Pregnancy Craving: Sinigang na Baboy
Jul 25th, 2012 by niceyfemme

I feel like I’m naglilihi again. Certain cravings and aversions towards food I felt during my first trimester but that was much worse because I was always hungry but can’t eat. Just thinking about that phase of my pregnancy makes me a bit nervous as that was really difficult for me. Now I can eat… just very picky. It’s hard to find contentment in the food I eat. The usual favorites has let me down so many times. But sinigang na baboy has been good on me. That when I don’t know what to eat, I’ll have this. I have made a post about this dish before, the more complete Sinigang na Baboy year 2011. 🙂

No need to have all the ingredients, just the pork belly, taro root or gabi and kangkong or swamp cabbage and I’m happy na. Or maybe this is an act of desperation. 🙂

Sinigang for 2 pax.

I was forbidden to eat those veggies with too many seeds as that will worsen my fingers and joints pain. I know I should be eating Salmon Sinigang instead and I used to love that dish, but I just can’t stand the taste of salmon since I got pregnant. Read the rest of this entry »

Proud to be a Hanson Fan!
Jan 21st, 2012 by niceyfemme

And has been for the last 15 years.

A 12 year old 6th grader I was. Fell in love with these girly looking boys (blame their long hair) but really it is their music that swept me off of my feet but it doesn’t hurt that they’re so good looking and charming and funny.

(Just some of my Hanson stuff as some are stored in a very big box as I need more space in my room.)

I remember to always buy their cd’s in multiple numbers to have myself some back up if ever something happens to the first one I’m using, their albums are that important to me. I cannot even imagine myself not listening to their Middle of Nowhere cd. It is always in my Sony discman and I wouldn’t leave home without it. I listen to their beautiful voice from the moment I wake up and just before I sleep. MTV was always on because their video might come up and I’d go crazy if I miss it. Just seeing them made me giddy with happiness.

Obsessing over them didn’t stop there. I even bought those imported magazines especially if they’re in the cover spending 6th grader allowance on them. And they’re not cheap! One magazine cost Php 300! And sometimes even more expensive and that was on year 1997-1998. But I didn’t mind as  I loved reading anything about them. I know their favorite food, hobbies and so on. That made me feel like I knew them personally and somehow there’s a connection between us even though in reality they might not be sure that they have a Filipino fan as crazy as I was back then.

The walls of my rooms was full of their posters. My whole clan knows how crazy I was for them and they gave me gifts Hanson related. Oh and I even joined a Channel V contest that would bring the winner to Hong Kong to watch their concert and meet them. Man, I sent too many entries. I didn’t win the grand prize but they sent me some Hanson thingies including their cd. I love that point in my life, I was floating, high with Hanson. ♥

Of course life brings sadness as well. Their music helped me go through it. When no one understood, they did, through their music. There was a time in my life when I can’t fit in, ‘Weird’ was the song of my life then. Then ‘I Will Come To you’ was next.

Then year 2003 came. I was in the school’s library/internet area. I read that Taylor got married. That crushed me. Tears fell down my cheeks and I was unconscious about it. It was only when my friend asked why I was crying that brought me back to reality.

Then year 2004 Hanson finally came to the Philippines for a concert, the event I was waiting for since 1997. BUT I wasn’t able to go. That really got to me and years has passed I still have that regret of not seeing Taylor in person. I wondered if they’re ever going back. Then last November I read that they’re coming here!!! I was so happy and started to talk about it in Facebook. BUT. I still wasn’t sure if I can come. My predicament then was that March is way too far ahead for me to be sure that I am in the Philippines by then. So I didn’t buy then. Come January, and after thinking about it a lot of times, I gave in. I’d make a way to be here by March. I NEED TO SEE TAYLOR IN PERSON. That’s my lifelong dream haha. Really. I have wished for that to happen so many times before and now there’s this chance of it happening and I won’t let it pass me again.

I finally have my ticket! Yey! Taylor, Ike and Zac I’ll be seeing you! Can’t wait for March.

Here’s the seat map.

Ticket Prices:

For Manila Tickets Call 911 5555
Patron VIP 4770
Patron 3710
Lower Box 3180
Upper Box A 2650
Upper Box B 1590
Gen Ad 530

For Cebu Tickets Call 232 6888 514 3500 for reservations

VIP 3710
Gold 3180
Silver 2120
SP Balcony 1590
Bronze 1060
Balcony 636

Got all these info from Facebook.

Lastly, I would LOVE to meet them in person (as in in a meet and greet kind of thing) but I think I’d freeze and I don’t want to make myself look stupid in front of them. So nah!

Now everyone who call themselves Hanson fans need to show support by going to their concert and not just blab about being one and not do anything. Come and enjoy with fellow Hanson fans. Let’s enjoy their music together. Who knows when they’re coming back here so don’t let the chance pass you by. Buy your tickets now. 🙂





Crazy things I did before
May 15th, 2010 by niceyfemme

Another series I intend to write about. I want to write down in here as much as I can so maybe when I’m waaayyy older I can read this again and re-live them memories.

OK so this is a crazy thing I did for someone special to me. I really wanted to impress that person, this was around 8 to 9 years ago. That person teased me about being fat that triggered me to try taking extra notches of ways to lose weight. I tried taking in a new product in the market then, it is Orlistat, like Alli, and it made my poop oily. As in I see orange grease coming out.

Being the “chicken” that I am, I stopped using that after a month being it was just too expensive for me since I use my school allowance to buy things I wanted.

Oh things people are willing to do just to impress hehehe……..

Things I did when I was young(er)
May 15th, 2010 by niceyfemme

Haha It’s just nice to reminisce…. I love going back to places, memories of when I was young or younger(?). So I’ll make a series of this.

See I still see myself as someone young, is 25 young to you? To some people like some teenagers I believe they find 25 to be of the right age already to do adult things like say getting married. I don’t know. I believe in what my Mother tells me, that only the body gets older, but the mind and heart stays and feels the same. She says she still feels the same like when she just got married and had me. Haha I have a cool Mom.

One of the memories I remembered today was when I was in high school and I felt like I can do anything that older people do. I still had my confidence so high then haha. Like, say go on business. Aside from being a foodie at heart, I am also an entrepreneur. I remember selling sandwiches at school because I felt good that with just a capital of say Php 20, I can make it double or triple. I love that feeling even to this day.

Plus I so wanted to wear their service crew uniform!

Also in high school, I was “invited” to attend a seminar during our summer break. It is where they ask you to sell some beauty and weight-loss products then invite new members. I totally believed I could do it then, they were just so persuasive heheh. Turned out the only item I sold was a chocolate drink that helps you lose weight, and to whom? TO MYSELF! Haha. I can only laugh about it now. Back then I really took it to heart to make that work. I even tried applying in McDonald’s with a friend Robin Agramon and the location of that outlet is just to far. We were that eager to work for the summer. I think the travel distance was 40 minutes. And the sun was so hot I remember. But that was nothing, I didn’t mind that. Again, it’s so cool for Mommy to let me do crazy things back then. What’s nice is after my long tiring day there’s a yummy meal she cooked for me.

Haha life.

P.S. I really need a scanner. I want to post photos from back then. 🙁

Happy Mother’s Day to my First Lady
May 9th, 2010 by niceyfemme

Hhehehe of course, she’s my mother. It sucks that I’m miles and miles away on occasions like this when I want to do something special for her like bake a cake. When I want to hug her tightly. Or just lay in the same bed with her, like when I was young we used to sleep that way.

Mommy and I with my cousins

During the time I was growing up, especially during the puberty stage, we had a lot of arguments, even now as we are two different persons. Sorry for the way I acted before but please know I tried my best to control my surging hormones. I hope you know that I just care for you so much I am willing to argue with you, for the sake of your health (applicable to Daddy too). You always kept your cool with me. Well you are always cool. You let me do things my way even now. I guess you know I can do it. Bilib nga ako sayo eh, you really have faith in me to let me do things my way. I guess you are a way cooler mother than I will ever be. Paranoid kasi ako… And I guess you know that the moment you get mad, I’m scared na heheh… Kasi nga minsan ka lang talaga magalit…

Mommy I want to give you all the bests in the world and I hope you know I’m working on it. Medyo nade-delay lang, hintay hintay lang ng konti…. Basta it will happen….

I love you very much Mommy. I think of you and Daddy ALL THE TIME. You two are the most important persons in my life without a doubt. I can’t imagine not having you in my life.

I am so grateful to God that you are my mother. I am so lucky I am your daughter. I want nobody, nobody but you. Haha. But this is true.

O Mommy let’s not discuss about this post, mahihiya ako sayo hehehe… Basta I mean everything I wrote in here. And kahit na wala itong post na to, basta I love you so soooo much.

Please always take care of yourself and my sister Bambi…. 🙂 🙂 🙂

I will always be here for you. You and me. I love you Mommy. Mwaahhh!

It’s been 4 years since
May 8th, 2010 by niceyfemme

I graduated from college and this photo was taken. Taken second week of March 2006, after our Baccalaureate Mass in our school’s chapel.

Can you find me? Hhaha.

So much has happened yet it feels like this was just yesterday.

I don’t want to blink. I don’t want to be 40 and have like no idea I am 40.

Mar 15th, 2010 by niceyfemme

Little piece of heaven on Earth; that’s how I would describe this gorgeous beach. As a matter of fact I’m confident to call it one of the best in the world.  I am hearing from people back home that it is very hot right now. Well mention hot weather and you will think of BEACH! I thought of the best one I’ve been to then all my memories in Boracay came rushing back to me. My Mom, myself and a friend who wanted to see for himself just how magnificent Boracay is went a gazillion years ago, that’s why I want to go back soon!

This photo belongs to TravelwikiPilipinas and Paul Cayanes

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Batuhin niyo ako….. ng diamonds!
Mar 5th, 2010 by niceyfemme

Yup, I admit it. Guilty as charged.

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Not as easy as it seems
Feb 24th, 2010 by niceyfemme

When I was young(er), I always dreamt of having my own car. The blame I always point to my Dad (hehehhe) because when I was around nine years old and he would always bring me for a joy ride around town, he promised to teach me how to drive when I’m tall enough to see the road and reach the gas and breaks.

All the years past and this never left my mind… I can not wait to grow taller (and older) so I could drive. I just seemed so fascinating to me. So because of this fascination, I ended up loving those arcade games, those racing ones. I promise I always knew the moment I drive I’ll be good at it.

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Bioman with Shaider & Annie
Feb 6th, 2010 by niceyfemme

Just sharing these photos I’ve found over Facebook. They made my daya little better, kind of comforting seeing these familiar photos. It gives me back a certain feeling I only felt when I was young.

Simpler life. Yes. So nice.

shaider and annie

Here’s a close up….. Cutie no?

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