Finally the sun is shining
Aug 10th, 2012 by niceyfemme

Whoah after almost two weeks of strong rains and floods (thank God we were safe from floods in our village), the sun finally made it’s awaited appearance today.

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I am so grateful that we were spared. We actually had it easy. No floods, and we had electricity. The television was on the whole day for news and my heart felt a constant pinch every time I see people suffering. They really had it hard. People in the roofs of their houses because the whole first level was already submerged in water, people needing food, and people in evacuation centers squeezing their bodies to be sure they are safe.  Some billionaire can give them TAG Heuer watches and they’d thank you just as much as if you give them a plate of rice.

Longest Hiatus
Apr 17th, 2011 by niceyfemme

Yes this has been the longest one yet. I am sorry to myself, for being not in the mood to blog. Well to my defense, I have been going through so much these past weeks and months. Hmmmn or come to think about it, I’ve been going through a challenge for the past years already! I think it’s time I should be given a break.

I think I should exert MORE effort to blog! I should share here even the littlest things that’s been going on and I have so many, even the biggest one in my life will be unfolding. This is my journal and I should keep this updated as much as possible. So I should start typing away again if I want to remember every detail of my life!

By the way, Bee and I recently watched Rio and my gosh, I love the beats of that movie! I am again convinced that nothing beats watching good movies in the cinema house and that home speakers is just not the same. They come close though. 🙂

Aug 27th, 2010 by niceyfemme

It is amazing what great PR work can do to a countries image. They can over hype the good things and make it appear better than it seems and in contrast, they will do a complete news black out to negative things to protect their image.

Perfect example is the country where I am now and our home, Philippines. Unfortunately, Philippines is not good in keeping our image on a positive light. Most westerners only think of Abu Sayyaff  when they hear of the name Philippines and terror comes with it. We have great natural resources like close to paradise beaches that are left unknown by the world. Most westerners and even other Asians think that the Philippines is a scary place.

Let me just put it this way. What you hear about this country Philippines is  what is really happening. Without any cover up, no nothing as PR is not one thing this country has invested on compared to this another Southeast Asian country where image is everything. Even the journalists/media is not allowed to go against the government. But I have to admit, all the cover up and great PR releases did this country good.

Sometimes I hate the hypocrisy but I understand why this is done by them. For the tourism. They have better government. I am so jealous for us and I hate that we have such very negative image in the world especially with the hostage taking situation recently which killed eight Hong Kong citizens.

It’s like two men, one is dressed in parish clothing, the other just let the world to see all it’s scars bruises and everything. In reality, they both have something to hide, it’s just the other knows how to handle himself better by wearing better clothes.

Please no hatred here. That could have happened anywhere. It happened in Canada before. It can happen anywhere. Please no judgment as we do not judge the whole Hong Kong for every Filipino who experience abuse in HK.

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