Mr. Bean Soya Ice Cream now in the Philippines Part One
Jun 29th, 2012 by niceyfemme

Since I first step foot in Singapore years and years ago I couldn’t help but fall in love with their food. Their dry beef hor fun (which we thought was the same as char kway teow  are two different dishes we later knew), chinese fried rice, the other version which is nasi goreng (from malay stalls), curry puff from Old Chang Kee which I successfully made at home, grass jelly and Mr. Bean’s Soya Ice Cream. I love it so much I was already thinking of buying my next cup even before I finish the current one I was having. I would have a total of 3 servings a day. I doesn’t help that it’s always crazy hot in Singapore and you have to walk everywhere.

So I guess it is understandable that I’d crave for it whenever I’m home in the Philippines. I so wanted to bring Mr. Bean here in the Philippines if only I had the capital to do so. (I still want to bring Old Chang Kee here. Ok walang uuna saken ha!)  Same with authentic chicken rice. So I tried to make my own soya ice cream at home.  It’s just not the same. I kinda gave up.

Then after my last check up last week in Alabang I headed over to ATC to try Wee Nam Kee’s chicken rice. I don’t know I just had the baddest kind of craving then. Did I like it? Hmmmn. I like their chili. That’s it. Then I was about to leave when I saw a poster of Mr. Bean which made my heart skip a beat. I was in a hurry to leave then so I made a mental note to check them out next time.  I learned that they just opened a couple of months ago. Will do a part two once I get to visit Mr. Bean Philippines and try their soya ice cream.

P.S. This made me want to try my hand at making my own soya ice cream again since I have a tried and tested taho aka tau huay recipe. Hmmmn let’s see if the local Mr. Bean’s soya ice cream will revive my past obsession with it.

Ilog Maria Honey Bee Farm in Silang, Cavite
Jun 23rd, 2012 by niceyfemme

Warning: Picture heavy post. 🙂

Months ago when I learned that I am finally pregnant I started to read about what I should do and what I should avoid. One of things I should do is stop my usual beauty and cleansing regimen as they may be harmful to the baby. So no more lotions, no more creams with vitamin A and I became careful even with the soaps that I was using. My skin became so dry it has never been that dry before. My husband Bee bought me an organic lotion but I didn’t like that. I was in Singapore during my first trimester and I saw a documentary about Palestinian soaps aka Nablus Soaps I think. It’s natural and no parabens but I felt it’s drying to my skin and it’s not cheap for something that small.

Good thing we passed by Ilog Maria Honey Bee Farm in Silang, Cavite last month when we went to Tagaytay but we didn’t have time to drop by. I finally get to drop by yesterday that’s after stalking their website for like a week.

Did I have a hard time finding the farm? Not really. I realized if you’re coming from Dasmariñas then it’s before the second Petron station from Robinson’s Dasmariñas and right after Monte Luce.

Then the narrow driveway started. Man was I glad I brought a car. I couldn’t imagine walking alone in that long and narrow ‘road’. If someone’s with me maybe I can. Read the rest of this entry »

Things I Can’t Wait To Do After Pregnancy
Jun 22nd, 2012 by niceyfemme

1. Eat liver! Chicken liver. Adobo or simply fried. Pork liver steak. I’m salivating.

2. Drink sodas.

3. Eat street foods. Chicken balls. ISAW. Every time I see the carts and the vendors frying their ‘balls’ and kwek-kwek, I feel something I can’t describe. You really want something you can’t have.

4. Oysters. Just blanched oysters.

5. Get back to my beauty regimen. I can’t now as they might be harmful to my baby. My baby will always come first.

6. Sleep on my back. I’m tired of being always on my side.

7. Wear my regular clothes. I truly hope I can get back to my old shape. I have plans about this even before pregnancy. I know someone who wasn’t able to lose the baby weight and her partner started to think of ways out of their relationship because of that.. even asking for a paternity test. What a jerk.

8. I can’t wait to live my life as a mom. I have waited all my life for this baby and I can’t wait to start life with her in it.

Minatamis na Saging na Saba with Sago (Sweetened Plantain Bananas with Tapioca Pearls)
Jun 18th, 2012 by niceyfemme

3 days ago I made another batch of my homemade taho and this time I didn’t buy ready to use sago (tapioca pearls) and as usual I made my own arnibal (sugar syrup). Oh may I just say that boiling your own sago is so easy, I thought it was hard. I made way too much so when I was in the market looking for the freshest lapu-lapu fish for my Escabeche (Sweet and Sour fish) craving, an idea came into mind to make a yummy dessert using the remaining sago and arnibal.

Filipino Banana Dessert

This is what I came up with.

I just pre-boiled the bananas in a bit of water then add the arnibal. Once the syrup became thicker and it’s almost ready, that’s when I add in the sago. I let it boil for another minute.

It was so good! The bananas have the perfect texture; not too soft that it’s mushy, it’s still chewy. It’s not too sweet that it’s nakaka-umay either. I don’t like anything too sweet. I had seconds of this. The sago gives this dessert the ooomph factor.

I was just so contented with this. Why? Well it’s so delicious and it’s very easy to make. It’s cheap too. I’d be making this more often now. 🙂

Escabeche (Sweet and Sour Fish)
Jun 17th, 2012 by niceyfemme

So I was craving for Sweet and Sour Lapu-Lapu (grouper) fish yesterday. I had to go to the market to try my luck hoping to find the freshest lapu-lapu… found none but the freshest tilapya so I settled for that. The fish was so fresh it was still ‘jumping’ even after we cleaned it. Really even after removing the intestines and all.


I made two versions. One is using the pre-made sauce mix by Mama Sita’s that Mommy bought before hand and another by using a recipe I found online and tweaked it a bit to suit my taste. I preferred the one I tweaked but the one using the pre-made sauce wasn’t bad either.

I wonder why I only tried to make this dish when I absolutely love this! Next time I’ll try to bring this dish notches higher with the use of the freshest lapu-lapu I could find. Yum!

Craving for Sweet and Sour Lapu-Lapu
Jun 16th, 2012 by niceyfemme

Oh my. I’ve been like this since we went to San Juan Batangas where we bought the fresh catch of lapu-lapu and had it cooked sweet and sour style. It was yum! Now I can’t stop carving for it but we must only cook it if the fish is fresh.

I like it with lots of capsicum and carrots. Ooh the clean taste I can still remember. Does it have scales? Hmmmn I don’t know. We must head to seaside market at the break of dawn tomorrow then. I want! I want! I want!!!!

Kanin Club with Bee
Jun 11th, 2012 by niceyfemme

I’ve always heard good things about Kanin Club’s Crispy Dinuguan so I’ve always wanted to try to know what the buzz is all about. I just don’t want to go alone. And I want to go with either Mommy or Bee. We finally went during my last check up in Alabang..

Crispy Dinuguan Php 261

And their Seafood Kare-Kare…

I wanted to have the original version but since I am trying to watch my weight (bummer!) we opted to have the seafood version… I like the sauce and bagoong very much!

Read the rest of this entry »

Ube Bread (Pull Apart Knots)
Jun 4th, 2012 by niceyfemme

I made another batch of ube bread as we still had some ube halaya in the fridge that’s about to expire. I enjoyed the first ube bread knots but I forgot to add the soy lecithin and dough conditioner to give my bread that store bought softness and to keep it fresh longer..

Taken using my camera phone.

This time I doubled the recipe and tried to bake a round pan and a small loaf pan in our tiny oven. I want to save electricity that’s why. I feel better that way too haha.

The knots are harder to make since the dough was smaller than the first one I made. But aside from that everything’s better!

Taken by my digital camera.

I love this batch! So soft and has more ube… I ate the round one alone in 4 days and it stayed soft and fresh… Another keeper.. 😉

Homemade Filipino Burger
Jun 3rd, 2012 by niceyfemme

Most burgers nowadays are just so disappointing and I can’t help but feel scared for my baby’s health and feel cheated as the burger usually isn’t worth my money. So I decided to make my own. I thought, “How hard could it be?”. And I also want to use my meat grinder. 🙂

This is the second batch on the same day. Shows how much I like it.

Reminds me of Jollibee’s Burger Champ. To be honest and bias aside, I believe this taste even better! Just good old fashioned meaty beef goodness. 🙂 From the first batch.

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I’ll Be Missing You
Jun 3rd, 2012 by niceyfemme

Hmmmn I think that’s the title someone kind of related to me played in his guitar. It’s just amazing how some people can teach themselves how to play an instrument because I myself tried, I tried to teach myself play the piano and guitar but it only gave me headaches. Those notes are not for me.  The guitar he used was so nice I got jealous and want to buy Gibson Les Paul guitar hehe even though I don’t know how to play it… Well a girl can always dream… Maybe someday I’d be a rock star like how I dreamed about in high school. 😉

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