Blvd…

Got nothing to do but sing….

Please do not mind my singing voice…. hehehhe….

That’s what traffic does to me. πŸ˜‰

MAPSA – Makati’s Yellow Police
Aug 24th, 2009 by niceyfemme

Last week I went home to Bulacan to visit my Nanay (Lola-Grandmother). Everything was fine, not too traffic, just the usual dose of traffic we all experience here in Manila.

Had to be in my Mom’s office by 1630H, so we could try to avoid traffic. By, 1600H I was already in Makati Ave., corner Gil Puyat Ave (formerly Buendia), parked in the Petron station there, ate some ice cream and waited for a friend. Around 1645H had to go to my Mom’s office, I was in a hurry but still careful.

Guess what? A MAPSA (Makati Public Safety Assistance) yellow police stopped me and asked for my license then told me I was swerving! My ass i wasn’t! I knew what was happening (you know what I mean) but I don’t want to do it. Why would I accept or admit Im wrong when I wasΒ  not? It’s just not me. So I waited for my ticket. It took him forever to write that little ticket of his! I have to admit though that because I hate what he’s doing and I was in a hurry then and I felt like he’s giving me trouble for something I didn’t do, I lost my cool. I shouted, “What’s taking forever for that ticket?! And I’ll be needing your name too!” He gave me an obstruction ticket, wherein he said he should write there swerving violation which has a higher penalty. He’s trying to “negotiate” something and I knew that. I said, “I don’t care! Give me the ticket and Im not giving you any money!”.

I realized that those yellow police are there to wait for some traffic violations or even make some, and not to help make the traffic better. Seems like they have lost sight of their main purpose here.

Btw, can they really confiscate your license at first offense? I know that they could only do so when you are involved in an accident or when it’s your third offense already and you haven’t paid yet. And that only a certified policeman can write the ticket and not a yellow policeman. Ooohh! I had a lotta things to contest.

I actually planned to go there and get my license myself and make a complaint. Give them their own dose of medicine but it’s word of their own against mine so I let my mom have someone get it for me. But next time, Ooohh I hope there won’t be a next one but if there is, I’ll make sure I’ll record everything. I know better now.

I can see that Makati City, like Singapore is a fine city. I don’t contest Singapore’s way of doing it. But Makati’s? I guess the money from traffic violations, go to the city’s fund, then to Mayor Binay’s informercials.

I hate politics! and money! Root of all evil.

Jul 23rd, 2009 by niceyfemme

I have been wanting to go out for awhile now for some fresh air but don’t know where to go. Im too tired of malls, what you see inside of them are just the same, same fast food chains, same clothing stores etc… so nothing new at all. And the air there? Not fresh. πŸ™‚

What I want to see is nature. You know, nice beautiful scenery but not too far.. (gasoline’s so expensive nowadays!) Since I live in Cavite, the closest tourist destination to go to is Tagaytay but I have been there a number of times already. Eat in rows of restaurant there and the likes. BUT! I remember I haven’t been to People’s Park. Yeah why haven’t we gone there before? Oh it’s a little far but decided to go there this time.

So decided to go. It didn’t stop me that it’s been raining very hard these past days like there’s a storm. Still the stubborn me, decided to go.


I was in Silang here. Good thing, the road is clear. Fresh air finally!


Finally in Tagaytay, you will find a lot of fruit stalls beside the street, like this one.

I just bought 2 unripe pineapples for the weekend and fish sauce. I’m such a fan of fish sauce… Wanted to buy papaya, jackfruit and a lot more but for there’s just me and my mom in the house and we don’t eat a lot so….

Ate lunch in Mang Inasal, its in the junction. I wanted to try this restaurant because aside from this, other restaurant closest are fast food chains I can find in the mall. Ate the sizzling bangus sisig at Php 155, it was nice. Its just that I forgot to take photos. πŸ™


Then I headed to People’s Park. Btw, I just really love the weather here, just perfect. Cool breezy air. Look at the view. Im so high above sea level. I think that’s Batangas we can see down there. The road on the way up to the place is very zig zaggy but I love the view.


Reached People’s Park after 15 minutes I guess. Had to pay Php 15 for entrance fee. Cannot bring the car in so I parked close to the gate. There are jeepneys you can ride to go up but i decided to walk.
Already here in one area of the place where the view is just awesome.



I was in a level so high, looks like I can touch the clouds in the sky heheh…


The view…


The view of the road I passed by a few minutes ago going up.


Decided to leave there as thick fog is starting to cover up the area.




On my way home, it rained. So foggy and cold, I can barely see the road ahead.


The stubborn me passed by here to buy Mushroom burger. There’s only 2 branches of this so have to pass by. Also bought some oyster mushrooms for my own recipe.

Love Tagaytay! Will definitely go back again, next time will buy lotsa fruits and fruit trees! πŸ™‚

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