My baby’s things: Cloth Diapers
August 14th, 2012 by niceyfemme

Alright I have to “hide” my mess that’s why….

Even before I finally got pregnant I already have some blogs I follow and one of them is a mommy blog. One time she mentioned about how she’s then using some cloth diapers and how her son likes it. I found it cute but I didn’t really pay much attention then as I didn’t see why it would be important to me. That is until I got pregnant and we started to buy stuff for the arrival of our princess.

Aren’t they just adorable? And this is better for her tiny baby butt as cloth diapers cause  much lesser risk for skin rashes than disposable diapers.  And this is one way to help save the environment. I wouldn’t lecture about how long it will take for a diaper to decompose because it’s so long no one will actually live to see that happen.. So I’m just doing my part…

Another big plus for me as well is the savings. You’ll save much more when you use cloth diapers because they are reusable and disposable diapers are expensive! I would rather spend most of the money for other baby things like customized t-shirts for her that are really cute and those skirts that’s made of lace sorry I don’t know what that’s called.

I am one person that likes to do things myself because I think I can do much better and I’ll save a ton of money so it’s not surprising for me that I also want to learn how to sew to make my baby her stuff and actually make dresses for Mommy and I… One day I’ll get to that.

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