My theories
Feb 10th, 2012 by niceyfemme

I am someone who thinks a lot and someone who is very observant. So in my years of living on Earth, I have a few theories I believe is true and they are:

1. In a family with 3 consecutive same gender siblings, the middle sibling will always be the most good looking one. Example, Hanson brothers, Taylor looks best. My friend’s 3 girls, the middle girl is the cutest. It’s the same in my cousins’ case as well.

2. In couples who are having difficulty of having their own biological children, I heard cases wherein they adopted a baby/kid then immediately for some odd reason, they will be able to conceive their own. I always thought it’s like being close or holding a baby “enhances” your uterus or ovaries. Hmmmn. Then just yesterdayI read about David Bowie and his wife Iman who tried IVF for a year before giving up. Then Iman tried an old African fertility ritual where she held a baby for a whole day then she got pregnant a few months later. I think this happened to me to. I held my husband’s 5 month old nephew on Christmas day but only for a few minutes, exactly a month later I learned I am pregnant! All this makes more sense now.

I have more theories but I need to remember them first. I am so forgetful recently. Hmmmn. Or maybe I am just hungry again.

Johnny Air’s Bad Customer Service
Aug 20th, 2011 by niceyfemme

EDIT: AS of November 04, 2011, STILL NOTHING! Heard nothing from them and to be honest, I’m not expecting anything from them anymore. But never again will I bring business to them. 
Totally bad service is something I cannot take. But living in the Philippines makes you prone to this. I do not get why this is because Filipinos are naturally nice and hospitable people specially to those they do not know personally. What I cannot take even more are people who feel so mighty high that they do not know how to own up to their mistakes and say sorry. Just that, a simple sorry will work and then try to improve and correct such mistakes.
I am writing to whoever upper level management executive who can take some action with this situation I unfortunately had experienced again. If Johnny Valdes gets to read this, the better.
Let me tell you what happened. I ordered a carbon steel wok from Amazon second week of December 2009 and conversed with Analyn Diego. I just had a very simple instruction, that the wok be brought to your Buendia/Dian branch as I prefer to pick the package there. Then after a month I was informed that the package was already there and ready for pick up. When my father and I got there, they had no idea about my package. They looked around them then told me it’s not there. And they had no initiative to find my package. I was the one who told them to look in other branches as I knew then that Johnny Air has a branch in Megamall. That was the time they made a call and that’s when they informed me that it was in Salcedo Village branch. My only instruction, to send it to Buendia / Dian branch was neglected. We decided to just drive to Salcedo Village and when we got there we weren’t given any attention by the female clerk whom I believe is Christine I am not really sure now. So the very first encounter I had with Johnny Air then (January 2010) was terrible but I thought maybe it’s because they are new and SOP’s aren’t well established then. But I must be honest that I almost lost my temper with the horrible service I received with all three of your staff and of the package being lost, lack of initiative is unacceptable too. But i just let it go.
Sep 23rd, 2010 by niceyfemme

People here normally talk aloud wherever they are, whether at home or in public place, like us Filipinos. So I was in the MRT yesterday and like usual I can’t help overhearing things they are talking about. Ok, it’s not like I am eavesdropping, I can’t help overhearing what they’re talking about because it’s loud so I’m not embarrassed at all about this heheh….

So I heard these two white females talking about enzyte reviews and the type.  Everyone was looking at them and they didn’t seem to care. I think they’re more of the open minded type. I think it’s great they are true to themselves but they should be careful with the location as respect for the locals who are more conservative than they are.

“Tear drops” in Circle Line
Aug 6th, 2010 by niceyfemme

Yesterday, I had to go to Marina Bay Sands  and from experience I learned that I should use the new MRT line which is the Circle Line or Yellow Line. Better to hop off in Promenade station and there is a bus stop across the road with buses that go to the hotel. There’s bus number 106 going there and there are other bus numbers but I forgot already. I don’t like walking when it’s humid, even if it’s just 10 minutes.

Yup, that’s a tip for tourists going there. Some get confused, they think Esplanade station is nearer but it is actually Promenade station with the bus to Marina Bay Sands. So alight in Promenade station the look for exit A with the 7-11 and exit there then just follow the directions.

I tried using the Red line and alight in Marina Bay station but I had a hard time finding the bus stop to Marina Bay Sands. Or maybe it’s just me. But I ended up walking for a good 12-15 minutes with some tourists who were having a hard time too. Every time it’s like that whenever I go there, some tourists and even locals will ask you directions to go there. It’s actually better now than 2-3 months ago, there are more directions now and the bus stop has the list of buses that passes through there. Before that bus stop was just a make shift one.

On my way there I saw this gorgeous tear drop looking things. I have wanted to take a photo ever since but it’s either I don’t have the camera because it’s so heavy or I am in a hurry.

Real pretty.

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I ♥ Kanto Boys
Aug 4th, 2010 by niceyfemme

When you are feeling down and low, how do you handle it? Well I look for things to get my mind off things, and watch funny videos. And today I felt the need to laugh. And I remembered Kanto Boys. They are a group of Filipino actors who has their respective careers in showbiz who group together to perform funny dance numbers in ABS-CBN’s Sunday noon time variety show ASAP XV, now on their 15th year hence, the XV in it.

Kanto Boys is composed of John Lloyd Cruz (cousin haha!), Vhong Navarro, Luis Manzano and Billy Crawford. Billy and Vhong are dancers meaning they can really dance while John Lloyd and Luis are primarily actors so it they’re not really good dancers that’s why it looks hilarious whenever they try to keep up with the dancers in the group.

I love how “game” the guys are. Not afraid to look funny or even gay because of some dance steps. That for me shows that the man (or in this case, men) is secured with himself and his masculinity.

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It’s too late James Yap
Aug 3rd, 2010 by niceyfemme

Hmmn… Ok I am writing this because I am so annoyed with James Yap and the likes of him. REALLY.

My point of view is from everything I read, like everyone else. But then Kris has always been honest, sometimes too honest it’s bad for her but she still acknowledges the truth. So I take it as the truth.


James, you and Kris Aquino knew that your relationship was heading to this. You were working on it correct? YOU HAD MONTHS AND MONTHS TO WORK ON YOUR MARRIAGE when it was only between you and your wife. Now when the public knows about your troubles, you’re trying to get the public’s sympathy by saying you will do your best to save your marriage because you promised your late mother in law that you’ll take care f your family. Hello?!? You only want to do that now? You only realized that now? And let’s not forget YOU CHEATED. Hello Hope Centeno, Mayen Austria. Freaking cheaters should rot in hell! And now you’re trying to appear as the quite and good guy who is not able to harm and hurt his wife? You are obviously ACTING here.

You had your chances, many of it when it was still in private. Now it’s too late, so stop hurting Kris and your son with all your drama and dialogs. Stop dragging her late mother’s name to get sympathy. Let her have her peace.

And yes you are much smarter than you look (well you do look NICE/KIND and stupid) by refusing to sign a prenup. Really smart. And saying something hurtful to your own son in front of his mother? Wow.

You knew this is coming so accept it and move on. It’s not too late to be man enough to take things as it is. There are some things that once broken, can’t be fixed anymore no matter how you try to glue them back together. And this is one of those things. I totally get Kris. While you’re still in it (marriage), do everything you can, give all you got to still fix it. If it’s too broken that it can’t be fixed and you realize you have nothing left to give in the relationship, it’s better to give up than continue getting hurt. You won’t have any bitterness and regret in your heart because you gave it your all.

You had your faults and she had hers like in any other relationships, celebrity or not we are all still human. It’s just unfortunate that you two weren’t able to overcome them. You will meet someone who’s a better fit for you. Sometimes, we think that because you are right, the other person is automatically wrong. It’s not always the case. You just might not be the one made for her.

Passport Releasing
Jul 23rd, 2010 by niceyfemme

Woke up early this morning as we headed to DFA in Aseana Business Park. Two weeks ago, I was in DFA to renew my passport but I had a minor problem with the original release date of my passport that’s why I was told to come back today. I was advised to come early (the officer even told me to come as early as 7 a.m.) so Mommy and I went early. Then turned out the Director’s Office (D.O.) is not open until 8 a.m so I had to wait there in D.O. while Mommy headed to her office in Makati.

After a few minutes Mommy came back. She forgot to give me the parking ticket so she asked the taxi to come back. The guards made it difficult for her to go in again and hand over the ticket to me. I told them they should be flexible! She cannot wait until I’m finished with whatever business I need to do inside. We have no problem following regulations, we were just asking for a little flexibility as they are SERVING the public who are HUMANS. They cannot just simply follow the freaking rule to the letter.

I also need to mention that I hate the arrogance of DFA people. Hello. Let me remind you people that YOU ARE SERVING THE PEOPLE, not the other way around. So many are complaining (and out loud at that) about how things are done there. Good thing I’m not alarmed by arrogance, I can handle myself. 🙂 I hope this ugly culture will change, PRETTY SOON. Hate it. Hate it!

So going back, from 7:10 a.m, I sat inside the Director’s Office where it was freezing cold. While I was freezing, I got to stare at just about anything inside that office.

The nasty chubby guard who seemed to get to everyone’s nerves (there were three people who got annoyed with him and his tone the time I was there), the nice clean surroundings with nice office furnitures and the unfriendly faces of the officers. It’s fascinating how hard it is for them to give a smile. Tsk tsk.

I got to talk to the same officer who told me to come back today. He just took the receipt and told me to wait again, this was around 8:15 a.m. Then I waited and waited and waited while freezing in that walk in freezer. I thought it’s funny how I was freezing there while I see the hot sun outside. Sayang ang kuryente I thought. It was so cold I was reminded of the first hotel I worked for where the cold temperature reaches the bone. So I waited until 10 a.m. Can you believe that passport releasing took 3 hours?

Wow. Unbelievable.

I’m just glad it’s just over now and I don’t have to go back in the place with awkward silence and frowning people. I really hope this changes. It’s not the essence of the job. I hope they are reminded of this.

It should be, “Service to the Filipino People.”

Because of a monster beep
Mar 28th, 2010 by niceyfemme

I decided to eat out when I got tired of peanut butter sandwiches for breakfast and lunch and meryenda. I need real food! And by that I mean rice.

They are good but when I started dreaming about it, I knew I have to eat something else. I had to eat out as cooking in the house is not that possible right now because of some monsters. But I am so tired of Koufu food. Well I love the soups and noodles in there but it’s not in my list of favorite foods that I can eat every single day and not get tired of it– like my fried rice, cooked in our wok with egg and lotsa garlic. So I looked for some other place to eat. Unfortunately, there’s not a lot in our area even with the newly opened food court here. Not a lot of stalls are open yet.

I found myself on a bus on the way to Vivo City. When I thought about it, I was probably on my way to eat chicken rice again. Ooppps! No chicken rice for now; I’m trying to stay away from rice as much as possible. What I wanted to eat are those vegetable dishes that are cooked in flaming hot woks with crazy wok hei. I love them and it’s not expensive, of course it’s healthy too! So instead of heading to Seah Im Food Center when I aligted from the bus, I hop on a new bus and headed to Lau Pa Sat. I miss Lau Pa Sat. I used to eat there every single day when I was new in Singapore. I only realized now that I was spending way too much on food then hehe.

So. Lau Pa Sat has renovated itself. Looks nicer and more polished now. I went around checking out what’s available. My favorite stalls moved. But I can still tell if it’s them hehe. I didn’t know what to have, so confused!

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Gisado si Mickey Mouse
Mar 25th, 2010 by niceyfemme

Watched this again. Just have to post this.

Sweating bullets for sure. *Bleh*

I love this.

I adore Kumareng Winnie. She’s a good cook. Perfectly “sauteed”– if you know what I mean. Hehe. 😉

This made me cry at 1300H
Mar 23rd, 2010 by niceyfemme

This video gave me a new perspective with how I should see people, animals, situations and life in general. It is easy to see the bad side of people with how they react with us around and all the nastiness they do but sometimes the best approach is to show them some kindness and love. I know it’s not easy speaking from my own experiences from the past. I will try though. Watch the video and you’ll know what I mean.
This video made me cry buckets. I feel for that poor dog whom they almost kill because of her manner. If only we tried to understand her from her shoes and we won’t even consider killing her. Edie the dog is just scared of humans because of her difficult experiences with them. She was so scared she pooped. Then the moment the guy touched her kindly it calmed her and showed how lovable she is. She just needs some love and understanding.

I miss my Bambi because of this. She is as sweet as Edie. I can’t even imagine if our Bambi is in Edie’s place.

Bambi loves it when we caress her, especially in her head and tummy, how she’ll lay down like how Edie did…. She’s so playful too… I miss going home to my Mom, Bee and Bambi, I miss going home to family.

I miss my real best friend.Photobucket

Edit: I subscribed to Eldad Hagar‘s youtube channel and watch some of his videos. OH MY! I can’t stop crying….


He was bleeding here.

And now I’m smiling…..

I’m going kookoo. I never thought I’ll be a dog lover. It only took one dog to change me.

Oh and Eldad Hagar is heaven sent to save dogs. I totally admire him.

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