I knew it
Feb 5th, 2010 by niceyfemme

So I received a call from J a couple hours ago…..

See? I told her this will happen and I have warned her over this but the stubborn woman that she is she went through with it and now less than a week since my fight with Kingkong, I’ve been proven right once again!

I was sooo tempted to tell her “I told you so!” but I stopped myself. It’s not what she needs right now. But it could have felt sooo good to say it out loud. 🙂 Vindication at it’s best form.

Oopppsss! I shouldn’t be feeling this way. Blah! Whatever.

I realized that life is what we make of it. We can choose to live our lives with less drama, simpler and more interesting. Kinda contradicting but works for me when you analyze it well.

This is my goal in my life. Make my life simpler and less complicated. Keep the few good people who genuinely love me close. I believe this will equal to happiness and contentment. And that for me is the primary goal of every single person on Earth. Most people just get distracted with other stuff. We must focus then.


Easier said than done.

A work in progress. Harhar. Blank.

A letter to my bestfriend…….
Feb 2nd, 2010 by niceyfemme

Hey! J…… Yes this is for you….. I’m sorry that I have to write this here. I have to or I’ll explode. Kulang pa nga ito sa ginawa niya sa akin.

Hmmmn…. You know I cherish you and our friendship…. Every single day of the four years of our lives we spent together and it’s something I hold dear in my heart and will never forget ever. You know that I feel your pain. I hate it when people take advantage of you kaya nga ako ang tagapagtanggol mo kahit dati pa…. But I guess things have to take a new direction. It’s different now. You are married and no matter how disgusted I am with your husband he is still your husband. You married way too early and for the wrong reasons and it’s good that you know that now, more than two years late. as much as you can try to stick with the relationship, make it work for your baby. It’s a partnership and wherever you think he comes short, you try to fill that space.

He is right when he said I’m just your friend. Best friend yes but still JUST a friend. What’s that weigh compare to a husband right? And I know where I should place myself that’s why I’m distancing myself to you for you to realize that this is the time for you to make decisions for yourself coz first and foremost you are now a mother. Think what’s best for your baby and everything else comes second. I can’t always be there to fight your troubles for you. Nakakapagod din ha. Ako na naman ang masama lumalabas. And I have to admit that I’m hurt when you can’t even defend me infront of your husband when you know I was only doing that FOR YOU. What do I stand to gain anyway?

If you ever need me, a friend, I’m still here. Even if I’m not in the Philippines I’m still here for you. But please don’t expect for me to go where your husband is. We can’t be in the same room, not even in the same baranggay. Yes, and I hope by now you know that already.

Goodluck to your endeavors. If you’re ALONE, you’re free to see me. If not, he should not try. Ipapalapa ko na talaga siya. And J, wag kang tumawa dyan… Kilala kita, I’m sure natatawa ka na naman….

Time to get serious and stand firm with your decisions.

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