Proud to be a Hanson Fan!
Jan 21st, 2012 by niceyfemme

And has been for the last 15 years.

A 12 year old 6th grader I was. Fell in love with these girly looking boys (blame their long hair) but really it is their music that swept me off of my feet but it doesn’t hurt that they’re so good looking and charming and funny.

(Just some of my Hanson stuff as some are stored in a very big box as I need more space in my room.)

I remember to always buy their cd’s in multiple numbers to have myself some back up if ever something happens to the first one I’m using, their albums are that important to me. I cannot even imagine myself not listening to their Middle of Nowhere cd. It is always in my Sony discman and I wouldn’t leave home without it. I listen to their beautiful voice from the moment I wake up and just before I sleep. MTV was always on because their video might come up and I’d go crazy if I miss it. Just seeing them made me giddy with happiness.

Obsessing over them didn’t stop there. I even bought those imported magazines especially if they’re in the cover spending 6th grader allowance on them. And they’re not cheap! One magazine cost Php 300! And sometimes even more expensive and that was on year 1997-1998. But I didn’t mind as  I loved reading anything about them. I know their favorite food, hobbies and so on. That made me feel like I knew them personally and somehow there’s a connection between us even though in reality they might not be sure that they have a Filipino fan as crazy as I was back then.

The walls of my rooms was full of their posters. My whole clan knows how crazy I was for them and they gave me gifts Hanson related. Oh and I even joined a Channel V contest that would bring the winner to Hong Kong to watch their concert and meet them. Man, I sent too many entries. I didn’t win the grand prize but they sent me some Hanson thingies including their cd. I love that point in my life, I was floating, high with Hanson. ♥

Of course life brings sadness as well. Their music helped me go through it. When no one understood, they did, through their music. There was a time in my life when I can’t fit in, ‘Weird’ was the song of my life then. Then ‘I Will Come To you’ was next.

Then year 2003 came. I was in the school’s library/internet area. I read that Taylor got married. That crushed me. Tears fell down my cheeks and I was unconscious about it. It was only when my friend asked why I was crying that brought me back to reality.

Then year 2004 Hanson finally came to the Philippines for a concert, the event I was waiting for since 1997. BUT I wasn’t able to go. That really got to me and years has passed I still have that regret of not seeing Taylor in person. I wondered if they’re ever going back. Then last November I read that they’re coming here!!! I was so happy and started to talk about it in Facebook. BUT. I still wasn’t sure if I can come. My predicament then was that March is way too far ahead for me to be sure that I am in the Philippines by then. So I didn’t buy then. Come January, and after thinking about it a lot of times, I gave in. I’d make a way to be here by March. I NEED TO SEE TAYLOR IN PERSON. That’s my lifelong dream haha. Really. I have wished for that to happen so many times before and now there’s this chance of it happening and I won’t let it pass me again.

I finally have my ticket! Yey! Taylor, Ike and Zac I’ll be seeing you! Can’t wait for March.

Here’s the seat map.

Ticket Prices:

For Manila Tickets Call 911 5555
Patron VIP 4770
Patron 3710
Lower Box 3180
Upper Box A 2650
Upper Box B 1590
Gen Ad 530

For Cebu Tickets Call 232 6888 514 3500 for reservations

VIP 3710
Gold 3180
Silver 2120
SP Balcony 1590
Bronze 1060
Balcony 636

Got all these info from Facebook.

Lastly, I would LOVE to meet them in person (as in in a meet and greet kind of thing) but I think I’d freeze and I don’t want to make myself look stupid in front of them. So nah!

Now everyone who call themselves Hanson fans need to show support by going to their concert and not just blab about being one and not do anything. Come and enjoy with fellow Hanson fans. Let’s enjoy their music together. Who knows when they’re coming back here so don’t let the chance pass you by. Buy your tickets now. 🙂





Oh Daniel Henney
Sep 14th, 2010 by niceyfemme

You make me feel kilig. Why you have to be so perfect? Physically you are perfect and the attitude, wow! Please don’t make me fall for you. I have my Bee already hehehe.

I really have a thing for chinito (chinky eyed) guys. I remember that most of my crushes when I was young were all chinitos. 🙂

His smile is like he is saying, “You know you like me…” Hahhaha

Far better looking than Brad Pitt.

Wow. I just noticed that I’m acting like a tween now. Oh no, you have a bad effect on me Daniel. I have to forget you haha. But I hope to see you in person someday. You seem interesting and I kinda hate Ruffa Gutierrez now. 😉 Jealous much?!

So generous of you…..
Feb 20th, 2010 by niceyfemme

Someone emailed me yesterday but I only read it just an hour ago. She said that she appreciates my blog so much and she likes me *wink* so much she wants to “donate” some moolah to this blog….

Oh EM Gee!

It’s not a great blog I have to admit. This is just another wordpress blog hehhehe…. Just a compilation of my thoughts and all… But then thank you so much I don’t know what I did to deserve this….

Thank you, Thank you….Photobucket

I’ll add a Paypal Donate button here.

Again, thank you so much. I’m at lost for words. Really.

I have visitors!
Feb 17th, 2010 by niceyfemme

I just have to say that I’m so glad to share my small corner to people from around the world! Yes I know too many exclamation points but this is how I’m really feeling at this moment!


I’m overwhelmed to see people from many faraway countries arrive in this humble blogsite…. I totally appreciate what these Live Traffic Feeds and Flag Counter gadgets/programs widgets have done for this blog. Now, I don’t feel alone anymore. I know that YOU are here.

In a way I feel like I am in the countries you guys are at. I’ve always wanted to travel but financial constraints have been stopping me from doing so. Now if only I could visit the countries in my Flag Counter! That would be so great! I’d bring Mommy and Daddy and Bee and Bambi my dog. Hahaha! It’s free to dream you know. I shouldn’t feel embarrassed saying these kinds of things cuz this is my cyber home. (If I am shy here then where can I be myself then?)

So my thank you’s to the widget companies(?) of Feedjit ,Flag Counter,, Gravatar, Myshoutbox and the others for letting us poor people use your software/widgets for free. I love them!

Now if only I’m as rich as Oprah. 🙂

If only the richest persons in the world gets to read this and in just a snap decided to make my wishes come true! (I’m sure it won’t even leave the tiniest dent in their accounts heheheh)

(Btw, I love you Oprah!)


*Niceyfemme’s in:
Day dreaming mode

I heart Dr. Spencer Reid…..
Feb 12th, 2010 by niceyfemme

And I have a “thing” for guys who look like him like Taylor Hanson? Hahaha yeah they kinda look alike!

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For Jsin lovers
Jan 24th, 2010 by niceyfemme

I was oh so surprised when a number of girls are leaving messages here and even sending me private messages about their LOVE for Jason Ivler. I’m surprised really with the way they described him. last adjective they will use I suppose is killer or murderer. But for them he’s hot. Ok I get it, girls like bad boys, dangerous guys with tattoos.

Jason Ivler is so forbidden that he is becoming too irresistible? And who am I to say he’s bad looking?

Here’s Jason Ivler’s music video found in Youtube.

It’s JsIn!

Here’s a close up photo for ya girls.


And another one.


But then may I remind you, Marlene Aguilar seems like she could be the worst mother-in-law ever ehhehe…. Since she looks down on people specially Pinoys so… Tsk tsk!

I’m just saying. Photobucket

Dec 17th, 2009 by niceyfemme

I love how different the Crown Prince and Crown Princess are here… So far from the serious faces they usually have…. Love the “what if” part where the Prince is a “house-band” ……… Like I’m back in my teen years, when love could be as “light” and fun….

Me being me, I’m one of the last ones to watch or be in in whatever is in. Like when everyone’s going crazy over Twilight, I didn’t care, watched it after a few months then I got what they meant. I’m the last one getting crazy for them heheheh……..

Better late than never……..

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