Craving for Sweet and Sour Lapu-Lapu
Jun 16th, 2012 by niceyfemme

Oh my. I’ve been like this since we went to San Juan Batangas where we bought the fresh catch of lapu-lapu and had it cooked sweet and sour style. It was yum! Now I can’t stop carving for it but we must only cook it if the fish is fresh.

I like it with lots of capsicum and carrots. Ooh the clean taste I can still remember. Does it have scales? Hmmmn I don’t know. We must head to seaside market at the break of dawn tomorrow then. I want! I want! I want!!!!

Going crazy over pizza!
Apr 27th, 2011 by niceyfemme

I can’t get pizza out of my mind. Seriously. I have browsed all the major pizza chain’s websites here like Shakey’s, Pizza Hut, Yellow Cab, and Greenwich. Now I know which store you can order online and another store where you can pay through Paypal (Shakey’s). But I’m still stopping myself! Why? Because I can’t give in to every craving I have or I’ll balloon! One more thing, I need to save big time. But with the reward card of Shakey’s, I’m thinking of going for it. It’s a great deal.

My Pancit Malabon
Jun 11th, 2010 by niceyfemme

Last week I went to Mommy’s office to pay a visit and also to drive her around. 🙂 It’s nice seeing Ate Janet again, Sir Neal, Kuya Jeg, Geraldyn, Kuya Boy and everyone. This visit reminded me once again that I cannot work in an office environment. Fluorescent lights make me sleepy like crazy.

We had our breakfast there as we were in a rush to reach office before we get stuck in traffic. So I had tortang talong and rice fish and garlic fried rice. With coffee. I also ordered suman. That’s for later heheh…

Then come lunch time Mommy asked me what I wanted for lunch. I didn’t know what I want, we looked around what’s available but I just can’t choose so I decided not to eat. I’ve been craving for Amber’s Pancit Malabon. They have a branch in Makati but it’s a short drive from where the office is. I can’t leave because I don’t want to lose my parking space. Haha it’s so hard to have one there so I’d rather not go. Delivery has minimum purchase required and I only want a single order of Pancit Malabon so….

For days I’ve been craving for Pancit Malabon.  There’s a branch of Pancit Malabon Express in Bacoor, in Niog across Jollibee but I’m too lazy to go there. I have tried it there and they’re good. So I decided to just cook it myself. I have cooked this a decade ago. One of those experiments I had in my cooking-crazy phase. We even had it for Media Noche haha.

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Tuna Pasta at 8 a.m.
Jun 5th, 2010 by niceyfemme

I woke up with intense craving. Craving for what? I don’t know. That’s the problem. 🙂 I didn’t know what I want to eat. I checked the fridge. Nothing I like. Then I saw cooked penne rigate, just enough for two servings. I knew what I would with it.

I took out the butter and flour. Checked if we still have canned tuna in water. Check. Then I chopped two pieces of shallot.

Here is how I cooked this very easy, simple and fast dish that cured my bad craving.

Easy and Fast Tuna Pasta

1. Heat a non-stick pan. Add in about two tbsp of canola oil. Sweat the shallots. Add minced garlic. (I browned minced garlic always available.) Then saute the tuna for a minute or two.  Set it aside.

2. Then prepare roux. Melt 1 tbsp of butter. Once melted add 1 tbsp of flour. Add water (or broth if available) slowly until the preferred consistency is achieved.

3. Add the sauteed tuna to the roux. Add the pasta (I have cooked penne rigate in this case but any pasta will do.) Add in more broth if the sauce is too thick. Season with salt and pepper. I add in a tsp of dried basil leaves.


Fast tuna pasta dish at 8 in the morning. Prepared with ingredients that’s always on stock. This is perfect with coffee. If only I have an herbal phentermine within reach, maybe that will keep me from thinking about food all the time.

Mustafa Part II
Oct 31st, 2009 by niceyfemme

Date: 22 Oct 2009
Location: Mustafa, Little India, Singapore

The beginning and the end

of this tiny adventure…

This started from me, craving for Sauteed Green Mung Bean Soup and Bee missing Tinola, or Chicken Ginger Soup.

Most ingredients are readily available here, specifically in my bestfriend Sheng Shiong, the neighborhood budget friendly supermarket 😉 except for the important leafy veggies Malunggay and Chili Pepper Leaves…

Since I’ve been in Mustafa once and saw Malunggay is available there, I decided to go ahead, never mind the cost of the trip and all, and just head there.

When niceyfemme has something in her mind, nothing, as in nothing can stop her. Whoah!

I bought some food stuff like this one…..


I like this… More so Cheese Naan… That made me gain like 8-10 lbs in two weeks… That addictive! (That cheese naan I love is made by Chef Sahani Bairagi of Spices of The Peninsula Manila.)


The birdie that scared me. Takaw!

And so this is the second half of my Mustafa adventure hehehhe…..

Roaming = Hunger

I headed to Mustafa around 1300H and haven’t had my lunch yet, so after two hours of roaming around in my happy place, I naturally felt hunger. But in this case strong, very loud crumbling noises from my tummy.

I didn’t know where to find yummy food there. I remember my Indian friends Gopi and Raja mentioning before that there are so many yummy Indian food stalls and restaurants in Mustafa. So I wonder which one?

I walked and walked and chose this one.


The guy who runs this restaurant or stall was nice enough to let me snap some shots there….. Here he is…


I just can’t remember his name…. Sorry!


Looked yum to me….


I chose this.. This has a little bit of everything….. Meat, veggies and seafood…..

And here is how my plate looked like.

Took this video as an evidence of it’s existence before I “finished” it hehehe….


What can I say? I liked it! I liked the seven spice chicken the best.


I was able to handle the heat of this food, thanks to a bottle of water and a KitKat… Eating something sweet can help when you ate something too spicy..


The street beside my table….

I think my jeans shrunk, sumikip kasi eh heheheh…. Ok I just ate too much aminin ko na hahaha!

So I decided to give it some time to settle and just sit where I was for a few minutes.

Oh and it was already 1630H (yeah way too late for lunch) then so I decided to head straight home. Headed to bestfriend MRT….


A street in Little India..


The first time Bee and I went to Mustafa, we got a little confused. We alighted in Little India station. Turned out, Mustafa is closer to Farrer Park station. This time around, I still almost forgot that and was a little confused at first whether to alight in Little India or Farrer Park, so I called Bee. He remembered so I didn’t get lost and walk around until my feet hurt.

See I get lost a lot hehehe… I always end up walking for like an hour trying to find my way but it’s alright, it’s part of the thrill of the “adventure”.

I know other people have their own things they like doing for reasons only they truly understand. Usually because of sentimental reasons that has something to do with their past and this is just one of mine. Psychology thingy. So interesting, right?

Reach home so tired but I still cooked Tinola with Malunggay. We liked it so much I forgot to take photos and only remembered when what’s left was bones. 🙂

But it was good. Another memorable day to add in niceyfemme history.


Off to Mustafa!
Oct 22nd, 2009 by niceyfemme

Will buy some Malunggay and Chili leaves…. (Sus! Malunggay at dahong sili! haha!)


In Mustafa!


So nutritious you know? (In Singlish twang hahaha!)

Will rush now, I don’t know if they have plenty of stocks in there.

I want to cook Munggo and Tinola, that’s why. (Mung Bean Soup and Chicken Ginger Soup?)


See? Looks yummy right? I cooked this myself.

I have this really bad craving for Tinola.. But it’s not the same without Chili leaves, so yes, I’ll go that far just to buy that. I have to say though, that I’m not comfortable buying these leaves as I have them at home. Malunggay trees are plenty in the village and I have some Chili plants. Well, what can we do right? But complain? hahahhah!

So I’m off to my “adventure” trip. Let’s see what “finds” we’ll find in there.

Good luck to me. 😉

Senti: Let’s go back in time…
Oct 18th, 2009 by niceyfemme


Since Bee has to work and other friends are busy, I don’t have anyone to go with, to wherever I want to go. That hasn’t stopped me before anyway… To be honest, I like solitude. I like going solo sometimes. It means I have full control of my time, I don’t have to consider another person when it comes to decisions etc….

I first went to Vivo to have my favorite chicken rice. I have two types I like, the first one I already mentioned, the Salad Chicken Rice in Seng Huat Bugis and the second one is this Chicken Rice from Banquet. This two types are very different but equally good.


I love their chili. So fresh. With every spoonful of this chicken rice you’re in heaven hahaha! Yeah that’s how I feel. After finishing this plate, I feel full and more importantly, contented. Not many dishes gives me that contented feeling, so Chicken Rice is special to me, also because I always ate this when we were still living in the east with a Banquet just across the road….

Reminiscing Time…….

I decided to visit again the places and foods that became close to my heart. Ok emo mode here…. hehehhe…..

I’m the type of person that gets attached to things, places and foods. I associate them to a certain point or time in my life. See i’m the type who remembers when and where I ate this certain food, for example, my favorite kwek kwek (the orange balls photo) with the best vinegar served with cucumber, I ate that in Alabang with Bee when I was still working and living there. That was between Oct 2006 to May 2007. I’m THAT sure. So, by seeing a certain place I used to often pass by at or eating a certain dish I used to eat often at that point in time, it’s like i’m back there. That’s my way of reminiscing.

Kwek-Kwek (To kwek or not to kwek….)

So I decided to go back to where we used to live. Somewhere in the east. Just look at the place again and it’s like i’m back in time. I rode the same bus I used to take everyday. Passed by Esplanade again. This is part of my view everyday.


Near Suntec? And Mandarin?


Even though it’s pretty close to where I lived, I remember it was a 15-20 minute commute to Raffles Place, because buses here are pretty slow. 🙂


In Raffles Place bus stop, where I always wait for the bus going back home.

So I arrived in the old place in the east.

I like living in that area because it’s so convenient. Lots of buses passing by there so yes, convenient. We were even able to do some biking going to east coast park at night because of some space on the side.


Where we live now it’s not possible or i’ll look like a macho femme. It was always “alive”. . And I associate that apartment to a briefly found freedom I had in there. I don’t know. I felt so free then. Just living alone, just by myself. I’ll eat whenever I want to eat, I’ll clean my room whenever I want to clean up. Just peaceful when I’m inside my big, comfy room. Yeah that’s a big part of it hahaha!

After that, I did a little walking near the old place. Just there in the area for a few minutes.

Tanjong Rhu Pao

My favorite Char Siew Pao place. It’s like Pinoy’s siopao asado, it’s sweet. I think it’s just the same, but this one, smaller and the white bread(?) sooo soft.

It’s located in Geylang.


This is close to my heart, kahit na medyo masungit ang uncle na nagtitinda ehhhehhe….

tanjong rhu

And this is how it looks when I order them.

I take away a box with 10 pcs of yummy char siew pao @ SGD 0.60 each…. Lovett!

Since it was already 1900H then, I decided to head home with my sentimental self’s nostalgia factor resolved.

(Hahahha! I dont know what you call that feeling, that relieved feeling.)

Have a good day…….. 🙂

I did it!
Oct 6th, 2009 by niceyfemme

Hahhahaha! Finally!

Was able to make my own Chai Tow Kway yesterday….


My battery ran out so I was only able to take photos of the finished product.

Had to recharge.


looks yummy! right???


Yes! Im so glad hehehe…..

I’m always hungry!
Sep 25th, 2009 by niceyfemme

For someone who wants to lose some weight, I’m always hungry.

Then how to lose them lbs. then???

I baked this banana-oatmeal cupcakes with vanilla,cinnamon and honey yesterday…


Can’t stop munching them huhuhu!

It’s like after I eat like 3 of them, then the guilt takes over me.

Why can’t the guilt come over first? hehehehe…..

Everytime I bake, I gain some weight. Like when I baked this apple pie. Wheww! I ate half!


See how flaky the crust is? Oh and it’s not burnt its just the egg wash I used…

But I love baking so what to do?

Would some people please buy them from me so its a win-win situation?

I can bake and not gain weight, I dont end up broke and some lucky people will get to taste a little piece of heaven I freshly baked hehehhe….

Contact me!

Dugo in SM
Sep 11th, 2009 by niceyfemme

Yes you read it right.

There’s dugo in SM.

Dugo ng manok that is.

I was surprised to see this in SM Makati today.

And not just dugo, there’s also isaw.

I guess this is good.

A way to eat this but you have peace of mind it’s clean.

It’s available at Php 45.00

I haven’t seen this in other SM branches.

Hmmmn lets see if it taste good…



I guess SM have some kind of safety/cleanliness standard before they carry

any product right?

Can’t wait to try this!

Can this be grilled using grill pan? lets see hehehhe

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