Finally Met Taylor Hanson!
Apr 20th, 2012 by niceyfemme

Almost 3 weeks ago, one of my dreams as a 13 year old girl has came true. I finally got to lay my eyes on Taylor Hanson, who is my first love. ♥ It has been one of of those questions in my mind then, and I didn’t really know if it was ever going to happen, if I would ever see him in flesh and moving and singing. I can’t explain how I was feeling when I first saw him, disbelief and in awe I guess? Wow, it took 15 long years of waiting! Had I known in 1997 that I’d be able to meet them in 2012.. I honestly don’t know how I would feel. That’s longer than the years I have lived then!

So I brought my pregnant self to their cd signing and waited for hours just to make sure I have a nice seat. Haha this is only for Hanson, I’d never do this for other artists, I promise. Choosing what to wear was no easy feat as my belly is growing and I still want to feel pretty and not look like a whale… It’s Taylor Hanson for Pete’s sake!I imagined in my mind every little details of our first meeting and how I would be, but I never thought I’d be pregnant when it happens. Seriously, I can make my pick from nurses uniforms and wedding gowns and it wouldn’t make a difference, I am just another face in a crowd for them 🙁 It’s alright, I know it’s the reality and they are not my reality either. Just a once in a blue moon fantasy to indulge myself in.

Proud to be a Hanson Fan!
Jan 21st, 2012 by niceyfemme

And has been for the last 15 years.

A 12 year old 6th grader I was. Fell in love with these girly looking boys (blame their long hair) but really it is their music that swept me off of my feet but it doesn’t hurt that they’re so good looking and charming and funny.

(Just some of my Hanson stuff as some are stored in a very big box as I need more space in my room.)

I remember to always buy their cd’s in multiple numbers to have myself some back up if ever something happens to the first one I’m using, their albums are that important to me. I cannot even imagine myself not listening to their Middle of Nowhere cd. It is always in my Sony discman and I wouldn’t leave home without it. I listen to their beautiful voice from the moment I wake up and just before I sleep. MTV was always on because their video might come up and I’d go crazy if I miss it. Just seeing them made me giddy with happiness.

Obsessing over them didn’t stop there. I even bought those imported magazines especially if they’re in the cover spending 6th grader allowance on them. And they’re not cheap! One magazine cost Php 300! And sometimes even more expensive and that was on year 1997-1998. But I didn’t mind as  I loved reading anything about them. I know their favorite food, hobbies and so on. That made me feel like I knew them personally and somehow there’s a connection between us even though in reality they might not be sure that they have a Filipino fan as crazy as I was back then.

The walls of my rooms was full of their posters. My whole clan knows how crazy I was for them and they gave me gifts Hanson related. Oh and I even joined a Channel V contest that would bring the winner to Hong Kong to watch their concert and meet them. Man, I sent too many entries. I didn’t win the grand prize but they sent me some Hanson thingies including their cd. I love that point in my life, I was floating, high with Hanson. ♥

Of course life brings sadness as well. Their music helped me go through it. When no one understood, they did, through their music. There was a time in my life when I can’t fit in, ‘Weird’ was the song of my life then. Then ‘I Will Come To you’ was next.

Then year 2003 came. I was in the school’s library/internet area. I read that Taylor got married. That crushed me. Tears fell down my cheeks and I was unconscious about it. It was only when my friend asked why I was crying that brought me back to reality.

Then year 2004 Hanson finally came to the Philippines for a concert, the event I was waiting for since 1997. BUT I wasn’t able to go. That really got to me and years has passed I still have that regret of not seeing Taylor in person. I wondered if they’re ever going back. Then last November I read that they’re coming here!!! I was so happy and started to talk about it in Facebook. BUT. I still wasn’t sure if I can come. My predicament then was that March is way too far ahead for me to be sure that I am in the Philippines by then. So I didn’t buy then. Come January, and after thinking about it a lot of times, I gave in. I’d make a way to be here by March. I NEED TO SEE TAYLOR IN PERSON. That’s my lifelong dream haha. Really. I have wished for that to happen so many times before and now there’s this chance of it happening and I won’t let it pass me again.

I finally have my ticket! Yey! Taylor, Ike and Zac I’ll be seeing you! Can’t wait for March.

Here’s the seat map.

Ticket Prices:

For Manila Tickets Call 911 5555
Patron VIP 4770
Patron 3710
Lower Box 3180
Upper Box A 2650
Upper Box B 1590
Gen Ad 530

For Cebu Tickets Call 232 6888 514 3500 for reservations

VIP 3710
Gold 3180
Silver 2120
SP Balcony 1590
Bronze 1060
Balcony 636

Got all these info from Facebook.

Lastly, I would LOVE to meet them in person (as in in a meet and greet kind of thing) but I think I’d freeze and I don’t want to make myself look stupid in front of them. So nah!

Now everyone who call themselves Hanson fans need to show support by going to their concert and not just blab about being one and not do anything. Come and enjoy with fellow Hanson fans. Let’s enjoy their music together. Who knows when they’re coming back here so don’t let the chance pass you by. Buy your tickets now. 🙂





Barney Stinson’s Stand By Me
Feb 11th, 2011 by niceyfemme

This is hilarious! I only got to watch this scenes of How I Met Your Mother two days ago and I swear, I had to repeat playing this part again and again… I think I played this over and over for an hour and that is with no exaggeration at all.

And he can really sing!

I love how in the last part (when he used an autotune) he sings like he is in a boy band! Like he’s a Backstreet Boy or an ‘NSync member haha.

I’ve always known that Neil Patrick Harris can act but this scenes really made his mark on me. He acts so well he’s so great at being a womanizing arse when in reality he’s a proud gay man.

Is it bad to admit he’s the only reason why I watch How I Met Your Mother? 🙂 He is the life of this show. This is so far my favorite episode ever. I believe that if any other actor plays Barney especially in this scene, this wouldn’t turn out as funny as hell as this.

Clap! Clap! Clap! He’s so black. Legen-dary! (If you know what I mean, right Barney?)

P.S. I hope what he uses in the end really is called an autotune or auto voice tune. I really have no idea about this kinds of things. Not even hdmi video cables or psp cables I need effort to use oh my how embarrassing is this. 🙂

Is Wentworth Miller gay?
Oct 5th, 2010 by niceyfemme

Online buzz says yes and he also gained a lot of weight.

But I still ♥ Michael Scofield.

See yesterday I was able to watch Resident Evil: Afterlife and was surprised to see him in this movie as Chris Redfield. I didn’t get to see any trailer or photos for this movie before I got to see it in the big screen so to say I was thrilled to see him in this movie is an understatement.

I noticed something though. He’s got bulging tummy. He gained weight. Blame it on his frequent Starbucks visits. But still I’m happy to see him there.

Then this morning, I was greeted with the news that Wentworth Miller is gay and he’s finally out. His apparent boyfriend is Luke Macfarlane, who is Dr. George O’ Malley’s ex-boyfriend years ago. Apparently, Wentworth and Luke are together for more than 3 years already, since they began dating in 2007.


I have to say this news is unbelievable to me. He is so manly. I never had a clue while watching Prison Break. Though I thought how come he doesn’t have a girlfriend aside from some photos of him with a woman (or two) on few occasions I saw online which are very few.

It’s alright. You are still Michael Scofield to me. I don’t care if you prefer men than women. You’re still hott!10

Oh Daniel Henney
Sep 14th, 2010 by niceyfemme

You make me feel kilig. Why you have to be so perfect? Physically you are perfect and the attitude, wow! Please don’t make me fall for you. I have my Bee already hehehe.

I really have a thing for chinito (chinky eyed) guys. I remember that most of my crushes when I was young were all chinitos. 🙂

His smile is like he is saying, “You know you like me…” Hahhaha

Far better looking than Brad Pitt.

Wow. I just noticed that I’m acting like a tween now. Oh no, you have a bad effect on me Daniel. I have to forget you haha. But I hope to see you in person someday. You seem interesting and I kinda hate Ruffa Gutierrez now. 😉 Jealous much?!

How you doin’?
Aug 5th, 2010 by niceyfemme

I hear this and I remember Joey. Tribbiani. Yes of Friends which is like the best show ever. I still watch them when I need a good laugh and I promise this show never gets old. The casts are like real dear friends to me.

That’s why it broke my heart when I saw this photo of Matt Le Blanc a.k.a. Joey.

Matt Le Blanc a.k.a. Joey Tribbiani of F.R.I.E.N.D.S.

He aged so much compared to say Matthew Perry and David Schwimmer. More so he can’t be paired with Jennifer Aniston now since Jennifer looks like she didn’t grow old at all, not a day. She’s even more gorgeous now same with Courtney Cox.

What happened with Matt after Friends?

On May 3, 2003, LeBlanc married his girlfriend of six years, Melissa McKnight. Their daughter, Marina, was born in 2004. The couple separated on January 1, 2006, and in March of that year, LeBlanc filed for divorce, citing irreconcilable differences. Their divorce became final on October 6, 2006. -Wikipedia

He also did Joey, a spin off series of Friends. I watched it too. Hmmmn, funny but it’s not as funny without the other five. So it ended after 2 seasons.

Then after that nothing has been heard from him. Didn’t make any big successful projects. Then this drunk and old looking guy with grey hair appeared. Most people are shocked like me. I feel like he is family and I am affected. 🙁

Alicia Keys married Swizz Beatz
Aug 2nd, 2010 by niceyfemme

Year 2004, I was listening to Alicia Keys’ “You Don’t Know My Name” and I thought that song was just perfect. See I am one who expresses my feelings through songs and at that time that song was just perfect for what I was going through. Since then, hits after hits I saw Alicia Keys as one of those singers you look up to, because she doesn’t just have a beautiful face but she is undeniably talented as well.

Photo: Stephanie Pistel

Then fast forward to year 2010. My oh my! Well, I have always admitted that I am always the last one to hear news and gossips no matter how interested I am with them. I didn’t know until 2010 that Alicia Keys has been dating the mega producer Swizz Beatz  (real name: Kasseem Dean) since 2008, when he was still married to singer Mashonda Tifrere with whom he has a son. He also has a daughter named Nicole with singer Jahna Sebastian.

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JT’s Sexy Back in Manila
Mar 28th, 2010 by niceyfemme

I love Justin Timberlake and I missed the chance to watch him live! Please please I hope he’s got a concert here huhhuhuhuhu! Photobucket

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Justin Timberlake in Manila
Mar 25th, 2010 by niceyfemme

I’m a big fan of his music and I hate it that I’m here and not in Manila on the day of the concert because I would love to watch him perform live. I’m willing to deprive myself of other things even not eating hehe just to go to his concert. I have searched the net for signs of a possible concert here but nada! 🙁

I saw this photo of Justin arriving in Manila this morning and I just have to say that I’m a bit disappointed with him.

Did not grant any interviews, always looking down, blank face.

Is it jet lag? Bad mood?

Whatever reason it may be, is it really too hard to give a smile and SHOW APPRECIATION to the people who were excitedly waiting for your arrival???????

Oh and is that a slight simangot (frown) in his face/forehead? I’m just saying……..

Si Manong Airport Police na nasa likod ni Justin naki-akbay kay JT and nakisali sa photo op hehehe…..
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Ross Geller is engaged
Mar 17th, 2010 by niceyfemme

Oh my.Photobucket

David Schwimmer, 43, popularly known as Dr. Ross Geller is getting married with his photographer girlfriend of three years Zoe Buckman.

Hmmmn. She’s a pretty and young lady. But I’m still hoping Ross would still end up with Rachel. Haha. Ross and Rachel. Rachel and Ross. Read the rest of this entry »

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