Relax lah!
Apr 16th, 2010 by niceyfemme

This was when Bee and I wanted not to think about anything, forget about life’s worries and just relax…. So we didn’t even think to cook, just eat out. Maybe watch a movie or something. No plans/ itinerary either– just go wherever our feet will take us.

Because it’s me, food is the one thing that’s always in my mind. When I’m stressed — I eat. When I’m bored– I eat. When I’m sad— I eat. Food is in my mind every 5 seconds. A friend told me that he’s actually surprised that I’m not as big as I should be, based on how much and how often I eat. Hmmmnn… I eat healthy most of the time that’s why I don’t gain as much hehe…. And Bee always tell me that whenever we’re out to eat, I’ll point and want to buy a lot of food like I want everything. Haha. Can’t blame me, food makes me happy.

Yup so no plans. Just go. We didn’t want to walk to the MRT since it’s far so we chose to use the bus since the stop is just across the street.

This is what I do when I’m bored from waiting for the freaking bus. 30 freaking minutes. Good thing there’s no food at hand or I could have eaten a lot by the time it arrived.

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Unsual (but exquisite) Architecture…..
Nov 5th, 2009 by niceyfemme

Ms. Click, Click!

I love taking photos. I snap every interesting thing I see.

Recently this is one of those things that catched my eye.


This is Singapore’s newest mall, Ion Mall in Orchard Road. I like how this is designed. So far from Philippines’ style.


They like those kind of design that is kinda weird, but good kind of weird, that you don’t usually see it anywhere. Remember they have Esplanade that’s designed after Durian fruit?


And they like those big as in big posts like the one in this photo….

Sooo taba!


Btw, this is a very nice mall, lots of high end boutiques there as you can see in these photos.


I like how spacious it is…..


Very nice ehh?


It’s just so humid outside so rather be inside the mall where it’s airconditioned hehehhe….


And it’s so close to the MRT, see the web thingy at the right? That’s it, high excalator going two levels down if I remember it correctly….

I remember there’s a condominium currently under construction…. The design is like shoe boxes put on top of one another…. Hmmmn that one is really interesting. I’m so excited to see that when that’s finished.

I hope we get to see nice architectural designs in the Philippines… soon.

Mustafa Part II
Oct 31st, 2009 by niceyfemme

Date: 22 Oct 2009
Location: Mustafa, Little India, Singapore

The beginning and the end

of this tiny adventure…

This started from me, craving for Sauteed Green Mung Bean Soup and Bee missing Tinola, or Chicken Ginger Soup.

Most ingredients are readily available here, specifically in my bestfriend Sheng Shiong, the neighborhood budget friendly supermarket 😉 except for the important leafy veggies Malunggay and Chili Pepper Leaves…

Since I’ve been in Mustafa once and saw Malunggay is available there, I decided to go ahead, never mind the cost of the trip and all, and just head there.

When niceyfemme has something in her mind, nothing, as in nothing can stop her. Whoah!

I bought some food stuff like this one…..


I like this… More so Cheese Naan… That made me gain like 8-10 lbs in two weeks… That addictive! (That cheese naan I love is made by Chef Sahani Bairagi of Spices of The Peninsula Manila.)


The birdie that scared me. Takaw!

And so this is the second half of my Mustafa adventure hehehhe…..

Roaming = Hunger

I headed to Mustafa around 1300H and haven’t had my lunch yet, so after two hours of roaming around in my happy place, I naturally felt hunger. But in this case strong, very loud crumbling noises from my tummy.

I didn’t know where to find yummy food there. I remember my Indian friends Gopi and Raja mentioning before that there are so many yummy Indian food stalls and restaurants in Mustafa. So I wonder which one?

I walked and walked and chose this one.


The guy who runs this restaurant or stall was nice enough to let me snap some shots there….. Here he is…


I just can’t remember his name…. Sorry!


Looked yum to me….


I chose this.. This has a little bit of everything….. Meat, veggies and seafood…..

And here is how my plate looked like.

Took this video as an evidence of it’s existence before I “finished” it hehehe….


What can I say? I liked it! I liked the seven spice chicken the best.


I was able to handle the heat of this food, thanks to a bottle of water and a KitKat… Eating something sweet can help when you ate something too spicy..


The street beside my table….

I think my jeans shrunk, sumikip kasi eh heheheh…. Ok I just ate too much aminin ko na hahaha!

So I decided to give it some time to settle and just sit where I was for a few minutes.

Oh and it was already 1630H (yeah way too late for lunch) then so I decided to head straight home. Headed to bestfriend MRT….


A street in Little India..


The first time Bee and I went to Mustafa, we got a little confused. We alighted in Little India station. Turned out, Mustafa is closer to Farrer Park station. This time around, I still almost forgot that and was a little confused at first whether to alight in Little India or Farrer Park, so I called Bee. He remembered so I didn’t get lost and walk around until my feet hurt.

See I get lost a lot hehehe… I always end up walking for like an hour trying to find my way but it’s alright, it’s part of the thrill of the “adventure”.

I know other people have their own things they like doing for reasons only they truly understand. Usually because of sentimental reasons that has something to do with their past and this is just one of mine. Psychology thingy. So interesting, right?

Reach home so tired but I still cooked Tinola with Malunggay. We liked it so much I forgot to take photos and only remembered when what’s left was bones. 🙂

But it was good. Another memorable day to add in niceyfemme history.


Off to Mustafa!
Oct 22nd, 2009 by niceyfemme

Will buy some Malunggay and Chili leaves…. (Sus! Malunggay at dahong sili! haha!)


In Mustafa!


So nutritious you know? (In Singlish twang hahaha!)

Will rush now, I don’t know if they have plenty of stocks in there.

I want to cook Munggo and Tinola, that’s why. (Mung Bean Soup and Chicken Ginger Soup?)


See? Looks yummy right? I cooked this myself.

I have this really bad craving for Tinola.. But it’s not the same without Chili leaves, so yes, I’ll go that far just to buy that. I have to say though, that I’m not comfortable buying these leaves as I have them at home. Malunggay trees are plenty in the village and I have some Chili plants. Well, what can we do right? But complain? hahahhah!

So I’m off to my “adventure” trip. Let’s see what “finds” we’ll find in there.

Good luck to me. 😉

Off to Sentosa…… Part 1
Oct 20th, 2009 by niceyfemme

Sentosa…. so chic!

I’ve been living in and out of this country for a long time now but I didnt have any interest to go out before and try and see the tourist spots here…


First reason, I really enjoy the comforts of home. I love how comfortable my room is. I feel safe inside the house. Ask me what an ideal day for me is, I’ll tell you it’s chilling at home, maybe cook a bit, watch any of my favorite tv series, lay down in bed…. oh heaven!

Second, I know that if we’re going out, it means we have to spend. Spend money on bus, Mrt, food (and I eat alot) and I might get tempted to buy some things… So better be safe and stay at home….

Since I called Singapore my second home, I believe I have only been on one tourist spot here (malls excluded hehehe) it’s the Singapore Flyer. Myself and a friend, night time just for kicks. Pretty pricey, around SGD30.00 per person. It’s like a pretty big ferris wheel but you don’t feel it moving. So comfortable, it’s airconditioned, spacious it can fit up to 25 persons at once? (hope I remember it right)… and one full rotation will take around 30 minutes… So relaxing I remember…. Unfortunately, no photos. It was unplanned. Singapore night scene was so beautiful then. Still is. I just know that more buildings are under construction in the area, I hope the view isn’t ruined. I know they won’t let it happen. 🙂


I love how it changes it’s colors, they look so pretty at night!


So spacious you can even arrange an elegant sit down dinner for you and your wife or girlfriend…. It was fun….

Here we were on our way to MRT….. Btw, you can see in this video, the yellow blouse(?) or shirt I mentioned I bought in a sale when we went to watch in cathay? when we went out for jalan jalan? we bought at 80% off! I really like it… Who can tell it’s priced at SGD5.00? or roughly around Php150-160? Lovett!

And after this video, I bought my favorite gulaman… In Pinas, we call it Chinese gulaman, here it’s called grass jelly.

Change of heart….

This time, Bee recommended Sentosa and I was like why not? (Problem is I wore jeans, we’re going to the beach and I’m wearing jeans?!)

We were thinking if we should go by cable car. But for people who wants to save while still able to see things and nature, we can’t make the decision. I didn’t know there is another way of going there, by train, by Sentosa Express.

So we headed to Vivo City where the train is. Of course going there, we’ll pass by boutiques. Window shopping a bit on our way to the train. Bee went in one store, with sale. I browsed the stuff. Saw one, seems pretty interesting. I had no intention of buying but tried it on for size. I was hooked. I reason with myself thinking with this pair of shoes, I could wear this with dresses and even jeans. So it’s okey. Had to buy it. At SGD 109.00 original price, I bought it at SGD 49.00! Wow!


He insisted we try that as that one is cheaper just SGD 3.00 per person (cable car is SGD 11.00). I actually enjoyed the train ride. I like riding in trains, especially small, cute ones… As I see, they have a lot of that here. There’s one in Changi Airport, used to transfer to Terminals 1, 2, and 3 so comfortably. Now I discovered, there’s one going to Sentosa too.

You can see in this video, niceyfemme showing off so proudly her new shoes!

Here we were going to Siloso Beach… I like how Sentosa looks…

Here in the sands of Siloso….. Almost dark…..

I loove the smell of the sea…. So fresh!




Bee here…


Bee again…

Here’s Songs of the Sea shot from afar….


I’ll take a better shot next time….

Since we were running out of time as it was so late, we decided to try the Luge and other things next time… So there will definitely going to be a Part 2….


Senti: Let’s go back in time…
Oct 18th, 2009 by niceyfemme


Since Bee has to work and other friends are busy, I don’t have anyone to go with, to wherever I want to go. That hasn’t stopped me before anyway… To be honest, I like solitude. I like going solo sometimes. It means I have full control of my time, I don’t have to consider another person when it comes to decisions etc….

I first went to Vivo to have my favorite chicken rice. I have two types I like, the first one I already mentioned, the Salad Chicken Rice in Seng Huat Bugis and the second one is this Chicken Rice from Banquet. This two types are very different but equally good.


I love their chili. So fresh. With every spoonful of this chicken rice you’re in heaven hahaha! Yeah that’s how I feel. After finishing this plate, I feel full and more importantly, contented. Not many dishes gives me that contented feeling, so Chicken Rice is special to me, also because I always ate this when we were still living in the east with a Banquet just across the road….

Reminiscing Time…….

I decided to visit again the places and foods that became close to my heart. Ok emo mode here…. hehehhe…..

I’m the type of person that gets attached to things, places and foods. I associate them to a certain point or time in my life. See i’m the type who remembers when and where I ate this certain food, for example, my favorite kwek kwek (the orange balls photo) with the best vinegar served with cucumber, I ate that in Alabang with Bee when I was still working and living there. That was between Oct 2006 to May 2007. I’m THAT sure. So, by seeing a certain place I used to often pass by at or eating a certain dish I used to eat often at that point in time, it’s like i’m back there. That’s my way of reminiscing.

Kwek-Kwek (To kwek or not to kwek….)

So I decided to go back to where we used to live. Somewhere in the east. Just look at the place again and it’s like i’m back in time. I rode the same bus I used to take everyday. Passed by Esplanade again. This is part of my view everyday.


Near Suntec? And Mandarin?


Even though it’s pretty close to where I lived, I remember it was a 15-20 minute commute to Raffles Place, because buses here are pretty slow. 🙂


In Raffles Place bus stop, where I always wait for the bus going back home.

So I arrived in the old place in the east.

I like living in that area because it’s so convenient. Lots of buses passing by there so yes, convenient. We were even able to do some biking going to east coast park at night because of some space on the side.


Where we live now it’s not possible or i’ll look like a macho femme. It was always “alive”. . And I associate that apartment to a briefly found freedom I had in there. I don’t know. I felt so free then. Just living alone, just by myself. I’ll eat whenever I want to eat, I’ll clean my room whenever I want to clean up. Just peaceful when I’m inside my big, comfy room. Yeah that’s a big part of it hahaha!

After that, I did a little walking near the old place. Just there in the area for a few minutes.

Tanjong Rhu Pao

My favorite Char Siew Pao place. It’s like Pinoy’s siopao asado, it’s sweet. I think it’s just the same, but this one, smaller and the white bread(?) sooo soft.

It’s located in Geylang.


This is close to my heart, kahit na medyo masungit ang uncle na nagtitinda ehhhehhe….

tanjong rhu

And this is how it looks when I order them.

I take away a box with 10 pcs of yummy char siew pao @ SGD 0.60 each…. Lovett!

Since it was already 1900H then, I decided to head home with my sentimental self’s nostalgia factor resolved.

(Hahahha! I dont know what you call that feeling, that relieved feeling.)

Have a good day…….. 🙂

Jalan, Jalan (Walk or Lakad)
Oct 16th, 2009 by niceyfemme

Hyperactive this past few days.

I need to be out of the house! I need to see people, and places and FOOD!

So again, Bee and I headed to my best friend… the MRT. I mean it’s so convenient, I don’t mind having to stand up sometimes. I love the MRT system here.


Though I have to admit, I still have to “consult” this from time to time….

So B and I decided to watch a movie… Since I have a certain “privilege” from UOB, we chose The Grand Cathay… (I still want to save some dollars hehehhe…. Have a specific movie in mind but then if something better is showing then sure, whatever seems better.

Jalan, Jalan….

If you have lived or atleast been to Singapore you’ll know that you will have to do a lot of walking in here. For example, you can only alight in the bus stop. You can scream your lungs out telling the driver to stop and he won’t stop hehehhe…. So you have to walk to where EXACTLY you’re going….. Unlike in Manila… Oh you know what I mean fellow Pinoys….


I lose a couple of lbs whenever i’m here i’m telling you….. I think that’s a good thing… Niceyfemme needs some exercise… Chabelita na ako eh…..

So from Dhouby Ghaut Interchange (MRT) we have to walk to the cinema house….

Discovery of Video (Mode) Camera

My relationship with my digicam has been counting a couple of years now but since a digicam falls under the “techie stuff” category I know nothing much about it. So I only know how to point and shoot in Auto mode. Fortunately, I got to talk to the person who sold the camera to me… I call him Canon (LOL!) and it’s alright with him… It’s a lambing term so he doesn’t get upset every time I ask him about camera settings stuff…. So I discovered the video mode which I appreciate so much now! It’s more alive hehehe!

Powershot G9

See i’m not interested with another newer version of this camera coz what’s the use if I don’t even know how to maximize its use?

So I ask B to be the “camera guy”… Have a problem though, I’m camera shy. He has to insists on shooting while people look at us and I’m busy blushing. Whenever I’m embarrassed, I laugh. (You’ll see that in the video..)
So we record ourselves while walking under the heat of the sun…

Btw, Bee’s teasing me… He’s always like that… When I’m embarrassed, he’s happy…. 🙂

So we chose Surrogates… Here we were, paying for the tickets… I love how you can “relive” what already happened just by watching its video… lovett!

We were early for the next showing time, like we had to wait for 80 minutes… So went to Plaza Singapura… On the way there, we passed by a This Fashion outlet (it’s an affordable ready-to-wear boutique) with a Sale of up to 80% off! Of course who could resist that? I’m saving so we went inside with only the intention of looking around their stuff… I ended up liking a dress, original price is SGD36.00 I bought at around SGD5.50, a brown bolero at SGD24.00 bought at SGD4+, and a yellow blouse (which I also have worn as of this writing to Sentosa) at I think SGD30.00 around SGD5+. All three at 80% off! Hahahaha! I was so happy, we only paid around SGD16.00! What a bargain… I ended up using the bolero in the movie house but that’s getting ahead of the story….

I got so amused with most of the stuff there time ran fast we had no time left for dinner…

I think it was my first time in the Grand Cathay… The cinema house is so nice! Grand it is… It’s now my favorite… I love the curtains, sound was nice, sooo cold! eye lovett! I wanted to take photos of the cinema house but I was scared that they might think i’m a movie “pirate”….. heheheh…

So we chose Surrogates starring Bruce Willis… A month ago I believe I saw it’s trailer and it seems like a good movie… I like the story and the graphics…

His surrogate just looks weird, like a Ken. Human’s laziest state if ever that happens in the future… I believe.


Nice, right?

The movie is fine…. Just not as great as I expected…. Still a good watch though….

I munched down two packets of cashew nuts and coke… yummy! It was so cold there I had to use the newly bought bolero….

It was already around 2130H when we finished the movie…. So I was….


No matter how hungry I am, I still can’t easily decide on what to eat… Like with everything, I always weigh my options… Like in this video….

Bee has been so so nice, extra nice…. Extra patient with my fickle minded, hyperactive self these days… And I appreciate all these mind you… 😉

At the end of the day, my feet were hurting, my back was sore from cold, and I was HAPPY….


Mga Batang Palaboy in Singapore…. (Nomad kids in Sg?)
Oct 14th, 2009 by niceyfemme

NICEYFEMME gets bored easily.

Since it’s his rest day yesterday, I persuaded him to agree with everything I want… heheheh… As in, go out with no plans of where to go or what to do.. That’s how I want to live life, as long as it’s still possible. So off we went….. Headed to MRT station….


(warning: if you’re onion skinned, better not watch the video… cheers!)

(pardon B’s narrative way of talking, we’re both new to this, and our “argument” this is how we really are)

Decided to head to Bugis as I miss my favorite chicken rice stall there… (Which reminds me, I should have a food blog).

Best (Salad) Chicken Rice Award
Rice = perfection. Taste is how it should be.
Veggies = fresh.
Chicken = perfection. Thick, juicy, yummy.
Chili = perfection. Fresh. You can taste the ginger, garlic and chili in it. lovett!
Should I share where this stall is? It’s in Seng Huat, Bugis. 🙂

Full tummy, ready to roam…..

After this we went to Bugis Street itself, main purpose is to just look around… I’m trying to save some moolah….. haha! Saw this cute “thing” near the juice stands. Dont know what to call this. But really cute!!!!

Hahahah! So landi! (So flirty!) the fruit mascot i mean 😉

“B, where are you?” -niceyfemme


My apologies to this ang moh who I unintentionally blinded with my camera flash…… *sorry!*


lots of people….


crispy pancake! yum yum!

It’s just so hot in there, so humid… But the vibe is good… I love the colors! Ohh Also bought my favorite bread at SGD2.00…. yummy!

Since it is (still?) Mooncake Festival, they have this in front of OG (Mall). Pretty cute.
While heading to MRT going back, I saw this and took the shot!


It’s Mickey Mouse!

Finished with Bugis, Off to Vivo!

Basically we are the type of people who enjoy seeing things as they happen…. Watching people walk, watching people eat (discreetly! oh that’s just me…) watching life in general…

Went there to pay some bills and do some window shopping…. I like looking at designs and then plan to have that made for me in even more special materials…. Like this….

I almost gave in to my desire and bought it…. But I thought about it like 9 times then decided to walk away from it… It’s alright coz I bought one that’s even nicer hahaha! And at 56% off! What a bargain! I love bargains…..

We are so tired from all the walking and all so decided to cap the day off with buying my favorite Carrot Cake (Chai Tow Kway) in Kopi Tiam in Basement II… On the way there, another temptation stopped me…. THIS..


kalorky talaga!


While heading to then bus stop we saw this….. Thought it to be so nice… I have a thing for fountains…. Brings back childhood memories….


It was so nice. Nice. Nice. Photobucket

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