Stop talking BS
May 22nd, 2010 by niceyfemme

Date: 22 May 2010, 2322H
Location: Singapore Changi Airport Terminal 1

And being bitchy.

Here in Changi Airport Terminal 1 waiting to board the plane on the way home.

In a bad mood now. Why? Someone ruined my day. Someone in the airline’s check in counter.

See, I checked in without any problems. Then as I was about to carry my hand carry luggage and a small plastic bag containing my blankets (I need to have my blankets in any flight) a woman called me. Then she weigh my luggage. When it showed that it’s still within the allowed weight, she made up an issue– said passengers are only allowed one peace of hand carry luggage. I told her the other plastic bag is just my blan kets. She said, “Alright next time make sure you only have one.” I said, “Whatever.” Then walked away without giving her a second glance.

Before I checked in, I found myself going in Immigration area. I got kinda lost. I know Changi Airport, but because they’re renovating I got confused. A Filipino guy who is the one in charged to check the airline’s hand carry luggage told me I should have no problem with mine when I asked him to check my things. So I knew first one that I will have no problem with my hand carry. The Chinese guy who checked me in made no fuss as a matter of fact he was actually very nice to me. Then this woman, (I won’t mention her race) made up an issue. I told the Pinoy guy about what that woman did and he said she’s just being nasty. Also, I noticed the guy that woman checked in before she called me, he was carrying 3 pieces of hand carry and she didn’t make an issue out of it.

Really, those women of this race (which I will not mention) really do not like me. I don’t like them either. But I still respect them and I stay out of their way. Hindi ko sila feel at hindi din nila ako feel. Ok lang naman, just don’t do or say anything BS to me! totally ruined my day and I’m not being racist here, just speaking about my experiences with them.

Just leave me alone.

P.S. Still have to wait for 30+ minutes. I’m sleepy na.

My freaky knee……. and airline thingy…
Nov 1st, 2009 by niceyfemme

Snap, Snap, Snap

See, i’m into videos now. I prefer them more than photos since I rediscovered it’s beauty hehehe… So now, I always have my digicam ready on hand. Whatever it is I think is worth saving in my memory card I’ll snap it….. ehehehee…

Waiting for one thing, came another……

I was waiting for the plane to take off and I’m ready to videotape it. When suddenly, I felt something!


It’s moving… involuntarily!

I silently freaked out! That happens to me like four times a year.

Good thing I caught it on camera.

Just one of those days.

I wonder what we call that thing and what causes it.


Makaputol Balikat

Everytime I have to go somewhere, for minimum of say two days, I will make sure that I pack everything I will be needing.

Like most girls, I have my “retokatitos”. Please don’t ask me what that means as I don’t know either heheheh…. I only know how to use that in that sentence.

So everything has to be packed. From either clothes and shoes and slippers to my bar soap (for the face) and liquid soap for other areas. I don’t know but I don’t like the feeling of me needing something and it’s not there. I don’t feel “safe”. Having everything I need is one of my security blankets.

So even though I know just how many kilos the airlines’ limit is, I still manage to over pack my luggage with 5 kilos everytime! (Hand carried luggage separated already.)That is after the two hours of grueling process of putting in and taking out of some stuff I think will be of greater importance to me.

Which should I leave behind? I can not not bring Bee’s gift for my upcoming birthday, which is a non-stick pan. Lovett by the way. Also bought this.


Very nice book. Full of photos too. Bought it on sale……


See? It was really hard for me to decide whether to bring this or not. I ended up bringing it.

Very heavy I’m telling you. So packed with weight. But I need it so I put it in my shoulder bag.

It’s like, “Hmmmn, I think this is way to heavy, I need to take something out, then which? Oh this, no, I need this better, eto na lang. I can live without this one.”

End result? Yeah, 5 kilos excess baggage. What to do then? Pay for the extra kilos?

Excuse me! So expensive. And that’s per kilo so times five.

What I do is I take some stuff and put them in my hand carry luggage and my ever reliable shoulder bag.

So yes, makaputol balikat sa bigat! Wawa naman ako…….

My Dad told me before, it’s one thing he doesn’t get with most Pinoys. We over pack everytime. There’s checked in luggage then hand carried and kung anik-anik pa. My Dad kasi only brings enough clothes and his laptop everytime he travels. So no hassle.

Well I’m a girl. I need my stuff. Basta! Hahahhah!

So yes, after re-segregating my things I checked in the scale and it’s still a little over but the airline guy just let me and didn’t charge me for it. 🙂

After checking in, I just sat there, thinking, should I eat? Ended up buying 3 pcs of pancakes and hasbrowns with coffee in McDonald’s…. Pretty weird because I was really hungry but I can’t eat…

Yes, that is weird. That rarely happens to me as I always have my appetite, hungry or not. So I just brought my pancakes to eat in the plane….


Last one remaining hehehe…..

Click, Click, Click!

There’s something about clouds. They’re so pretty. Looks so yummy too. I always dreamed of sleeping in some kind of “cloud bed”…. must be heaven! Who knows in the future that could be possible?


Looks so soft! And I love how sometimes the clouds resemble something… I call it cloud art. 😉

Imitation…. Best form of flattery?

Hmmmn… In this case I’m not too sure.

I take out my music player, she will use her Iphone and listen to it.

I take photos, she will too.

I eat, she will eat as well.

If she has a PSP, I’m sure she’ll play with it too when she saw me play with it.

And she seemed to be watching my move. I don’t know why.

Pretty weird. Even after we landed and I took a trolley and was waiting for my luggage I was surprised to see her beside me!

Hmmmn…. And to top it all off, I believe she took my photo. I hope hindi niya ako ipakulam…. Mabait naman ako…. Photobucket

Welcome, welcome!

Everytime I’m leaving home, or going back or going somewhere, there’s always bad weather or storm waiting for me. At first I was the only one who realized that, but lately even my Mom told me about that too….

Last year, I went home wearing a dress and heels well it’s just appropriate, it’s so hot and humid in Singapore. What I didn’t bother to ask my Mother or check in the internet is the weather. Turned out there was a storm in Manila and it was raining heavily and I looked like a fool wearing that in the rain….

So because I’m coming, there’s a storm, again. I knew we were close because the clouds changed. It was dark and heavy. So much bad turbulence. The clouds were so thick I can’t see anything in the window.


The ride from Bataan (the pilot mentioned where we were then) were bumpy, but the landing was smooth….. Nicey right?

And I’m home again, for the time being……

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