Love for Hanson
Jul 14th, 2012 by niceyfemme

Last March, one of my teenage dreams finally came true. I got to meet Hanson (Taylor specially) in person! I even got shake their hands. Haha I know pathetic for those who aren’t fans but for fellow fans they would totally get me and how I must be feeling then. I dreamt about that moment for 15 years! Wow.

One thing that came back together with my love for them is the love for their music. Read the rest of this entry »

Roses Are Sweet
Feb 27th, 2012 by niceyfemme

Ok late post coming right now. By the way I’m so glad that I can blog now as I feel quite alright as I type and I hope this continues to go on oh please!

So yeah, my husband gave me roses again. Not on Valentine’s Day but on our nth monthsary. Haha we are corny like that, we have monthsaries. There is some story behind this roses though. This is a big deal for me. Why? This is only the second time he have gave me flowers as he is not the type who does so, he’s more into feeding me haha. So the first time was on our 1st monthsary, almost 6 years ago, then now. I truly appreciated this, I even read the internet to know how to make the life of these roses last. It’s the thought really. And I was totally caught by surprise.

Awww! I love you baby… But what I appreciate more is the time we spend together laughing and being crazy like kids. The tickling and wrestling like Hitman I truly cherish. The mornings before you have to leave for work so you’d wake me up by kissing me lots on the cheek and hug me like there’s no tomorrow. I truly hope we stay this way until we’re old and gray. If you want to buy gold jewelry for me I’m open to that too haha! No really, I am contented just having you. How blessed am I. 🙂

Proud to be a Hanson Fan!
Jan 21st, 2012 by niceyfemme

And has been for the last 15 years.

A 12 year old 6th grader I was. Fell in love with these girly looking boys (blame their long hair) but really it is their music that swept me off of my feet but it doesn’t hurt that they’re so good looking and charming and funny.

(Just some of my Hanson stuff as some are stored in a very big box as I need more space in my room.)

I remember to always buy their cd’s in multiple numbers to have myself some back up if ever something happens to the first one I’m using, their albums are that important to me. I cannot even imagine myself not listening to their Middle of Nowhere cd. It is always in my Sony discman and I wouldn’t leave home without it. I listen to their beautiful voice from the moment I wake up and just before I sleep. MTV was always on because their video might come up and I’d go crazy if I miss it. Just seeing them made me giddy with happiness.

Obsessing over them didn’t stop there. I even bought those imported magazines especially if they’re in the cover spending 6th grader allowance on them. And they’re not cheap! One magazine cost Php 300! And sometimes even more expensive and that was on year 1997-1998. But I didn’t mind as  I loved reading anything about them. I know their favorite food, hobbies and so on. That made me feel like I knew them personally and somehow there’s a connection between us even though in reality they might not be sure that they have a Filipino fan as crazy as I was back then.

The walls of my rooms was full of their posters. My whole clan knows how crazy I was for them and they gave me gifts Hanson related. Oh and I even joined a Channel V contest that would bring the winner to Hong Kong to watch their concert and meet them. Man, I sent too many entries. I didn’t win the grand prize but they sent me some Hanson thingies including their cd. I love that point in my life, I was floating, high with Hanson. ♥

Of course life brings sadness as well. Their music helped me go through it. When no one understood, they did, through their music. There was a time in my life when I can’t fit in, ‘Weird’ was the song of my life then. Then ‘I Will Come To you’ was next.

Then year 2003 came. I was in the school’s library/internet area. I read that Taylor got married. That crushed me. Tears fell down my cheeks and I was unconscious about it. It was only when my friend asked why I was crying that brought me back to reality.

Then year 2004 Hanson finally came to the Philippines for a concert, the event I was waiting for since 1997. BUT I wasn’t able to go. That really got to me and years has passed I still have that regret of not seeing Taylor in person. I wondered if they’re ever going back. Then last November I read that they’re coming here!!! I was so happy and started to talk about it in Facebook. BUT. I still wasn’t sure if I can come. My predicament then was that March is way too far ahead for me to be sure that I am in the Philippines by then. So I didn’t buy then. Come January, and after thinking about it a lot of times, I gave in. I’d make a way to be here by March. I NEED TO SEE TAYLOR IN PERSON. That’s my lifelong dream haha. Really. I have wished for that to happen so many times before and now there’s this chance of it happening and I won’t let it pass me again.

I finally have my ticket! Yey! Taylor, Ike and Zac I’ll be seeing you! Can’t wait for March.

Here’s the seat map.

Ticket Prices:

For Manila Tickets Call 911 5555
Patron VIP 4770
Patron 3710
Lower Box 3180
Upper Box A 2650
Upper Box B 1590
Gen Ad 530

For Cebu Tickets Call 232 6888 514 3500 for reservations

VIP 3710
Gold 3180
Silver 2120
SP Balcony 1590
Bronze 1060
Balcony 636

Got all these info from Facebook.

Lastly, I would LOVE to meet them in person (as in in a meet and greet kind of thing) but I think I’d freeze and I don’t want to make myself look stupid in front of them. So nah!

Now everyone who call themselves Hanson fans need to show support by going to their concert and not just blab about being one and not do anything. Come and enjoy with fellow Hanson fans. Let’s enjoy their music together. Who knows when they’re coming back here so don’t let the chance pass you by. Buy your tickets now. 🙂





Filipino Accent Tutorial
Feb 28th, 2011 by niceyfemme

This guy made me laugh! He’s Michael Bustos and I found this video in Facebook when my cousin JR shared this.

Kind of true though. I still hear some old folks speak this way. You gotta love being a Filipino. 🙂

Serves you right
Dec 7th, 2010 by niceyfemme

Oooh! I love the videos you get to watch in Facebook. This pumped up my morning.

I hate flirts and mistresses who have no sense of limitation and no respect for other people’s relationships. Whether married or in a long term relationship, you cannot just enter the picture whenever you feel like going in. At least wait for the relationship to officially end. (That doesn’t mean those flirts are off the hook for helping in breaking up the relationship.)

I believe that it is your husband/wife/partner who is more accountable for the cheating. In this case, he is the one who promised to love you and be faithful to you. So I guess at least 60% of the blame should go to him and 40% to the third party.

Is this in Market Market?

Oh I have always pictured myself doing this, just to let the feeling of betrayal go. But I can’t. I’m not made to do “public events” like this. While this is something I can’t do, I totally feel the wife for doing this. I’m with her. She’s just fighting for her marriage and those flirts should be put in their right places. I hate how rude they are. How about Assault Charges? I believe the mistress knows better to not file in this kind of case. It is her own embarrassment to be with a married man so she’s not going to make it public and continue putting herself into shame. They continue being with married men in hiding, as this is not something you tell the whole world you are in.

And to that husband; shame on you! Shame on you for cheating, for not having balls to just choose one woman to be with. Being with two or more women doesn’t make you more of a man or more good looking than you really are, it just makes you a gigantic a$$hole! Disgusting!

Flirts and mistresses are selfish people, this is something I’m sure of. Only thinks of themselves. I hate them. Burn in hell biatch!

Cool & Funny American dudes in Philippines
Oct 20th, 2010 by niceyfemme

While blog hopping this morning I read about this two American guys who speak great Tagalog and are doing blue collar jobs in the Philippines.

Apparently it’s some kind of experiment they are doing to inspire people after they lost their jobs in US. Tory Chapman and Jason Cowdin used to be Mormon Missionaries  and now they’re doing a different kind of helping by doing odd and hard  jobs  giving Filipinos a good laugh.

As taho vendors in Marikina City.

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Seoul Garden
Oct 19th, 2010 by niceyfemme

20 September 2010
Seoul Garden, Bugis Junction

It was Bee and I’s nth monthsary and this time we decided to celebrate in Seoul Garden. I wanted to try this restaurant since last year and we’re only able to do it now. Eat as much as you can and you cook it yourself seemed kind of fun. So I picked up Bee from work and we headed to Bugis to pig out. 🙂

The restaurant was almost full house when we got there and lots of marinated meats greeted us at the entrance. There was enough choices but I have this thing where when I know I can eat as much as I can I get overwhelmed that I feel full instantly. That’s why I try to limit visits in buffet restaurants, it’s not worth it in my case.

Bee and I chose  some meats  and seafood we wanted to try first and some veggies for the soup.

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Is Wentworth Miller gay?
Oct 5th, 2010 by niceyfemme

Online buzz says yes and he also gained a lot of weight.

But I still ♥ Michael Scofield.

See yesterday I was able to watch Resident Evil: Afterlife and was surprised to see him in this movie as Chris Redfield. I didn’t get to see any trailer or photos for this movie before I got to see it in the big screen so to say I was thrilled to see him in this movie is an understatement.

I noticed something though. He’s got bulging tummy. He gained weight. Blame it on his frequent Starbucks visits. But still I’m happy to see him there.

Then this morning, I was greeted with the news that Wentworth Miller is gay and he’s finally out. His apparent boyfriend is Luke Macfarlane, who is Dr. George O’ Malley’s ex-boyfriend years ago. Apparently, Wentworth and Luke are together for more than 3 years already, since they began dating in 2007.


I have to say this news is unbelievable to me. He is so manly. I never had a clue while watching Prison Break. Though I thought how come he doesn’t have a girlfriend aside from some photos of him with a woman (or two) on few occasions I saw online which are very few.

It’s alright. You are still Michael Scofield to me. I don’t care if you prefer men than women. You’re still hott!10

It’s too late James Yap
Aug 3rd, 2010 by niceyfemme

Hmmn… Ok I am writing this because I am so annoyed with James Yap and the likes of him. REALLY.

My point of view is from everything I read, like everyone else. But then Kris has always been honest, sometimes too honest it’s bad for her but she still acknowledges the truth. So I take it as the truth.


James, you and Kris Aquino knew that your relationship was heading to this. You were working on it correct? YOU HAD MONTHS AND MONTHS TO WORK ON YOUR MARRIAGE when it was only between you and your wife. Now when the public knows about your troubles, you’re trying to get the public’s sympathy by saying you will do your best to save your marriage because you promised your late mother in law that you’ll take care f your family. Hello?!? You only want to do that now? You only realized that now? And let’s not forget YOU CHEATED. Hello Hope Centeno, Mayen Austria. Freaking cheaters should rot in hell! And now you’re trying to appear as the quite and good guy who is not able to harm and hurt his wife? You are obviously ACTING here.

You had your chances, many of it when it was still in private. Now it’s too late, so stop hurting Kris and your son with all your drama and dialogs. Stop dragging her late mother’s name to get sympathy. Let her have her peace.

And yes you are much smarter than you look (well you do look NICE/KIND and stupid) by refusing to sign a prenup. Really smart. And saying something hurtful to your own son in front of his mother? Wow.

You knew this is coming so accept it and move on. It’s not too late to be man enough to take things as it is. There are some things that once broken, can’t be fixed anymore no matter how you try to glue them back together. And this is one of those things. I totally get Kris. While you’re still in it (marriage), do everything you can, give all you got to still fix it. If it’s too broken that it can’t be fixed and you realize you have nothing left to give in the relationship, it’s better to give up than continue getting hurt. You won’t have any bitterness and regret in your heart because you gave it your all.

You had your faults and she had hers like in any other relationships, celebrity or not we are all still human. It’s just unfortunate that you two weren’t able to overcome them. You will meet someone who’s a better fit for you. Sometimes, we think that because you are right, the other person is automatically wrong. It’s not always the case. You just might not be the one made for her.

Gossip girl
Jul 16th, 2010 by niceyfemme

OMG. I am such a chismax girl hahah! It’s interesting to know stories about other people. I guess this is the reason why I like browsing celebrity gossip sites. It makes me not think about my life while I read about theirs. Hmmmn I still think I’m pretty normal with this inclination to gossips regarding celebrities. I just have the guts to admit this. 🙂

Just to clarify though, I am into Hollywood and even local showbiz gossips and not neighborhood gossips ok? That type I hate. Haha.

So Kristine Hermosa is engaged to Oyo Sotto. Wedding will be next year, 2011 and that the pre-requisites for the wedding has been accomplished. Dina Bonnevie, Oyo Sotto’s mom and soon to be Mom-In-Law of Kristine’s confirmed this through an interview in Showbiz News Ngayon with episode last July 12. The mother and son duo has already asked for Kristine’s hand for marriage (pamamanhikan).Hmmmn, they haven’t even confirmed they’re together and now they’re getting married next year? Well, their relationship is an open-secret kind of thing anyway. Good for them. Got this Kristine bit from


Oyo actually looks better with hair and in suit. Hehe. We often walk pass each other in Festival mall years ago and I didn’t find him attractive but he is now. And Kristine of course is really pretty and I find her nice. If I’m the guy I’d want to keep her forever too.

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