Coron, Palawan 2015
Jul 5th, 2015 by niceyfemme

It all started with a Marketmanila blog post. I really look up to the man and one day he posted a picture of himself a la James Bond in a beach with the clearest waters and fine white sand. I told myself, “I’m going to that place too.” And made a mental note of the place’s name, CORON, PALAWAN.


I love travelling but of course in real life it’s not very easy to do. I mean it’s not easy to just pack up and leave. First, it’s not cheap even if you choose the most basic options if there’s a number of you in the group and with the hectic-ness of the world today who can go? We did. πŸ™‚


It didn’t hurt that I found some nicely priced airline tickets.


Flight was delayed for a few hours but that didn’t reduce our excitement!


Touch down in Busuanga Airport! We arrived at 5pm and started our tour the next day.


The tourists! πŸ™‚


The knowledgeable tour guide Anthony if I still remember his name right.


My sleepy daughter.


If these photos didn’t make you want to go there then I don’t know what will. πŸ™‚


Just after I booked the tickets I immediately ordered long sleeved rash guard for the family especially for Joleigh, and aqua shoes.


There’s just one thing I didn’t like very much, it’s the sun that’s shining like it’s really mad at us! It really hurt our skin and roasted it in minutes.


Scorching hot!


So we “swam” on the side of the boat. We don’t know how to swim and my Mom and Aunt are really scared about drowning and getting washed away from the shore. They’re always paranoid haha.


Floating. Big accomplishment for them.


She loves the water. Or she just doesn’t know the concept of danger yet.


Joleigh with Lola Precy or Lola P.

She’s already sleepy on the way to the next destination hence the face. To be honest I don’t remember which island is which.


I loved snorkeling! But I didn’t like that it’s rented. (I bought my own now.)




Woot woot!




I brought a waterproof camera.


Blue green clear waters. This is the clearest waters I have seen.Β On the way to the next destination.


Food for lunch.

before lunch DSCN1641


lunch2 lunch3

Set up for lunch on the island.




All the time that I was looking at the clear waters I was thinking about the freshest fish and other seafood we could eat!


Took a lot of prodding to get her to get to the water. Even with the life vest my mother still thinks she’ll drown. Can’t blame her though, I still get scared myself.


I love this place!

DSCN1673 DSCN1675


Mommy’s “floating!”




Tried fishing with my mini fishing rod and reel. My first ever catch!


We were too tired and hungry. Here we were waiting for our food.


Tired and hungry but happy!

P.S. We’re going back to Coron in a few months!

Christmas is here
Dec 14th, 2011 by niceyfemme

I can totally feel the Christmas spirit now. People are way nicer, smiling faces everywhere and the cold Christmas weather is so nice it gives me that warm feeling.

Since I now have two families, we will have to spend Christmas and New Year’s on two places. Will have to drive from south to way up north. Whewww! I can just imagine how tired we will be. Β But it’s ok coz it will be so much fun I am sure. It will be so nice to do some biking so we kind of have to check out some suv bike racks to have one installed in our car. I am so excited. Bee and I will go on a lot of dates yesss!

Will try to take lots and lots of pictures! But really, I’m just so thankful and grateful that all of us are healthy and safe and I can’t thank Him enough for everything that we have and everything we are. I hope everyone is having a great time as well. πŸ™‚

Christmas 2010
Jan 3rd, 2011 by niceyfemme

Whoah! Been so busy lately had no time for blogging. Bad.

Traffic everywhere! It’s really crazy good here and there’s nowhere I want to be but here. πŸ™‚

Did a lot of food ingredient shopping and of course, cooking. It was really tiring! Thanks to our Β zero tolerance knives food preparation got easier and faster.

We went to Tita Cora’s house on Christmas Day where we had fun taking photos and videos. I love timer mode!

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Party Party!
Dec 19th, 2010 by niceyfemme

Wow. This is the time of the year with the most number of parties in this country. Christmas parties are happening numerous times a day, even weddings as this is a favorite month to tie the knot for most people (even I prefer December) and lots of babies are being born too! It is indeed a season to be jolly! So many reasons to be thankful.

In a day, there are two to three Christmas parties so good luck to those going. Please if you are going to drink then don’t drive and vice versa. Better be safe right?

And I have received the most unique baby shower invitations from two of my previous work mates. Great job guys. I’ll take note of that hehehe.. Have a safe “delivery party” you guys. πŸ™‚

Undas 2010
Oct 28th, 2010 by niceyfemme

All Saints Day and All Souls Day is kind of a big “holiday” in the Philippines. Filipinos are family oriented and remembering beloved ones who has passed away is something given much importance. Those who are working in Manila even go home to their home provinces to pay a visit to the cemetery where they were laid to rest and actually have a short few days vacation.

Photo: dennisvillegas23
I just saw in the news that many are going home already and bus stations are starting to fill up. It’s expected that the number of people going home will double tomorrow. I just hope there’s a medical assistance program and booths to be placed in the bus stations to cater to the public. Tomorrow will actually be stressful especially for those without bus reservations. Just the number of people there and the traffic are reasons enough to stress us out.

Report by ABS-CBN, Photo:

Last year we went on 2 November but I think it’s not declared as a holiday so will most likely go on the 1st. We went on the second as there’s usually less people going then. Let’s see this year how it will turn out.

“Ber” months are here
Sep 3rd, 2010 by niceyfemme

And it only means one thing; that Christmas is getting nearer. Non Filipinos must be thinking I am crazy but the moment 1st September comes, we Filipinos start to feel Christmas and start the countdown. Well I myself is getting excited and I am feeling that warm feeling in my heart (no matter how mushy it may seem) at just the thought of Christmas. I love Christmas season, I love it more than I love my birthday. πŸ™‚


I can already hear the Christmas carols in my head and I hope I’m not just crazy. Well I listen to Christmas songs the whole year. It gives me comfort just listening to these songs. How I wish it is Christmas season all year round but then I’m sure we will not appreciate it as well if it’s always here. So just savor the moment when it’s getting nearer, like now.

I guess it’s pretty early to start sending and receiving holiday invitations but we have already received some. Nice feeling that there are people who want to share the holidays with you.

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