Ebay and Paypal: Give me my money back!
August 23rd, 2014 by niceyfemme

This is really stressing me out. I hope this gets resolved soon.

I sa w a nuce Kitchenaid mixer on Ebay and decided to buy. Its $199 plus shipping to Philippines which is around $105. So Im exoecting to pay $304. The first time it said error and I took a screen cqpture just to be sure. Then I tried again and this time I noticednthat the final amount became only $199 and not the correct final amount. So I got worried if I got charged so I checked my debit card which is only for my online shopping. Surprise! I was charged $Php8400. The thing with BPI Mastercard is that I cant check my transactions,  they just deduct and deduct so before each and every transaction I do I check my balance online take a screen cap then do that again after I pay.

So I sent a message to the seller usa-world-sales at ebay and it’s like he’s not taking me seriously or he thinks im scamming him. I asked for my money back and the first thing he asked is where im from and when I said Philippines he didn’t answer again for anither 24 hours until I sent him more messages.


I tried calling Ebay customer service and its hard for them to give me an answer because they cant find the transaction on my account.

Now I’m waiting for Paypal’s reply. I’LL UPDATE SOONEST.

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