Smart Bro Connection: Sucks!
Jan 23rd, 2010 by niceyfemme

It used to be good. I mean I don’t have very high expectations from it, only to let me be able to browse and upload.

Then for about a week now, it started to suck. It says I’m connected but I can’t browse. I’m able to browse only for 5-10 seconds then it will stop.

I tried calling *1888 their hotline, and I have to press a lot of numbers and wait a few minutes before I was able to talk to a HUMAN. Then finally when I was already talking to a human, this human seemed to have no intention of listening to me. Then after repeating and repeating my problem, he finally get it then BAM! Connection Disconnected!

I had to call again, go through the grueling process and get this, I have to repeat explaining what my problem is. And the worst part? I have do this FIVE times! Because the connection kept on getting disconnected I had to call them five times! Explain and explain non-stop. This took more than an hour to do. I mean just to report and ask them to fix it but I GOT NOTHING. Just plain frustration.

It’s not the first time I experienced this with them. First time was when I tried their USB modem I bout at Php 4500.00 I think. It was new then. But it was the WORST EVER. It took forever to load Yahoo or Google’s homepage. I was literally falling asleep. I hate it. In the end I threw it out. Not worth having a heart attack for.

I hate customer service. Yes, it’s hell.

We went to Smart Business center in SM Bacoor and it was no different. It was a dead hour and we waited an hour and a half to get to talk to someone. Then she told us she made a report about my prob and I STILL have to call their freaking hotline. WOW!

It’s the same with other companies. Like Sky Cable. Tried calling their numbers here and it just kept on ringing and no one answered. I tried calling for two days. Alright, lost business right there.

I hate that we consumers have to go through this. We are paying customers and we deserve what we are paying for and we don’t have to kind of like beg for them to fix it. It should be working in the first place. It’s been a week now and I’m still annoyed and I have no energy to follow it up.

Yes, customer service hell!

Impressed with Just Host
Nov 12th, 2009 by niceyfemme

EDIT:  30 March 2010

So it’s been 6 months now since I signed up with JustHost in Oct 2009. To be honest I only signed up for 6 months so if ever they suck I could transfer to a new web host and I won’t feel like I’m a prisoner there because I have to stay because I paid for it. I signed up with JustHost in October 2003 after doing some research/browsing online. I wanted to read first whatever good and bad things real people has to say about different web hosts. I came to a conclusion that I rarely find anything negative written about JustHost and after checking their prices etcetera, I decided to sign up. Only for 6 months, so if ever they suck, I’ll transfer to another web host.

Now that the 6 months has expired, I renewed my account for another TWO YEARS. I am pleased. I accidentally deleted my blog before and had no back up (I learned my lesson now) and they helped me retrieve it. And fast.

They are also able to respond fast to some preferences of mine, like payment method. Will blog for any update soon. I want to wait if everything will be smooth.

I guess that is the best way to tell just how pleased I am, by staying longer, now for two years.

So far so good. I’m loving Just Host.

I’ve always admitted that I’m not a techie.

I didn’t even know what a domain is until recently.

So I learn by bugging people around with my question and by trying how things work myself.

Just a over an hour ago, I was trying to make a subdomain for a new project of mine.

I didn’t know how it happened but I somehow deleted this blog and made a website.

I got nervous and can’t believe it. I felt my hands and feet turn so cold.

I didn’t know what to do. I contact their Support, (eventhough I was a little hesitant because of my previous Customer Service hell experiences I had from other companies) sent an email, talked to an agent(?) then they got it back!

Being the techie phoebe that I am, I didn’t even know it’s possible. I really thought I’ve lost it.

See I’m not a very patient person. If I want something, if possible, I want it done, FAST.

I only waited a few minutes and they answered my call and get it back.

Thanks to Archie, Peter, Alex, and Brandon!

I’m glad this encounter with Customer Service is nice. Very helpful.

Needless to say, I’m happy with JustHost. 🙂

If you want to take my word for it then here… Click this and have peace of mind knowing your site or blog is secured….

Edit: 24 February 2010 (After almost 5 months with JustHost)

P.S. I’m writing this because I want to. I’m that impressed. I could totally recommend them. I don’t recommend just llike that because I don’t wanna be embarrassed if the stuff or program sucks. If you want to take my word for it here , it’s up to you guys.

Yup, After 8 months with JustHost, I haven’t had any problem again… And I’m even more confident to recommend them to anyone who’s looking for a reliable and affordable web host. Enjoy! 🙂

Sky Cable Select, a go?
Nov 4th, 2009 by niceyfemme

I’m thinking of subscribing to Sky Cable’s Select Plan… If you’re budget conscious as I am, then this is the best plan….

I checked their channel line up and I’m interested with their Starter Plan…


I’m after Asian Food Channel, so nice that it’s included in the package…. But Discovery Travel and Living is not included…. This can be added at additional charge….

I like Discovery Travel & Living so additional Php 20. So total of Php 300.00? Wow!

I wonder what’s the catch?

I’m just a little skeptical about having something installed again as I had disasters with them before. Also customer service hell. I don’t want to be kept on hold and be told “Your call is very important to us, we will attend to you shortly.” Twenty minutes later I was still on hold. Opps this example happened in Singapore hehehhe.. from Starhub… the latest customer service hell I’ve gone through… Though I experienced much worst from SmartBro when I still had their USB modem…. I so hate that one.

Also, I hope installation fee ain’t expensive and it won’t take them 48 years to install it. Hmmmn lets see. 🙂

*I have the smiley face here. Hopefully, I could keep the smile the whole process. 😉

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