Proud to be a Hanson Fan!
Jan 21st, 2012 by niceyfemme

And has been for the last 15 years.

A 12 year old 6th grader I was. Fell in love with these girly looking boys (blame their long hair) but really it is their music that swept me off of my feet but it doesn’t hurt that they’re so good looking and charming and funny.

(Just some of my Hanson stuff as some are stored in a very big box as I need more space in my room.)

I remember to always buy their cd’s in multiple numbers to have myself some back up if ever something happens to the first one I’m using, their albums are that important to me. I cannot even imagine myself not listening to their Middle of Nowhere cd. It is always in my Sony discman and I wouldn’t leave home without it. I listen to their beautiful voice from the moment I wake up and just before I sleep. MTV was always on because their video might come up and I’d go crazy if I miss it. Just seeing them made me giddy with happiness.

Obsessing over them didn’t stop there. I even bought those imported magazines especially if they’re in the cover spending 6th grader allowance on them. And they’re not cheap! One magazine cost Php 300! And sometimes even more expensive and that was on year 1997-1998. But I didn’t mind as  I loved reading anything about them. I know their favorite food, hobbies and so on. That made me feel like I knew them personally and somehow there’s a connection between us even though in reality they might not be sure that they have a Filipino fan as crazy as I was back then.

The walls of my rooms was full of their posters. My whole clan knows how crazy I was for them and they gave me gifts Hanson related. Oh and I even joined a Channel V contest that would bring the winner to Hong Kong to watch their concert and meet them. Man, I sent too many entries. I didn’t win the grand prize but they sent me some Hanson thingies including their cd. I love that point in my life, I was floating, high with Hanson. ♥

Of course life brings sadness as well. Their music helped me go through it. When no one understood, they did, through their music. There was a time in my life when I can’t fit in, ‘Weird’ was the song of my life then. Then ‘I Will Come To you’ was next.

Then year 2003 came. I was in the school’s library/internet area. I read that Taylor got married. That crushed me. Tears fell down my cheeks and I was unconscious about it. It was only when my friend asked why I was crying that brought me back to reality.

Then year 2004 Hanson finally came to the Philippines for a concert, the event I was waiting for since 1997. BUT I wasn’t able to go. That really got to me and years has passed I still have that regret of not seeing Taylor in person. I wondered if they’re ever going back. Then last November I read that they’re coming here!!! I was so happy and started to talk about it in Facebook. BUT. I still wasn’t sure if I can come. My predicament then was that March is way too far ahead for me to be sure that I am in the Philippines by then. So I didn’t buy then. Come January, and after thinking about it a lot of times, I gave in. I’d make a way to be here by March. I NEED TO SEE TAYLOR IN PERSON. That’s my lifelong dream haha. Really. I have wished for that to happen so many times before and now there’s this chance of it happening and I won’t let it pass me again.

I finally have my ticket! Yey! Taylor, Ike and Zac I’ll be seeing you! Can’t wait for March.

Here’s the seat map.

Ticket Prices:

For Manila Tickets Call 911 5555
Patron VIP 4770
Patron 3710
Lower Box 3180
Upper Box A 2650
Upper Box B 1590
Gen Ad 530

For Cebu Tickets Call 232 6888 514 3500 for reservations

VIP 3710
Gold 3180
Silver 2120
SP Balcony 1590
Bronze 1060
Balcony 636

Got all these info from Facebook.

Lastly, I would LOVE to meet them in person (as in in a meet and greet kind of thing) but I think I’d freeze and I don’t want to make myself look stupid in front of them. So nah!

Now everyone who call themselves Hanson fans need to show support by going to their concert and not just blab about being one and not do anything. Come and enjoy with fellow Hanson fans. Let’s enjoy their music together. Who knows when they’re coming back here so don’t let the chance pass you by. Buy your tickets now. 🙂





Yoonha Hwang
Feb 18th, 2011 by niceyfemme

Is a person with pure talent. He’s a guy who plays the piano like no one I’ve heard before. He covers popular songs by popular artists and he does it by ear! That’s without sheet music. He’s so great! Now I love listening to him to relax.. and when I’m craving for something to eat.. When I listen to him, I get lazy to do anything else, even lose my appetite to eat like if I take phentermine

How I wish I know how to play like him.

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Barney Stinson’s Stand By Me
Feb 11th, 2011 by niceyfemme

This is hilarious! I only got to watch this scenes of How I Met Your Mother two days ago and I swear, I had to repeat playing this part again and again… I think I played this over and over for an hour and that is with no exaggeration at all.

And he can really sing!

I love how in the last part (when he used an autotune) he sings like he is in a boy band! Like he’s a Backstreet Boy or an ‘NSync member haha.

I’ve always known that Neil Patrick Harris can act but this scenes really made his mark on me. He acts so well he’s so great at being a womanizing arse when in reality he’s a proud gay man.

Is it bad to admit he’s the only reason why I watch How I Met Your Mother? 🙂 He is the life of this show. This is so far my favorite episode ever. I believe that if any other actor plays Barney especially in this scene, this wouldn’t turn out as funny as hell as this.

Clap! Clap! Clap! He’s so black. Legen-dary! (If you know what I mean, right Barney?)

P.S. I hope what he uses in the end really is called an autotune or auto voice tune. I really have no idea about this kinds of things. Not even hdmi video cables or psp cables I need effort to use oh my how embarrassing is this. 🙂

Charice’s (Feat. Iyaz) great new song
Mar 16th, 2010 by niceyfemme

I’m loving this new song of Charice. This girl never fails to give me the goosebumps…. She’s the goosebumps girl haha! I love this song….. I’m so happy for her. 🙂

JayR – Making Faces video- Funny!
Oct 1st, 2009 by niceyfemme

Here’s the Prince of R&B JayR doing a some kind of bit… Here’s his message…

Just something to make everyone smile during these hard times in the Philippines. If you don’t know, google the Ondoy Typhoon. Please try to make a donation. Even just one dollar will make a big difference. The are many organizations that you can google that participate in helping the flooded here in the Philippines like the GMA Kapuso Foundation, World Vision and Red Cross. Thank you.


He’s really funny and well, nice obviously…. Everyone he met knows that for sure…

Well the voice huh! The best talaga…

Guess it’s obvious na talagang he is my favorite singer EVER!

you know you’re my superstar! i love you…. you…..

Sana Maulit Muli
Sep 29th, 2009 by niceyfemme

Very nice very soulful rendition….


“Sexy talaga ni Kyla ngayon….” -JayR
Sep 28th, 2009 by niceyfemme

hahahah! This guy talaga!

You can’t help but love him….

Anyway another great performance by these two…

Angel’s voices singing together…

Like when they sang “I Just Can’t Stop Loving You….”

Both can reach really high notes but they won’t do it

unless really needed…

Especially JayR… He’s such a gentleman..

Oh I know… ehhehe….

I Love F.R.I.E.N.D.S.!
Sep 5th, 2009 by niceyfemme

One of the best Friends episode. Not just because Brad Pitt is here hehehhe…

So shake it, shake it, shake that nasty butt! hahahhaha! lovett!


“Salmon skin roll!” 

When I’m feeling down and i need a remedy for it, what i do is watch Friends. It’s just the best show ever! Imean there are some shows that are good but watch it twice or thrice and it has lost its magic. Not with Friends, believe me, I’ve seen each and every episode a thousand times (that’s without any exaggeration) but it still makes me laugh big time! I know what’s gonna happen next but still it gets me… This show does not get old. And I realize if there’s one thing I’m secretly hoping that is to be a part of this show I know it’s just impossible but still…….

I hope they’ll make a F.R.I.E.N.D.S. The Movie like they did with Sex and the city. SatC has been filming the part II already… what about us Friends lovers?

I just love each and every character… I mean yes I have to admit I play favorites… Say some time ago I love Ross, I love his antics. I love his emotions, being all so romatic and all.

Then I also love Chandler. He’s just adorable. I mean there’s just too many reasons to love them you just have to watch.

I love the fat Monica too. Oohhh how she danced wow! During “the proposal” I cried with them huhuhu….

I love Joey too. “How you doing?” “That’s right coz I’m a Tribbiani,  this is what we do, we  may not be great thinkers, but man we can eat!”

Phoebe… I love her antics… her attitude. Being the bossy one.. how scared they are of her heheh…

Rachel being the flirt… her simplicity makes you love her…

“We were on a break!”

Oohh and the list goes on and on… Btw I love bloopers what more Friends bloopers…. here’s some….

Love Monica dancing here….

This one makes me sad…


“i feel like a perfect arse!” hilarious!I love phoebe hahahhah! that laugh!

Chandler’s so chubby here…… “OMG, Chandler’s doing his sex face!”

“Have you looked at the mirror?” -Chandler

“what more do you want!” i love Ross’ face!



“hey that’s porsche!” look at the face!

“It taste like feeeett!”

I love Friends!!!!!

Apparently there’s still alot of people who hasnt seen this. OMG, you have to watch this. I feel like I’m missing a whole lot if I hadnt known Friends…

Friends Movie please!

So do you love Friends too? 😉

My Heartsong(s) – Neither One Of Us
Aug 27th, 2009 by niceyfemme

Neither One of Us – Jay-R

I’ve decided to blog about my heartsongs… you know more popularly known as “theme songs”. I kinda find it corny heheh and the word “heartsong” says it more clearly for me, as in songs of the heart, songs of my heart.

You know how it is that sometimes when we hear a song and it just speaks to us? We totally get it? Maybe it is even OUR SONG. It’s like it is you singing your heart out. It speaks of what we want to say every word and every melody. It’s normal for people to want to communicate, to say our feelings but unfortunately we just don’t know how to. We can’t put the emotions through words, and luckily for us, some talented songwriter can do it for us.

Oooh I have a lot of heartsongs! Some remain over a span of many many years, some last a few months. Of course it depends on what we are going through at a specific period of our lives. And most of the time, I don’t even have to confide in you, just listen to my current heartsong and you’ll understand what I’m going through.

Some people, like me, are not that comfortable in saying my emotions, even when I already need help I just can’t voice it outloud. Im more of, “I can still handle this myself so I will do just that and continue trying…” until I explode…. oOhh and mind you they’re not colorful fireworks but loud boomerangs.

So music is really a very big part of me. It helped me go through life.  Helped me release pain, angst, and the longing. Or when I’m happy my heartsong says it too. I find a perfect heartsong to be a better friend for me, it totally understands you and what you’re going through, without judgment.

For the past few weeks its been JayR’s version of Neither One of Us… I just love how he sang it, full of emotion, full of hurt hehehe…. he’s really my favorite singer…. love him! enjoy!

It’s sad to think we’re not gonna be here
And it’s gotten to the point
Where we just can’t fake it
For some ungodly reason
We just won’t let it be

I guess neither one of us
Neither one of us wants to be the first to say good-bye

I keep wondering
What I’m gonna do without you
And I guess you must be wondering the same thing too
So we go on
Go on together
Living a lie

Because I guess neither one of us
Neither one of us wants to be the first to say good-bye

Everytime I find the nerve
Everytime I find the nerve to say I’m leaving
Those old memories get in my way
Lord knows it’s only me
Only know it’s me
That I’m missing you
When it comes to saying good-bye
That a simple word that I just cannot say
There can be no way
There can be no way
This can have a happy ending
No, no
So we just go on
Hurting and pretending
Convincing ourselves to give it just one more try

Because I guess neither one of us
Neither one of us wants to be the first to say
Neither one of us wants to be the first to say
Neither one of us wants to be the first to say
Farewell my love

Philippines’ Best Comedian
Aug 5th, 2009 by niceyfemme

I love love Michael V! He’s fondly called Bitoy here…. Very Imaginative as he writes his own songs, thinks of new ideas for his shows and the way he acts its soo natural! sometimes you’ll believe he’s not acting at all!

He’s been awarded Best Actor in Asian Television Awards.

I Heart Bitoy!

Another one, as an Indian Guy making a living in the Philippines

I love this one, with Chuchay… Perfect tandem!


He’s even better than Marian….. Just the truth here hehehe

He’s the best! So natural….

I really wanna meet him to let him know how many people love him… it’s always better to let people know how much you appreciate them.

i wonder how can i meet him? hmmm ive always wanted to watch eat bulaga live…. it’ll be fun… let me research on that…

Continue doing what youre doing bitoy!

I guess I have always appreciated your talent! Im your number one fan!

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