My baby’s things: Pink Play Pen
Aug 12th, 2012 by niceyfemme

Yes it’s pretty in pink. 😉

So this our daughter’s play pen. This has a mosquito net, and changing table (?) that you can attach on top of it. Bee and I both decided on this one as it’s really pretty and perfect for a baby girl. Oh it’s actually Mommy who wants us to get a play pen instead of a crib/cot. I originally wanted a steel one which I really fell for but Mommy said it might not be wise to have since babies will try to stand up on their own while they don’t have steady balance so most likely she’ll fall into one of those railings and she’ll have a bump or worse she might have a bloody mouth, literally.

Again, I am so happy with how well my husband has been so preoccupied with all things for our baby. See he even assembled this already. Then he will have to pack this again to bring here in the Philippines. It’s like looking at his fantasy baseball trophies when he just bought another baby gear. Then he will find something he likes better and will show it to me and he would want to buy that again haha. He’s so cute. I love this phase of my life, I am always happy. Hmmmn say 90% of the time? Thank you very much my dear Lord. All of these is because of You.

Pregnancy Craving: Pancakes with Chicken Sausages
Jul 27th, 2012 by niceyfemme

Recently I’ve been finding myself staying away from plain rice. I am ok with fried rice though. And I’ve been cooking my pancakes pretty frequently like 3-4 times this week.

I’ve been trying to cook my pancakes like how I used to make them in Singapore, I made it perfect even without a recipe, just putting in ingredients by feel, because I made it almost everyday because our housemate’s son Xavian liked it very much. I haven’t been 100% successful at replicating it but I am close.

And now I like my pancakes with butter (of course!), maple syrup and chicken sausages. It’s a really nice combination. I eat this with a glass of my Anmum chocolate flavored milk with lots of ice and eat this in one of our computer carts or in front of the television. Haha I know I shouldn’t be eating in front of the tv but I can’t help it. 🙂 In these days when I find it hard to find contentment in most of the food I eat, it’s a relief to have this. And soon I’ll have the perfect recipe of my pancakes and I’ll try to note it down this time.

Mr Bean Soya Ice Cream now in the Philippines Part Two
Jul 9th, 2012 by niceyfemme

I was able to drop by last week. Finding it was easy. It’s in the new wing of Alabang Town Center (ATC) , close to Wee Nam Kee where I had late lunch a week before that.

I was actually pretty full already after I had my lunch at Cafe France but I still decided to drop by in Mr. Bean as I am not always in ATC. Plus I really want to know if their soy ice cream taste exactly the same like the one in Singapore which I was crazy about for a long time.

The store here has tables and chairs where in Singapore you buy then take your food away. I usually have my ice cream fix on the way home.

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Mr. Bean Soya Ice Cream now in the Philippines Part One
Jun 29th, 2012 by niceyfemme

Since I first step foot in Singapore years and years ago I couldn’t help but fall in love with their food. Their dry beef hor fun (which we thought was the same as char kway teow  are two different dishes we later knew), chinese fried rice, the other version which is nasi goreng (from malay stalls), curry puff from Old Chang Kee which I successfully made at home, grass jelly and Mr. Bean’s Soya Ice Cream. I love it so much I was already thinking of buying my next cup even before I finish the current one I was having. I would have a total of 3 servings a day. I doesn’t help that it’s always crazy hot in Singapore and you have to walk everywhere.

So I guess it is understandable that I’d crave for it whenever I’m home in the Philippines. I so wanted to bring Mr. Bean here in the Philippines if only I had the capital to do so. (I still want to bring Old Chang Kee here. Ok walang uuna saken ha!)  Same with authentic chicken rice. So I tried to make my own soya ice cream at home.  It’s just not the same. I kinda gave up.

Then after my last check up last week in Alabang I headed over to ATC to try Wee Nam Kee’s chicken rice. I don’t know I just had the baddest kind of craving then. Did I like it? Hmmmn. I like their chili. That’s it. Then I was about to leave when I saw a poster of Mr. Bean which made my heart skip a beat. I was in a hurry to leave then so I made a mental note to check them out next time.  I learned that they just opened a couple of months ago. Will do a part two once I get to visit Mr. Bean Philippines and try their soya ice cream.

P.S. This made me want to try my hand at making my own soya ice cream again since I have a tried and tested taho aka tau huay recipe. Hmmmn let’s see if the local Mr. Bean’s soya ice cream will revive my past obsession with it.

Sakunthala’s Indian Restaurant
Oct 20th, 2010 by niceyfemme

Roti Prata. After all the suspense in waiting to have you, you’re not as good as I thought you would be. Blame it on this curry sauce, bland and watery, not good.

I’ve been getting tired of Chinese food because aside from the occasional Beef Rendang (Malay food) that I’m eating, it’s mostly Char Kway Teow that I’m having when I don’t know what to have as it is my dependable yummy dish. So after countless whining to Bee about not knowing what to eat, he said he’ll bring me some place with nice Indian food he tried before with some other friends. He brought me to Mustafa, the Indian area in Singapore.

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Chinese Lantern Festival
Sep 22nd, 2010 by niceyfemme

Despite my recent weight gain and my desire to cut down on food intake, a real bad case of serious craving hit me last night. I wanted pineapple fried rice and chicken satay in Chinatown. Exactly the food I used to eat often two years ago with a close friend.

So instead of heading home after some shopping (which is really tiring), I dragged Bee to go to Chinatown instead.

Then these pretty lanterns greeted us outside the MRT station.

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Maxwell Hainanese Chicken Rice
Aug 12th, 2010 by niceyfemme

I have always had a quest to try and taste the best. Hainanese Chicken Rice (HCR) edition this time. I have read about one particular stall that most food bloggers and even a chef cum Tv Host have agreed to this. So we headed to a particular hawker center but too bad, we came in too late. They ran out of chickens. So I will save about that for later. Bee and I just had to settle to another chicken rice stall very close to the one I am referring to. Normally I wouldn’t try a stall just because of it’s proximity but this one has a long queue too. I don’t know if that’s because people find their chicken rice as good too, or they just settle to this one because the best one is closed already.

Maxwell Hainanese Chicken Rice stall has a pretty exterior and long queues of people that’s why we got curious and decided to try it as well. They are the only stall with long queue that night.

The photos in their stall sure look appetizing.

I am a roasted HCR girl. One of the criteria for good HCR for locals is tender meat/flesh, like smooth and silky. And you can see in these photo that the meat is silky soft.

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“Tear drops” in Circle Line
Aug 6th, 2010 by niceyfemme

Yesterday, I had to go to Marina Bay Sands  and from experience I learned that I should use the new MRT line which is the Circle Line or Yellow Line. Better to hop off in Promenade station and there is a bus stop across the road with buses that go to the hotel. There’s bus number 106 going there and there are other bus numbers but I forgot already. I don’t like walking when it’s humid, even if it’s just 10 minutes.

Yup, that’s a tip for tourists going there. Some get confused, they think Esplanade station is nearer but it is actually Promenade station with the bus to Marina Bay Sands. So alight in Promenade station the look for exit A with the 7-11 and exit there then just follow the directions.

I tried using the Red line and alight in Marina Bay station but I had a hard time finding the bus stop to Marina Bay Sands. Or maybe it’s just me. But I ended up walking for a good 12-15 minutes with some tourists who were having a hard time too. Every time it’s like that whenever I go there, some tourists and even locals will ask you directions to go there. It’s actually better now than 2-3 months ago, there are more directions now and the bus stop has the list of buses that passes through there. Before that bus stop was just a make shift one.

On my way there I saw this gorgeous tear drop looking things. I have wanted to take a photo ever since but it’s either I don’t have the camera because it’s so heavy or I am in a hurry.

Real pretty.

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Chicken Rice Attempt #1
Jul 31st, 2010 by niceyfemme

Whenever I’m out of Singapore I will always have severe cravings for Singaporean food like fried carrot cake, char kway teow and of course chicken rice or properly known as Hainanese Chicken Rice. I prefer the “roasted” one which isn’t really roasted heheh but the pale version will cure the craving.

I researched online and found some helpful tips and I used them in this attempt.

Has to have cucumber. Well at least that’s what I am used to.

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When just about everyone is sleeping
Jul 7th, 2010 by niceyfemme

Is the time I like to have for myself. When it’s quite it is interesting to observe around you and think. Watch people walk. Cars drive by. Take pictures. I guess I really like solitude.

I just love how bright the streets are, the tall trees and clean surroundings. Really, the better version of the Philippines.

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