Active Fun in Bonifacio High Street, Taguig
April 1st, 2015 by niceyfemme

Brought Joleigh to Active Fun so she can channel her endless energy in play with other kids. For someone who doesn’t live close to the area, I found it quite a challenge to find the place. It did help that I used google maps for me to have an idea where it is with St. Luke’s Global as my base point.

After going around a few times on the building I still couldn’t find the parking area. Turned out they don’t have their own parking space I was told. We parked in the building where Dimensione is located and we had to walk to get to Active Fun. So we registered and off she went! Oh you have to bring socks don’t forget.


Tunnel 1.


Tunnel 2.


Kids aged 3 and below need to have a guardian with them inside. Needless to say I had my exercise by going up and down with her.


I wasn’t so sure if the material is strong enough or if it is strong enough FOR ME. Haha. So I didn’t dare go inside. She enjoyed this anyway, she didn’t mind to go alone.


But undeniably, the slides is her favorite! She’s only 2 years old but I didn’t see any hesitation in her before sliding down the tall slides.

Before going for the slides

She actually couldn’t wait. I want her to go after me so I can take her video but she wouldn’t wait!


One thing about my daughter that I’m very proud of is that despite her very young age, just a little over two years old, is that she’s very friendly! The moment she learned to walk, she was already socializing with people especially with kids, kissing them and hugging them. Unfortunately the kids she met in Active Fun are not very sociable. They played to themselves. 🙁 So I had to make extra effort to be very eager in playing with her for her not to feel left out by other kids who didn’t mind her.

The space is very small. And the airconditioning you can’t even feel, we were sweating like pigs. If they fix the aircon we might go back if not then we will look for other places to visit next time.




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