Why I can’t sleep
Aug 31st, 2011 by niceyfemme

I’ve been enjoying good night sleep for almost a month now. Wow I can’t even begin how happy I am with this. I no longer wake up feeling even more tired than the night before I went to sleep. I have been feeling refreshed and have that feeling of not wanting to get out of bed again. Before when I woke up so tired I can get out of bed in a snap.

I accidentally discovered the reason why I had such bad sleep before. When I took medication for a condition I didn’t know I had and slowly got healed, I also slowly was able to have great sleep. I realized it is because of the condition I had. Now I’m healed and I sleep like a baby and only now that I am healed that I realized just how serious not getting good night sleep has been doing to my body. I always had bad headaches, my body aches like crazy, I’m always dizzy and I gained weight so much. I also found it hard to lose weight, it doesn’t help that I’m always hungry. I read lacking sleep does that to you. And you will really need fat burners that work because lack of sleep makes your body store fat like if it is in emergency mode to survive.

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