I need a new camera!
Dec 14th, 2012 by niceyfemme

For years I had a reliable canon camera. I had a camera but nothing important I need to take pictures at. Then I gave birth. Finally I have a daughter with whom I’d use that said camera for lots of photos and videos. I remember even making a mental note that I’d take her picture every single day of her life. Then the day after I gave birth I dropped it that broke it. Now I only have my celfone camera to use. Better than nothing I guess.

I can’t decide which rand I want this time. Canon or Olympus. I’m intrigued with the EP Pen 3. Or I want the canon camera I can use underwater. Hmmmn. But honestly money is an issue. Nice cameras aren’t cheap. I guess I have to buy from a wholesale printer place that sells cameras at a wholesale price too even if you buy only one.

Time is flying by way too fast and my daughter is not so tiny anymore. I need to document her every move. I want her to look at her pictures and videos when she’s grown. That would be one of the best gifts I can give her.

Shawarma Burger
Aug 12th, 2012 by niceyfemme

It was only a few weeks ago when I kind of had a minor obsession with my home made burgers. Well home made because I made the patties from scratch. I love how I have full control of every ingredient I put in there. Of course being pregnant right now I have to be wary of what I put in my mouth.

Then one day I run out of burger buns but I have all other ingredients like the beef pattie, cheese, tomatoes and cucumber. Then an idea came to mind… I miss chappati! I could use chappati in place of burger buns and I could easily make it at home as I always have flour on hand. I cut the patties into smaller cuts and assembled everything on top of the chappati. Then I realized it is kind of like shawarma. It is a shawarma but is also a burger. Haha I liked this very much. Especially after all the hunger I felt after I looked for the misplaced leather repair kits. I truly believe food tastes better the more hungry you are. Try it.

Hotel Pier Cuatro
Jan 30th, 2011 by niceyfemme

Last week we went to Cebu and was searching for a place to stay at. We only have a fairly minimum requirement, that the place be clean, have the basic amenities and a reasonable cost. Just a clean room with clean bathroom. Even TV we can negotiate if the place doesn’t have it. We don’t need extravagant furnitures as we were only going to sleep there. Just a simple place that’s reasonably priced.

I had no idea where we should stay so I searched and searched for nice reviews of budget hotels in the area. Hotel Pier Cuatro was mentioned by an agency, of course they didn’t tell me that the hotel has it’s own website (they gave me their agency’s link) when I asked them for photos as they wouldn’t be able to get commissions if I book there directly. I checked it myself. I didn’t even know they have their own simple website.

Photo: from their website

I tried to do some research online and you know how unreliable those photo galleries are in their website and about how they look so far from reality? Well, I knew it would be a risk we had to take as I didn’t even find a reliable review about this hotel. I only know that it’s close to the ports/piers and to SM as I viewed it on google maps.

So we were pleasantly surprised  that the place is a little bit more than we hoped for. (Well, we, specially I have a very very low expectation based on the price they quoted us per room and per night.) First, they have a decent reception, bigger than I’m expecting to see. Fairly relaxed and simple lobby. They don’t have a software like Hotel Information System or Fidelio but it’s fine as they only have a few rooms.

When we saw the room I can say that we were pleased. We stayed at their Standard Room with twin beds Php 1180/night for 2 pax with one pillow in each bed, with breakfast for 2 pax.

We asked for two more pillows and was charged Php50 for each pillow. Hmmmn…. Smaller room than usual, just the space you need to move around freely. Has two clean single beds with clean white sheets.

Strained our eyes with this small tv haha.

There’s a small television with Sky Cable which is nice (didn’t expect they have based on my low expectations). Aircon works well too.

The bathroom is clean and spacious  enough. And there’s hot and cold shower (that works!) which is a nice plus. There’s two pairs of rubber slippers too.

Since we were hungry from the flight, we decided to eat in SM.  But Mommy wanted to try their Cafe Quattro which is situated just beside the reception.

“Cutie Chandelier”.

I like the hotel’s lighting.

So we took a look at their menu.

Lots of choices.

Mommy and I were so hungry.

Only a Korean family and us were there.

Their silog meals are good, the serving size is enough for one to feel full and it comes with lots of atchara too.  At Php 78 it’s reasonable cheap!

I ordered bangus silog and Mommy had tocilog,

which should be called tokalog as it’s tocino (cured pork), kanin (rice) and itlog (egg). I love the atchara.

We also ordered chopsuey Php120 and coffee. The chopsuey sauce was a little bit too sweet for our taste.

The silog meals are the biggest hit to us. Cheap and good. It comes with either coffee or milo.

After dinner we just stayed in. But by around 10 p.m. (or was it 11p.m.?) I was already hungry. So I called for room service which is the same cafe.

We liked the tokalog so we ordered that again.

Plus some toast with butter and pineapple jam. Hmmmn it took them around 30 minutes to deliver the food but the wait is so worth it, specially since we only paid Php 106 for those nice midnight snack.

Oh did I mention that buffet breakfast is included in the room rate? They served a simple breakfast of scrambled egg, fried danggit, corned beef (which is a little salty hehe) sausages which already ran out by the time we ate, toast and some butter and jam.

This was on the first day. The second day, they served hard boiled eggs, ham and fried danggit again with rice, and the toasts are there again too. There’s coffee and orange juice as well.

If there’s one thing I could complain about is the room’s very thin walls. If one guest turns on their tv loudly at night,you will hear it. We were awaken by loud tv’s twice or thrice but other than that everything’s fine. The room attendants are all nice and helpful. They have WiFi, laundry service and a few CCTV cameras. The other staff in reception and in the cafe are ok. Of course it can’t be compared to 5 star hotel service with a horse carriage complete with horse tack to welcome you but at that price, I’m so, so happy with this hotel. Reasonably priced and clean, plus nice affordable food. So if you’re going to Cebu and looking for affordable and reasonable clean place to stay at, Hotel Pier Cuatro is a good choice.

3rd Avenue, North Reclamation Area • Cebu City, Cebu • Philippines 6000 Phone: (032) 236-1111 • (032) 236-PIER • Mobile: +63 922.892.2805

Wild Flowers
Dec 21st, 2010 by niceyfemme

Took this a few years ago in Mindanao.

I just like looking at this.


“Tear drops” in Circle Line
Aug 6th, 2010 by niceyfemme

Yesterday, I had to go to Marina Bay Sands  and from experience I learned that I should use the new MRT line which is the Circle Line or Yellow Line. Better to hop off in Promenade station and there is a bus stop across the road with buses that go to the hotel. There’s bus number 106 going there and there are other bus numbers but I forgot already. I don’t like walking when it’s humid, even if it’s just 10 minutes.

Yup, that’s a tip for tourists going there. Some get confused, they think Esplanade station is nearer but it is actually Promenade station with the bus to Marina Bay Sands. So alight in Promenade station the look for exit A with the 7-11 and exit there then just follow the directions.

I tried using the Red line and alight in Marina Bay station but I had a hard time finding the bus stop to Marina Bay Sands. Or maybe it’s just me. But I ended up walking for a good 12-15 minutes with some tourists who were having a hard time too. Every time it’s like that whenever I go there, some tourists and even locals will ask you directions to go there. It’s actually better now than 2-3 months ago, there are more directions now and the bus stop has the list of buses that passes through there. Before that bus stop was just a make shift one.

On my way there I saw this gorgeous tear drop looking things. I have wanted to take a photo ever since but it’s either I don’t have the camera because it’s so heavy or I am in a hurry.

Real pretty.

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Relax lah!
Apr 16th, 2010 by niceyfemme

This was when Bee and I wanted not to think about anything, forget about life’s worries and just relax…. So we didn’t even think to cook, just eat out. Maybe watch a movie or something. No plans/ itinerary either– just go wherever our feet will take us.

Because it’s me, food is the one thing that’s always in my mind. When I’m stressed — I eat. When I’m bored– I eat. When I’m sad— I eat. Food is in my mind every 5 seconds. A friend told me that he’s actually surprised that I’m not as big as I should be, based on how much and how often I eat. Hmmmnn… I eat healthy most of the time that’s why I don’t gain as much hehe…. And Bee always tell me that whenever we’re out to eat, I’ll point and want to buy a lot of food like I want everything. Haha. Can’t blame me, food makes me happy.

Yup so no plans. Just go. We didn’t want to walk to the MRT since it’s far so we chose to use the bus since the stop is just across the street.

This is what I do when I’m bored from waiting for the freaking bus. 30 freaking minutes. Good thing there’s no food at hand or I could have eaten a lot by the time it arrived.

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Food photography by Ms. Amateur….
Nov 9th, 2009 by niceyfemme

Of course, that’s me. 😉

I love food photography. I love taking photos of my food before I eat them.

Though I have to say,I still have to learn a lot regarding food photography..

veggie baby!

Stating the obvious, I love Macro shots…

Chx Rice

I like to capture the subject like how my eyes see them….


chx rice o!

I want to learn how to adjust colors to better capture or illustrate how the subject really looks like.


Every time I take photos, my main goal is to capture an image that will make anyone who sees it, salivate.

I guess for now it’s nice enough for the amateur me.. 😉

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