Johnny Air’s Bad Customer Service
Aug 20th, 2011 by niceyfemme

EDIT: AS of November 04, 2011, STILL NOTHING! Heard nothing from them and to be honest, I’m not expecting anything from them anymore. But never again will I bring business to them. 
Totally bad service is something I cannot take. But living in the Philippines makes you prone to this. I do not get why this is because Filipinos are naturally nice and hospitable people specially to those they do not know personally. What I cannot take even more are people who feel so mighty high that they do not know how to own up to their mistakes and say sorry. Just that, a simple sorry will work and then try to improve and correct such mistakes.
I am writing to whoever upper level management executive who can take some action with this situation I unfortunately had experienced again. If Johnny Valdes gets to read this, the better.
Let me tell you what happened. I ordered a carbon steel wok from Amazon second week of December 2009 and conversed with Analyn Diego. I just had a very simple instruction, that the wok be brought to your Buendia/Dian branch as I prefer to pick the package there. Then after a month I was informed that the package was already there and ready for pick up. When my father and I got there, they had no idea about my package. They looked around them then told me it’s not there. And they had no initiative to find my package. I was the one who told them to look in other branches as I knew then that Johnny Air has a branch in Megamall. That was the time they made a call and that’s when they informed me that it was in Salcedo Village branch. My only instruction, to send it to Buendia / Dian branch was neglected. We decided to just drive to Salcedo Village and when we got there we weren’t given any attention by the female clerk whom I believe is Christine I am not really sure now. So the very first encounter I had with Johnny Air then (January 2010) was terrible but I thought maybe it’s because they are new and SOP’s aren’t well established then. But I must be honest that I almost lost my temper with the horrible service I received with all three of your staff and of the package being lost, lack of initiative is unacceptable too. But i just let it go.
Feb 9th, 2011 by niceyfemme

Do you guys bet on lotto? We sometimes do. How do you place your bet? This is how I do it.

I pick my numbers then queue. I then look at the monitor(?) for the amount I need to pay. Turn out this is a wrong way.

Yesterday, I placed my bets in Lucky Circle Corporation in SM Bacoor and the monitor said Php 280. So I gave the clerk/teller Php300. She gave me back Php100. I gave it back because I should only receive Php20 change. Then she gave me my correct change and I left. In my mind though, I had doubts why my bets would cost that much. I always have an estimation with how much I’m suppose to pay (like a self imposed limit). So what I did was compute again all the tickets one by one. Turns out the correct total bill is only Php220. So how come I read there it was Php280?

I came back to the teller and told her that my tickets amounted to Php220 only. She asked for my tickets again and computed it. Gave me back my Php60 change. I felt bad. Why? She said nothing. That was her fault and she didn’t said sorry, worse she didn’t even look at least a bit sorry. Or ashamed about it. I told her, “Miss, how come I read there that it was Php280?, then she answered, I must have not deleted the previous thingy(?).” Ok, we’re all humans who makes mistakes I thought. I went on the side to fix my things but I still can’t contain my feelings like there’s some kind of scam there and I’ve been fooled. See I believe that when they look like they’re so used to that situation, that they really are doing that kind of scam. I called her attention (it was a dead hour then, no queue) and told her in my calm voice, “Miss, when you commit a mistake, learn to say sorry.” Again, no reaction or anything from her.

See I have this thing where I try my best to treat everyone nicely. Say please and thank you all the time and make everyone feel appreciated for whatever it is they do. I’m extra careful to not mistakenly make other people feel like I’m belittling them, especially those working SM jobs. For me we are all equal no matter what jobs we have and no matter what our status in life is. I can just imagine how they treat those people regularly filing for payday advance loan, they could be so mean.


Rich or poor, our attitude is non-negotiable. There’s just no excuse for bad manners. You are never too rich or too poor to learn how to say sorry, to admit and accept your faults. Plus your mighty superiority complex will just bring you nowhere.

Lesson here is you have to compute your own tickets and don’t depend on their computer which apparently they can manipulate the amount you have to pay. I hate it that I’m so trusting. I guess this just proves there’s nothing wrong with being a little doubtful once in a while.

Feb 1st, 2011 by niceyfemme

I love my sunny side up eggs with it’s yolk a little runny. I specially love it with my fried rice cooked in my carbon steel wok. But I’ve been trying to cut down if not totally eliminate rice from my diet (this actually breaks my 🙁 heart).

A few weeks ago, I saw Gardenia’s Pinoy Tasty (sliced white loaf). Even though I prefer to eat whole wheat bread, I still bought it for the sake of trying and I loved it. A little sweet like how we Filipinos like our food and it’s soft like it’s under baked. I was happy with it but sad for my diet. Boo! Going through no carbs diet is like telling someone who smokes to stop smoking! I need rehab from carbs!

Then last Friday, after I went to the bank, I dropped by the grocery store which is my equivalent of Disneyland, it really is my happy place. So many things to discover! Saw Pinoy tasty in stock (beside Gardenia’s White Bread) and bought it. When I tried it, it’s not the same like the first time I tried it. I thought, hmmmn, is this the usual case of manufacturers skimping on good quality ingredients once they’re well known? Then I stared at the packaging. It is the same. Then I stared some more. Oops! The brand is Tiffany’s. I was confused.

Then just now, I went to the happy place again. Checked again the Pinoy Tasty with the same packaging beside Gardenia’s White Bread. This time, I looked for the brand. Now it says Gardenia. Bought it with the intention in mind to take a picture of both Pinoy Tasty side by side.

Does the association of *Filipino Panaderos  have an agreement to use the same packaging for all Pinoy Tasty even when it’s made by a different company? It’s confusing for consumers. I had totally no idea that the Pinoy Tasty I bought the second time is not the same Pinoy Tasty I bought the first time. You really have to pay attention to the brand.

*Philippine Federation of Bakeries Association Inc. (PFBAI), Filipino-Chinese Bakeries Association Inc. (FCBAI), Philippine Baking Industry Group (PhilBaking), & Department of Trade and Industry (DTI).

Pawned Babies
Dec 8th, 2010 by niceyfemme

I’ve been sleeping late this past days and I somehow decided to sleep a little early last night. But then the teaser for GMA 7’s Reporter’s Notebook was shown and the topic really caught my attention; it’s about pawned babies.

Whoah! I haven’t heard about this before and had no idea this was happening. My life having the softest spot for babies decided that I was going to watch that program even when it will be shown very late, actually way past midnight.

I have heard about all kinds of scams, from debt settlement scams to housing scams but not this one. Again, the reason why they do it is because of poverty, of hunger. They have no choice. They pawn the baby for only three thousand pesos Php 3000. One woman lost her baby when the person with whom she pawned her baby left and moved. Must be heartbreaking.

I don’t know; it may be illegal but I don’t mind helping them. I don’t mind taking care of a baby and helping them too. I know how it feels to be so helpless and even desperate. You will really consider the things you usually wouldn’t even think about out of desperation.

Serves you right
Dec 7th, 2010 by niceyfemme

Oooh! I love the videos you get to watch in Facebook. This pumped up my morning.

I hate flirts and mistresses who have no sense of limitation and no respect for other people’s relationships. Whether married or in a long term relationship, you cannot just enter the picture whenever you feel like going in. At least wait for the relationship to officially end. (That doesn’t mean those flirts are off the hook for helping in breaking up the relationship.)

I believe that it is your husband/wife/partner who is more accountable for the cheating. In this case, he is the one who promised to love you and be faithful to you. So I guess at least 60% of the blame should go to him and 40% to the third party.

Is this in Market Market?

Oh I have always pictured myself doing this, just to let the feeling of betrayal go. But I can’t. I’m not made to do “public events” like this. While this is something I can’t do, I totally feel the wife for doing this. I’m with her. She’s just fighting for her marriage and those flirts should be put in their right places. I hate how rude they are. How about Assault Charges? I believe the mistress knows better to not file in this kind of case. It is her own embarrassment to be with a married man so she’s not going to make it public and continue putting herself into shame. They continue being with married men in hiding, as this is not something you tell the whole world you are in.

And to that husband; shame on you! Shame on you for cheating, for not having balls to just choose one woman to be with. Being with two or more women doesn’t make you more of a man or more good looking than you really are, it just makes you a gigantic a$$hole! Disgusting!

Flirts and mistresses are selfish people, this is something I’m sure of. Only thinks of themselves. I hate them. Burn in hell biatch!

Aug 27th, 2010 by niceyfemme

It is amazing what great PR work can do to a countries image. They can over hype the good things and make it appear better than it seems and in contrast, they will do a complete news black out to negative things to protect their image.

Perfect example is the country where I am now and our home, Philippines. Unfortunately, Philippines is not good in keeping our image on a positive light. Most westerners only think of Abu Sayyaff  when they hear of the name Philippines and terror comes with it. We have great natural resources like close to paradise beaches that are left unknown by the world. Most westerners and even other Asians think that the Philippines is a scary place.

Let me just put it this way. What you hear about this country Philippines is  what is really happening. Without any cover up, no nothing as PR is not one thing this country has invested on compared to this another Southeast Asian country where image is everything. Even the journalists/media is not allowed to go against the government. But I have to admit, all the cover up and great PR releases did this country good.

Sometimes I hate the hypocrisy but I understand why this is done by them. For the tourism. They have better government. I am so jealous for us and I hate that we have such very negative image in the world especially with the hostage taking situation recently which killed eight Hong Kong citizens.

It’s like two men, one is dressed in parish clothing, the other just let the world to see all it’s scars bruises and everything. In reality, they both have something to hide, it’s just the other knows how to handle himself better by wearing better clothes.

Please no hatred here. That could have happened anywhere. It happened in Canada before. It can happen anywhere. Please no judgment as we do not judge the whole Hong Kong for every Filipino who experience abuse in HK.

Gisado si Mickey Mouse
Mar 25th, 2010 by niceyfemme

Watched this again. Just have to post this.

Sweating bullets for sure. *Bleh*

I love this.

I adore Kumareng Winnie. She’s a good cook. Perfectly “sauteed”– if you know what I mean. Hehe. 😉

I hate Cebu Pacific!!!
Mar 9th, 2010 by niceyfemme

I hate everything about this airline! The call center agent is RUDE, uninterested. I hate their system! Just rebooking they make it hard on us. Ok I just dropped the call. Too much already. First I waited for their call for 20 freaking minutes and when I was able to talk to this Louvelle she was rude. She put me on hold for 15 minutes and gave me the reason that their freaking system is updating. How long does it take to load??????
This is the reason why I prefer Jetstar over Cebu Pacific. I had an experience with them in 2008 when I only wanted to rebook a flight and they messed it up so I wanted to just cancel it. Then they wanted me to pay an expensive amount just to cancel. That moment I swore I’d never book a flight with them. But then stubborn me. My flights last year was with them as they are a bit cheaper. No problem as I didn’t need to re-book. Now this is what happened.

Rebooking should be easy! It’s not rocket science that why I’n frustrated that IT IS THIS HARD.

I need to rebook my return flight.

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Php 500,000,000 (Yes, 500 Million Pesos)
Feb 6th, 2010 by niceyfemme

This is how much Senator Manny Villar has spent already for this election campaign and we’re only half way through…. It’s MONTHS AWAY before the May 2010 elections.

Just last December 2009 he spent Php 70,000,000 (70 Mil) alone. Whoah!

Just one question to all those running for public office. How do you guys expect to get back the money you spent RUNNING for public office? i.e. presidency?

Even the greatest math wizards will get crazy trying to analyze how you will get your ROI (Return of Investment). Yes, politics is one great business. And believe me, once they’re in that seat already, they will maximize it’s use and get back that investment.

Let’s just say for arguments’ sake that a presidentiable spent a total of 1 billion pesos for this election, (in reality it could be much, much more) they will triple that or who knows how many times they will multiply the investment money to get the profit they will pocket????

With that money, he could have already donated thousands of units of houses with his company Camella Homes. If and I mean IF he really and truly mean that. Wow I actually dare him to do that.

That’s why I’m not voting. My one vote is just too precious to be wasted to a wrong candidate. There’s no name I could write with full confidence. So not confident that I could trust them with our future.

Nakaligo ka na ba sa dagat ng basura?
Nag-Pasko ka na ba sa gitna ng kalsada?
Yan ang tanong namin…
Tunay ka bang isa sa amin?
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I knew it
Feb 5th, 2010 by niceyfemme

So I received a call from J a couple hours ago…..

See? I told her this will happen and I have warned her over this but the stubborn woman that she is she went through with it and now less than a week since my fight with Kingkong, I’ve been proven right once again!

I was sooo tempted to tell her “I told you so!” but I stopped myself. It’s not what she needs right now. But it could have felt sooo good to say it out loud. 🙂 Vindication at it’s best form.

Oopppsss! I shouldn’t be feeling this way. Blah! Whatever.

I realized that life is what we make of it. We can choose to live our lives with less drama, simpler and more interesting. Kinda contradicting but works for me when you analyze it well.

This is my goal in my life. Make my life simpler and less complicated. Keep the few good people who genuinely love me close. I believe this will equal to happiness and contentment. And that for me is the primary goal of every single person on Earth. Most people just get distracted with other stuff. We must focus then.


Easier said than done.

A work in progress. Harhar. Blank.

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