My Life As A New Mom
Nov 20th, 2012 by niceyfemme

I don’t know where to begin. The moment I gave birth my life has changed forever. This little baby daughter took over control of my life and everyone in my family. She sleeps whenever she wants and we also only get to sleep when she is haha.. So far it has been wonderful anf very challenging to me physically and emotionally. I want to give her the best I can so I decided on breastfeeding years before I got pregnant then breastfeeding kicked my butt I flew to the wall and got knocked out crying.It has been hard and yet I still continue with all these things with a happy heart. Motherhood has been a blessing and a dream come true for me. I always prayed to be a mother and have a baby and He finally answered what my heart desires.I now have a beautiful and somewhat funny daughter who always makes me laugh. She’s the apple of my family’s eyes. Yes we are exhausted but we’re sooo happy!

I haven’t met you but I already love you
Jul 25th, 2012 by niceyfemme

Is what I tell the baby inside my tummy. It’s such an overwhelming feeling in many dimensions if that is the word. Every time she moves, it’s like she’s caressing my heart. I feel closer and closer to her. From the moment I learned that I am pregnant I already felt protective over her and even more now.

My favorite past time is watching my tummy move. Haha I can’t describe how she does it. But my tummy starts round in shape then the moment she moves my tummy becomes misshapen… Sometimes it kind of makes me nervous as well. Well this is the first time that something/ someone is moving inside my body and I have no control over her at all. At the same time it is a feeling of relief as her movements assures me that she’s fine and healthy and she’s happy. My OBG said that it’s actually good when she moves a lot it means she’s happy inside my tummy.

Now I’m a week shy of my 8th month and sleeping has become a struggle. I have to pee way too many times at night. Plus her movements wake me up as well. It’s like she’s massaging my insides haha. I love you baby… We can’t wait to meet you. Your papa, mama, daddy and mommy are all very excited to hold you in our arms. I can’t wait to start our lives with you in it.

You’ll have dreams
Apr 18th, 2011 by niceyfemme

When it’s cold. Did you know that? Oooh that’s why I’ve been having dreams every night and I feel like it’s real thats’ why I feel super exhausted. I hope we can choose what to dream about, to the smallest details and I want to be in womens boots world. Which reminds me that I want this real nice rain boots, so need to save extra.

But then, with dreams or not, I just want to sleep real bad!!!

Elusive quality sleep!
Apr 18th, 2011 by niceyfemme

The past week has been difficult for me. Why? I haven’t had a good quality sleep since! I have mentioned here before how important good quality sleep is to me and now that I’m finding it hard to have again, I’m starting to go crazy!

Aside from this problem, my lower back hurts too. My bed is soft and yet firm, just how I like it so I don’t know why my back hurts. I think it’s because of the sleep itself. I’ve been shallow sleeping and I feel exhausted when I wake up. I don’t know if peacock alley bedding will help but I’m willing to try anything now. I took two pieces of think mattresses and that’s what I’m using tonight. Hopefully I’d feel recharged tomorrow!

Freaking pimples
Jul 12th, 2010 by niceyfemme

Come out just when I need them not to appear!

Two years ago, I was about to start working in Ascott, when more than one pimples suddenly surfaced in my face. There was actually four big ones in my face then. We were having training then, how to apply make-up etc so it was embarrassing when you have a blemished face with gigantic pimples.

Our photo was taken for our employment card/pass, and I have big ones in my nose. I hated that photo I wouldn’t dare look at it or I’ll risk ruining my mood for the rest of the day.

Now that I will have my photo taken again today, I have a big one near the nose. Thank goodness it’s not in the nose itself! But then there are days when I have nowhere to go to and I have perfectly clear skin.

Would someone please suggest popular best acne treatments that has been tried and tested by you?

My hormones are going crazy. 🙁

I usually have clear skin they just happen to come out just when I need them not to!

Sleep matters…….
Nov 24th, 2009 by niceyfemme

I feel like a zombie right now….. OK, it’s not an emo post hehehhe…

I just didn’t sleep well last night. My sleep is different from other people’s. How to explain this? Hmmmm….

I need my sleep!!!!!!!!!!!!

Unlike other people whose sleep just happen naturally, mine is so complicated. Mine has to have effort into it….

Most people, like my Mom, from the moment she lays down in bed, few seconds or minutes and she’s sound asleep, while I have to wait for like 15-30 minutes…

Then the next morning, like this morning, I woke up feeling so tired. Kind of weird right because you’re suppose to feel rested after sleeping. I suffered from this for like two or so years now. Once I woke up feeling tired, it’s just so hard to do anything, so hard to work, hard to focus, my eyes hurt, my back hurts.


This is the reason why sleep is very important to me. Reason why I put in a lot of effort in preparation for sleeping.

I’m conscious not to take even a hint of caffeine, as that would make me have wide open eyes through the night. (The last time, I made Mocha-Chocolate Cupcakes, had one for dessert, I forgot there’s coffee in it, I didn’t sleep even a minute.)

My pillows should be the right tenderness(?). Blanket has to be real smooth or my legs will feel itchy. My bed and mattress, I have to switch from one that’s thick and one that’s thin, to prevent my back from hurting and even worse not being able to sleep at all.

I need silence. No sound at all the better. And black-out curtains. Sound proof windows. I miss my room in Singapore. They have all that, that’s why I sleep very well there. And no tricycle sound.


Opposite of myself. hehehe….

When I was still working in hotels, that was something. See we have midnight shifts. Sometimes, it last a week. I prefer that than a three-four day shift. Not enough time for my biological clock to adjust. It’s so hard when from a midnight shift (2230H-0800H) you have to work PM shift (1330H-2300H). That’s why during those times, I didn’t have a life outside work. I have to have enough sleep for me to perform properly. I can’t do what my colleagues then was doing, go out for a night of partying, usually until 0500H, then head to work at 0700H with no sleep at all. I can’t last a nine and a half work day with no sleep, I’d feel like my head is floating.

If I experience continuous sleep deprivation, I’d feel down and sad, will feel like I’m gaining weight like crazy.

Luckily, a few months ago, when I wanted to donate blood in a blood drive, they checked my blood and found out I was near anemic, so they prescribed some ferrous sulfate. Wow! That was the nicest sleep I had in years! I was so happy hehehhe…..

If it’s my choice, I’d prefer to be the type whom you could throw in anywhere, and after a few seconds will be snoring happy. Like this baby.


I wouldn’t wish this for our neighbor’s nosy maid, it’s just so hard.

Is it too much to ask for a good night sleep?

I believe it’s basic human’s right.

P.S. Pardon me, I have to sleep now, yes at 1210H, my body is begging me to.


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