Fun day in Tagaytay Picnic Grove….
Nov 11th, 2009 by niceyfemme

Date: 07 November 2009
Location: House (Bacoor), Tagaytay Picnic Grove

The day before, we were already preparing the food and things we will be needing in our little get together. We cooked and baked. Marinated and packed.

Then I cooked Kare-Kare in the morning, so it’s freshly cooked.

We were a bit late on schedule as we originally planned to leave the house around 0800H, so we should be there by 0930H. We ended up living the house at 1030H. Hahaha! I know.

We didn’t drive in Emilio Aguinaldo Highway (what?! highway? yes, it’s a highway, traffic infested highway) as it would take us hours to get to Tagaytay because from our house, the traffic zones are a lot. To mention a few, Puregold in Imus Palengke, Robinson’s Imus, Kostal Wet Market, Salitran, Waltermart and Robinson’s Dasma. So we headed to the village’s back gate, to Molino. Molino straight to Paliparan in
Dasma then we exit to Emilio Aguinaldo Highway close to Robinson’s Dasma. There! That’s a tip for others going to Tagaytay from Bacoor and Manila area.

Silang Road, Cavite

When we reached Silang, Cavite the clouds are so dark we were worried there’s heavy rain in Tagaytay.

When we got there it was obvious it rained there. So it was so cold. When we stopped by 7 Eleven to buy something, I can’t move at all, that cold.

ghost towm hehehhe

We got to Picnic Grove around 1200 noon, too late from original plan, I was worried there’s no hut available left. Parking was not easy to find. Specially one close to the huts. We searched for a hut and found one. It was so far from where we were parked we had to pay some guys to carry our stuff to the hut.

view from our hut

So pretty…..

Mommy, Daisy and Earl Vincent

So after the guys brought our stuff to the hut, we started to settle in. We fixed our grill and started grilling. We were getting so hungry.

It was also raining a bit…. With winds so strong…..

Grilled Bangus there! And chicken wings!

This surprisingly is the hit! I was the one surprised the most as this turned out so well when I didn’t even have a recipe to follow, I just mixed in a little bit of everything to the marinade.

niceyfemme's chicken wings

So yummy even my cutie niece can’t get enough of it…

Pia’s another cutie photo….


Kare-Kare. I forgot to bring the Bagoong, left it in the car. It was good we didn’t need the Bagoong.


Perfect with tutong. Btw, I loooove tutong. The brown and chewy type.

We loved the chicken wings and Kare-Kare so much, we forgot the Grilled Bangus hehehheh…..

And our dessert…..

Mocha Chiffon Cake with No-Melt Butter Icing….

Mocha Cake yum

After the hearty meal, we rested for some minutes then took photos of ourselves. Good thing I brought our tripod, all of us are in the frame.

Here’s my beautiful Mommy.


Myself not included. 😉

My family

All of us here…. Great view!

All of us

Then three of us…..

Mommy, me and earl

Then we decided to pack our stuff as it’s getting late…. After we went around in the site’s Eco Trail…

On our way up, we saw these beautiful flowers for sale on the side… So many of these in Tagaytay…


Pia got sleepy while I was holding her. She’s unbelievably heavy for her size! She’s really heavy…


Thanks Mommy for taking this photo.. Then we started the EcoTrail…. We passed by Zipline’s station? It’s the newest attraction in Picnic Grove together with Cable Car.


Hindi ko to kaya talaga, lalo na mag-isa….


It’s so high. Just looking at it, lumalambot ang tuhod ko hehehhe…..

rainbow touch!

Looks like she’s touching the rainbow here.

hawak kamay!

So sweet! Or so scared? Hehehhe….


And the cable car…..

Cable Car

It’s so high so for someone like me who’s scared of heights, then this ain’t easy to do…. 🙂

cable car with rainbow

Ganda o!


Nice greens.

the trail

The trail.

lakad ako

Then we passed through the wooden hanging bridge, I got nervous because it doesn’t look strong enough for the people passing through it. It’s starting to rot too, due to frequent rains…. they should have built a much stronger one. The wood looked like it’s gonna break anytime. No photos of the bridge as I was out of my mind from being nervous.

going up

It’s raining lightly too.

Then we reached the part wherein we have to go up again and pass our hut. It’s high reason why when we reached the middle part, everybody needed a rest hehehheh….. So we had more time for photos…..

nice! and so cold!

And Mommy in hut….

mommy in hut

Then my turn…..

me in hut

Nice view….

Taal lake

Since it’s getting dark already, we decided to continue going up in the tiring stairs….



The we passed by this area where a few hours ago, lots of kids and their dads were flying their kites….

kite area

Nice area for families to set up their mats in and eat there….


All in all, it was a very nice day…. Fun and I we truly enjoyed the day…. Yummy food, nice cool weather, family’s company, great view, not so expensive so it doesn’t hurt the pocket so much so nice very nice!

I could totally recommend this to others.

This is what Filipino families need to be doing again…. Most families are so used to going to the mall and not in touched with nature anymore.

People should do this again, for a change. 😉

Preparation for the Celebration…. ;)
Nov 10th, 2009 by niceyfemme

I have this new belief now. I have to celebrate my birthday or any major occasion or else my life would suck.


Yeah I know. Sounds crazy. But I have a couple of incidences wherein this happened.

When I graduated from college, we just went out to eat to celebrate, in my favorite restaurant, in Spices in Peninsula Manila. Of course, like everyone else in my class (or the graduating class of 2006) I also started sending away my resume. Two months passed and I can’t seem to find a job I like. I might get accepted in a hotel but I’m not ok with for example salary, working hours, benefits etc… So nothing fits…

Then for some reason I decided to celebrate my graduation by cooking and baking… ( I’m not sure if I really cooked to celebrate or I was just justifying my cooking for no reason)… So I cooked a few dishes then I got a job I liked.

Then last year, I was in Singapore for my birthday. We just ate out with a friend. Turned out this year is a big blah.


My birthday dinner last year.

So never again.

This time I made some effort in planning and preparing the food. I don’t want us to celebrate in a malls (so usual) and it’s just not what I’m “feeling” this time around. I want it to be a family event. That even my Mom and my cousin, Auntie, and my niece and nephew will enjoy too not just the celebrant. So either go swimming in Subic or Batangas. Such an out of town event for sure is pricey. So I thought of having an outdoor with Tagaytay’s cool breeze.

I went there last July, on a weekday. I like it that it’s not crowded. And I saw some new attractions there. So decided to come back.

I invited my Auntie and my cousin and her two kids… Just a very small event, just family. My Dad is abroad, my Nanay is too far, and on and on. So just us. I guess the more intimate the better.

So the night before my birthday they came over.

I’m not used to having kids around anymore. I realized I missed having kids roaming around, hearing their voices, just their mere presence livens up the house.

Here are my guests.

This is my niece Pia. She’s 14 months old. I guess she’s getting dizzy here hehehe….


And behind her is her older brother Vincent…

She’s so cute! She’s so tiny, and yet eats a lot. Everytime you intend to feed her something, she will open her mouth so wide… So cute! She’s so tiny but she can run already. She’s smart too. She knows how to wear her slippers. So malambing pa.

Her Lola, my Auntie was telling me and my Mom that Pia took a trait from me, she also climbs stairs and windows that make them nervous, like I how I was when I was Pia’s age.

Oh gosh, I’m so obvious, I can’t deny I have favoritism here heehehhe…..

My cousin and aunt’s photos I’ll post next. And of course Mommy and I hehheh….

Because all of us love Jolibee’s spaghetti, I cooked that too.

Spaghetti ala Jolibee

After it was cooked, all of us can’t wait to have some.

Spaghetti ala Jolibee2

I marinate the chicken wings in a marinade I invented hehehh…. I was too lazy to search for one… Just instincts… When it smelled great I got a bit calm hehehh….

Then I prepared the salsa for the Bangus‘ tummy, so it acts as the marinade too.

Then I baked my own cake. I decided it will be mocha cake. It’s my favorite….

My mocha cake (which I baked from scratch!)

My home made mocha chiffon cake with no melt butter icing…..

mocha 2

Yum, yum!

So the next day off we go to Tagaytay.

Fun Sunday with Ming-Ming and “Bj”….
Nov 4th, 2009 by niceyfemme

Our new friend Ate Jane had been telling us for weeks about her friend Umi’s birthday and that we are invited… Since Bee was free on that day we said yes. It will be an outdoor barbeque….


Food is at the back table and in the grill……..


Thanks Bee for this shot…. Ganda ng greens o!


Hahahah! Ang saya naman…….


The hostess and her boyfriend Cedric……. with the funny tasting green soda…

There are more guests in another table but they were busy playing cards heheh….

Bee ate lots of chicken wings, I liked the grilled mussels, so sweet!

Ferocious beauty……

Then after eating, I saw this gorgeous fat cat! I ran after her hahah I went crazy…..


I sooo love her color! I love the color brown and I don’t usually see brown cats as fat as her…. I followed her like a paparazzi 😉


She looks life a stuffed toy that’s so soft…. If only she wouldn’t scratch my face if I’d dare hug her hehehe…..


Reason why I love taking photos of cats is because they’re so pretty and graceful….. But not all cats I like, I do this rarely…. Only when she’s really pretty, like men to girls heheh…. 😉


She seems to be restless, like walking around in the playground…..

She’s looking for something I sensed…..



Then she ran so fast, towards her…..


I was a little jealous haha! I told the auntie her cat is so pretty she said that I could have the cat, and she seemed serious… I told her no I’m scared thank you hahah!


Then the cat must’ve sensed what we’re talking about she walked towards me, she got too close to me I panicked a bit! I almost ran heheh… I’m such a sissy…..

Went back to the group and we sang Happy Birthday song to Umi and blew her candles in her yummy looking cake….. Then she shared it with us… Yum….

Then after eating, we headed back home… Bee and I thought that’s it, the celebration is done. So I took a nap.

Two dollars! SGD2.00!

I woke up with somebody’s loud voice saying SGD 2.00…. Another one saying five dollars!

I checked what that is, turned out they just started playing cards, Bj or Black Jacks. I dont know how to play that game so I just watched. Bee was playing with them.

I just talked to one of the girls, Rhea, who was deep frying fries for everybody. I took a grilled kamote (sweet potato), which was surprisingly sweet! Very nice, I like this kind of discovery hehhe…. I’m obviously a foodie.

Then Bee lost around SGD 7.00. So I asked them how it’s played, what the rules are etc…. Then I tried my luck hehehh….

Beginner’s Luck?

I lost SGD 10.00. Bad. Obviously it didn’t work for me. I was just betting small amounts like $1, or $2 the most. I still lost. What’s nice is I found myself enjoying the game and our new friend’s company. I liked the vibe and the excitement I was feeling then…

So I went to the room looking for some loose change, found around $4.00. Went back. Sat. Then just played it by ear heheh… Sometimes holding my breath searching for lakas ng loob hahaha!

Then my $4.00 became $40 plus! Wow I was winning already. Then they started checking their wrist watches as it’s already getting late. Those who lost big amounts of money wanted to win them back so they raised their bets, Ate Jane who lost $150 by then started to bet $10 per game! I got nervous heheh…. I raised mine too but not as hgh as hers. I raised it to $5. Then it got crazy.The game ended with me having $40 and Ate Jane lost $100.

Nice day. Got some new friends and I won some dollars hahah! What more could we want? Free food, nice company and some dollars… Nice, nice, nice.


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