Cassava Cake
Sep 24th, 2011 by niceyfemme

Two weeks ago was Bee’s mom’s birthday and I went there to celebrate with the family. I can’t decide which to bring, a chocolate cake that I will bake or a kakanin which is more appealing to me at that time. I always ended up with reasons not to choose the chocolate cake like it will dry up and so on and I realized I just really wanted to try and bake a cassava cake.

I realized why I don’t usually use kamoteng kahoy (cassava root) even though it’s cheap. It’s because it’s a pain to shred! I should know because 10 years ago when I was still in high school, I experimented with another kakanin which is pichi pichi my friend Abee and her mom taught me how to prepare. Yes it took me 10 long years to try again but this time it is way much easier.

I love markets. I get to discover so many new things, observe life yes boring stuff for most people. A week before I had to go to Pampanga, I noticed the cassava root on sale. While chatting with the vendors, they said that they can peel the cassava root for me and they can shred it for me too well I have to pay a few pesos and I gladly bought a kilo and a half and tried to bake cassava cake immediately.

It was so yum! Taste test good. So I baked another batch which I brought there. Let’s just say that I had to stop myself eating what I brought there haha. It’s not too sweet which is perfect for me and it’s so soft! They said they like it too. Ok I have to look for the recipe now. 🙂

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