Either way is fine with me……
Nov 23rd, 2009 by niceyfemme

Been in a confusing situation for a long time now. Like how I described it before, it’s like a limbo. Nobody likes to be in one but when you’re caught in it, make a decision and stick to it.

Have I made a decision? NO. Or is it a yes? I don’t know how to describe this point I ended up in.


Either is fine with me. Do something, it’s alright with me. Do nothing, fine with me as well. I guess that’s the conclusion. I have made up my mind to accept either way that’s going to happen.

I guess I came to this point where I’m just too tired that whatever goes my way I am going to accept it wholeheartedly.

That is the keyword, acceptance. I just don’t question anymore. What’s the point? Whatever it is, bring it.

Or am I just being the stubborn me again? should I listen to most people’s advice? Hmmmmn… Whichever, it is still up to me, I have the final say.

I’m just not happy with the fact that this is happening at this time of the year. Why? Why now? I used to love this season. Still love it, it’s just these past years it hasn’t been nice. Lot’s of not so happy memories. I know who started this. Hmmn…. Kinulam yata ako…..

Whatever. I don’t care.

This too shall pass.

My crush!
Nov 18th, 2009 by niceyfemme

My girl crush that is.

Blake Lively!

Gorgeous. Perfection.

At least physically, for me. I don’t know but I believe it is her who is the most beautiful and sexiest woman in Hollywood and in the world heehehe….


I can’t find any part of her that’s not perfectly gorgeous. Her eyes, hair, lips, nose, legs (oh wow!), her gorgeous breasts hehhhe yeah they’re the perfect size, perfect shape and oh-so-real you can tell…..

blake-my girl crush!

I even like her fashion sense…

ooh lala

This is just wow! If I’m a man, I’d definitely go for her… Lucky Penn Badgely. Hmmp!

Blake Lively

And this! That b@stard is so damn lucky…


I can turn into a lesbian for you Blake. Just tell me. 😉

My new endeavor…..
Nov 17th, 2009 by niceyfemme

Been really busy these past days….. Busy going places to buy materials for my new project…..

I’m finally going to be doing something I love…

Let’s see where this will bring me…

I hope in a good place… 🙂

Just a little hint of what my new project is….


Going full blasts very soon!

Wish me luck! 😉

Senti: Let’s go back in time…
Oct 18th, 2009 by niceyfemme


Since Bee has to work and other friends are busy, I don’t have anyone to go with, to wherever I want to go. That hasn’t stopped me before anyway… To be honest, I like solitude. I like going solo sometimes. It means I have full control of my time, I don’t have to consider another person when it comes to decisions etc….

I first went to Vivo to have my favorite chicken rice. I have two types I like, the first one I already mentioned, the Salad Chicken Rice in Seng Huat Bugis and the second one is this Chicken Rice from Banquet. This two types are very different but equally good.


I love their chili. So fresh. With every spoonful of this chicken rice you’re in heaven hahaha! Yeah that’s how I feel. After finishing this plate, I feel full and more importantly, contented. Not many dishes gives me that contented feeling, so Chicken Rice is special to me, also because I always ate this when we were still living in the east with a Banquet just across the road….

Reminiscing Time…….

I decided to visit again the places and foods that became close to my heart. Ok emo mode here…. hehehhe…..

I’m the type of person that gets attached to things, places and foods. I associate them to a certain point or time in my life. See i’m the type who remembers when and where I ate this certain food, for example, my favorite kwek kwek (the orange balls photo) with the best vinegar served with cucumber, I ate that in Alabang with Bee when I was still working and living there. That was between Oct 2006 to May 2007. I’m THAT sure. So, by seeing a certain place I used to often pass by at or eating a certain dish I used to eat often at that point in time, it’s like i’m back there. That’s my way of reminiscing.

Kwek-Kwek (To kwek or not to kwek….)

So I decided to go back to where we used to live. Somewhere in the east. Just look at the place again and it’s like i’m back in time. I rode the same bus I used to take everyday. Passed by Esplanade again. This is part of my view everyday.


Near Suntec? And Mandarin?


Even though it’s pretty close to where I lived, I remember it was a 15-20 minute commute to Raffles Place, because buses here are pretty slow. 🙂


In Raffles Place bus stop, where I always wait for the bus going back home.

So I arrived in the old place in the east.

I like living in that area because it’s so convenient. Lots of buses passing by there so yes, convenient. We were even able to do some biking going to east coast park at night because of some space on the side.


Where we live now it’s not possible or i’ll look like a macho femme. It was always “alive”. . And I associate that apartment to a briefly found freedom I had in there. I don’t know. I felt so free then. Just living alone, just by myself. I’ll eat whenever I want to eat, I’ll clean my room whenever I want to clean up. Just peaceful when I’m inside my big, comfy room. Yeah that’s a big part of it hahaha!

After that, I did a little walking near the old place. Just there in the area for a few minutes.

Tanjong Rhu Pao

My favorite Char Siew Pao place. It’s like Pinoy’s siopao asado, it’s sweet. I think it’s just the same, but this one, smaller and the white bread(?) sooo soft.

It’s located in Geylang.


This is close to my heart, kahit na medyo masungit ang uncle na nagtitinda ehhhehhe….

tanjong rhu

And this is how it looks when I order them.

I take away a box with 10 pcs of yummy char siew pao @ SGD 0.60 each…. Lovett!

Since it was already 1900H then, I decided to head home with my sentimental self’s nostalgia factor resolved.

(Hahahha! I dont know what you call that feeling, that relieved feeling.)

Have a good day…….. 🙂

Ex-President FVR with Mocha
Oct 2nd, 2009 by niceyfemme

I just find this photo cute hahaha!

FVR with mocha

I mean it’s kinda unusual right?

And the weird part is FVR seems very comfy and happy!

Yeah, no matter what age, or position, still, he’s a man vulnerable from pretty women hehehhehe….

Mocha’s so sexy I kinda have a tiny crush on her….

Really sexy girl… grrrrr!

A Confession…. I want to be Jolibee for a day!
Sep 30th, 2009 by niceyfemme

I have a long list of things or acts I wanna do in my life…

Some things I’m proud of, some I’d rather keep to myself as I don’t wanna be embarassed…

For the “Im-proud” category hmmmn like, say, travel the globe. But that’s a work in progress hehehhe…

And for the other category which is pretty embarrassing, hmmn is this:

I’ve always wanted to dance like crazy wearing Jolibee’s mascot costume.

Yes. Like this video. Oh and this video made my day. Made me laugh… haha!

Btw, why are they dancing in the street? And Jobee and KFC together? Generous huh? Jolibee’s dancing is so landi heheheh… (flirty)

I can imagine myself dancing as Jolibee in this video heheh…. I want to jiggle that cute belly hahaha!

KFC dance like how a chubby person dance hehe…

I like dancing but the shy part of me, always overpowers me. So if i’m inside that thing then i’m not myself, but Jolibee hehehe…

I also have a lot of theories in life, things I believe in because I personally experience them and have thought about it or analyzed it much.

One is, either dancing or singing or any act wherein you are performing it in front of some people or in public, then you’re subjecting yourself to people’s criticism… We all know as well that Pinoy’s are “harder” with fellow Pinoy’s… So it’s like the perception from the moment you stand in front of them, is more on the “not-really-good” side. Judgment is there already. That I can’t stand hehehhe…

Chori, tao lang ako. (Sorry, I’m just a human being hehehe…)

So if I am Jolibee it’s already on the good side of the likability meter. Everybody loves Jolibee or atleast have a soft spot for him (or her?). If I suck at dancing it’s alright, the more Jolibee suck, the happier people will be…

Everybody wants to be appreciated and not judged…

And I thought this is going to be somewhat a “light” post.)

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