Love for Hanson
July 14th, 2012 by niceyfemme

Last March, one of my teenage dreams finally came true. I got to meet Hanson (Taylor specially) in person! I even got shake their hands. Haha I know pathetic for those who aren’t fans but for fellow fans they would totally get me and how I must be feeling then. I dreamt about that moment for 15 years! Wow.

One thing that came back together with my love for them is the love for their music.  It admittedly slept the last few years and now it has came back and bit my behind. I don’t have their past albums after This Time Around and it sucked that some of the songs they sang during the concert was unfamiliar to me. I like the music though. So now I’m looking through online music stores to check if their past albums are available. It’s not available in local music stores I already asked.

By the way, I love that they sang Thinking of You in that concert. I know back then when I was 12 I really wanted to hear so many of their songs live but Thinking of You is the most special for some reason. It is a bit different yes because of Taylor’s deeper voice but that song brought me back to my pre-teen phase when I was going gaga over them. If you told me then what I know now about them I don’t know what crazy things I could have done. I could just smile at these things now. 🙂

Man when will I see them again?

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