Charice’s (Feat. Iyaz) great new song
Mar 16th, 2010 by niceyfemme

I’m loving this new song of Charice. This girl never fails to give me the goosebumps…. She’s the goosebumps girl haha! I love this song….. I’m so happy for her. 🙂

Princess and Cathy of PBB Double Up
Jan 25th, 2010 by niceyfemme

In our house, it’s already a routine to have the TV on since my Mom watches the news until Kris Aquino’s new drama. After that she’ll go to her room and leave the tv on. So I hear the dialogues of Pinoy Big Brother.


These past days I think it got interesting. Why? They are fighting! That is interesting for me haha! True colors are coming out. I like observing their behavior.


I’m so pissed at Princess. She’s a real biatch. She acted like the bully that she is. Her type is just what I hate the most.

And don’t give me the “I was tasked by Big Brother to act that way, to let their true colors come out” reason. She wasn’t instructed to act specifically like that. They were given a rather general task, it is how they interpret it that makes the difference. A not-in-a-good-taste difference at that.

She even called Mariel(?) bitch in the face. She knows that will be shown in national TV and she didn’t hesitate at all, what more those instances behind the camera? She’s just lucky she happens to be a girl or she has gotten a punch in the face for acting (4:12-4:47) the way she did to Paul Jake. Paul Jake: “Why are you in my face?”

She tried to intimidate others by constantly speaking in English and even Nihonggo when she’s just as fluent in Tagalog. Hmmmn……. When everybody speak Tagalog, you should speak Tagalog unless you cant. Grrrr!

princess of pbb
Overcompensating for the insecurity within.

In this instance, I believe Mariel is the only housemate that showed she’s got balls to stand up to Princess. The others were playing safe.

There’s only one way she could make it in the local entertainment, that is to be the villain. Oh she’ll be so good at it, believe me. She already made me crack my knuckles! Haha! She made me remember the past kontrabidas of my life…. Hmmmn….. Photobucket

Then there’s Cathy. She’s pretty yes, enough to have two guys going after her. At first people are saying she’s a flirt while I thought then it’s not her fault she is pretty and therefore appreciated by those guys.

Johan and Cathy

Then she got evicted. Joined the other evicted housemates in their task of breaking down the tower of dominoes and making the lives of those still in the house hell.

She started acting this I’m-so-pretty-guys-are-going-gaga-over-me woman. She also talked to the guys which isn’t in good taste as well. It’s like they should leave guarding the tower because she was talking to them, when they didn’t give in to her whim, she talked badly to both guys…

We have to admit, those actions done by the evicted housemates are ATLEAST half truth. There is basis to them.

I’m just saying, this is a very successful task of Big Brother. Main goal is to make the real attitude of the remaining housemates come out. Turned out even the evicted housemates showed their real colors.

There’s a fine line between being real and being a biatch.

I’m just saying……..

All This Time
Dec 1st, 2009 by niceyfemme

Separated – Usher
Nov 28th, 2009 by niceyfemme

If love was a bird then we wouldn’t have our wings
If love was the sky we’d be blue
If love was a choir, you and I could never sing
cause love isn’t for me and you….
If love was an Oscar, and and I could never win
’cause we could never act out our parts
If love is the bible, then we are lost in sin
Because it’s not in our hearts

So why don’t you go your way,
and I’ll go mine
Live your life
And I’ll live mine….
Baby, you’ll do well
And I’ll be fine
’cause we’re better off separated…

If love was a fire then we have lost the spark
Love never felt so cold
If love was a light then we’re lost in the dark
Left with no one to hold
If love was a sport, we’re not on the same team
You and I are destined to lose
If love was an ocean, baby, we are just a stream
’cause love isn’t for me and you

Girl, I know we had some good times
It’s sad but now we gotta say goodbye
Girl U know I love you
I can’t deny
Can’t say we didn’t try to make it work for you and I

I know it hurts so much
But it’s best for us…
Somewhere along this windy road, we lost the trust
So I walk away, so you don’t have to see me cry
It’s killing me so, why don’t you go

I’m sorry we didn’t make it.

Need I say more? 🙁

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