Saucy Pancit Canton
Sep 12th, 2012 by niceyfemme

I have finally reached that phase where I can’t stop myself from eating. I wasn’t like this in the previous months, just now. And when I want to eat something, I really have to have it. Lately that’s pancit canton for me, the saucy kind. Could have been more perfect if I can have it with chicken liver but no I still can’t eat liver. Bummer.

I have gained too much these past weeks tsk tsk. I can’t wait until we can all see Baby J. And maybe I can feel like myself again. The acme thread observer type of person that I am. Yeah such a weirdo. 🙂

Ilog Maria Honey Bee Farm in Silang, Cavite
Jun 23rd, 2012 by niceyfemme

Warning: Picture heavy post. 🙂

Months ago when I learned that I am finally pregnant I started to read about what I should do and what I should avoid. One of things I should do is stop my usual beauty and cleansing regimen as they may be harmful to the baby. So no more lotions, no more creams with vitamin A and I became careful even with the soaps that I was using. My skin became so dry it has never been that dry before. My husband Bee bought me an organic lotion but I didn’t like that. I was in Singapore during my first trimester and I saw a documentary about Palestinian soaps aka Nablus Soaps I think. It’s natural and no parabens but I felt it’s drying to my skin and it’s not cheap for something that small.

Good thing we passed by Ilog Maria Honey Bee Farm in Silang, Cavite last month when we went to Tagaytay but we didn’t have time to drop by. I finally get to drop by yesterday that’s after stalking their website for like a week.

Did I have a hard time finding the farm? Not really. I realized if you’re coming from Dasmariñas then it’s before the second Petron station from Robinson’s Dasmariñas and right after Monte Luce.

Then the narrow driveway started. Man was I glad I brought a car. I couldn’t imagine walking alone in that long and narrow ‘road’. If someone’s with me maybe I can. Read the rest of this entry »

Egg Salad Sandwich ala Niceyfemme
Oct 20th, 2011 by niceyfemme

This I have made months ago. Haha so late. But I think this is too pretty and yummy not to post here. But honestly I have forgotten what I put in here to write a decent recipe. But hmmn let’s try. Perfectly boiled eggs (do you know that there’s a right way of boiling eggs?) mayonnaise, celery, salt and pepper and a bit of carrots and a dash of curry powder.  Here’s a rough guide. Boil the eggs then cool down to room temperature. While the eggs are cooling down, wash and chop your celery and carrots and onions.  Once the eggs have cooled down, mash it with a fork, don’t dice it too fine, better to have some bigger chunks in it. Then add the mayonnaise and celery, onions and carrots and salt and pepper to taste. Can add a bit of mustard but we don’t have that then. This is a nice snack for someone to show them you care or you can give them New Asus Tablet Canada, whichever you feel like. 🙂

I have also fried some crinkle cut fries with this. Oh and I like this with coffee. Yum.

I love eggs. Good thing it’s in my list of foods I can still eat now.

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Elusive quality sleep!
Apr 18th, 2011 by niceyfemme

The past week has been difficult for me. Why? I haven’t had a good quality sleep since! I have mentioned here before how important good quality sleep is to me and now that I’m finding it hard to have again, I’m starting to go crazy!

Aside from this problem, my lower back hurts too. My bed is soft and yet firm, just how I like it so I don’t know why my back hurts. I think it’s because of the sleep itself. I’ve been shallow sleeping and I feel exhausted when I wake up. I don’t know if peacock alley bedding will help but I’m willing to try anything now. I took two pieces of think mattresses and that’s what I’m using tonight. Hopefully I’d feel recharged tomorrow!

What’s for dinner?
Jan 20th, 2011 by niceyfemme

I’m proud to say that this is ours.

Pan grilled chicken strips (marinated in special sauce) with two types of lettuce and cucumber strips with my vinaigrette. Very healthy vinaigrette as I added NutraSweet in the coco vinegar, olive oil, salt and freshly cracked pepper. So yummy! I don’t feel like I’m dieting at all. I felt full and contented and no guilty feeling as I was able to stick with my self-imposed strict diet and I don’t feel deprived at all.

I feel like I’m gulping down diet pills as I’m so slender now. Wow I’m so proud! Yey!

Jan 17th, 2011 by niceyfemme

I totally miss you.

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Mar 18th, 2010 by niceyfemme

With all the things I’m willing to do to be healthier, I’m thinking I should go a level up and try a colon and body cleanse that is offered locally. I heard about that from a friend who tried it in a farm in Batangas. I distinctly remember though that it’s expensive. So I’ll try to do this on my own!

It’s like in a week all you’ll eat is blended greens and some herbs. No solid foods. Anyway I’ll research more. I think I need all the detox and inner cleansing I can get. Excited!

Photo belongs to
Jogging hurts
Feb 12th, 2010 by niceyfemme

Oval in front of this station

(I’ll pass by there later so I’ll take a picture and update later.)

So finally, I jogged yesterday. I was so excited to try running as a fitness regimen. I even wanted to buy the proper gear to fully prepare for it. The works; running shoes, workout clothes etc…. But then I knew I had to try it first if it is really for me so I don’t waste money.

I was supposed to be running but I ended up jogging… I want to be healthier and so I tried running in the oval infront of the MRT station but as expected I’m not fit enough to run! I jogged and walked haha! My legs and feet were shaking, goodness!

Did around 9-10 rounds of that gigantic oval.

I know it’s pretty good for a beginner and someone who doesn’t even walk far distances. I lasted for only 45 minutes? I could have tried to jog longer but my feet were hurting huhuhuh! I have a blister because of it.

No photos because I can’t bring a camera. Who jogs with a camera? Maybe next time I’ll being someone to be my photographer heheh….

Maybe I should try swimming. I enjoy the water better. We’ll see. We’ll go swimming next week for Ate Brenda’s birthday.

Oh and I’m missing Mommy and Bambi.

Being away sucks. BIG TIME.

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